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Love this hike a lot. Just be careful because toward the end there are steep hills with loose gravel. ALSO it’s easy to get on the wrong path with the trails that meet with it so I would have this handy dandy map out.

Strenuous, but well worth it for the views..Saw lots of Quail and Deer. Fantastic overlook of sunset over SLC and city at night.

It is a great trail

I live in the last house before the trail and let me tell you, we love that hikers use it! Some neighbors down the street are real strict about parking and we have been fighting to prevent a gate at the bottom of the street. there are lots of wasps on the trail (especially by the 2 water spots near the beginning of the hike) and occasionally a snake in the bushes. i take my small dog up there nearly every day and would say the bees are the only pests. It has some steep parts near the top with loose rock so be careful and go straight then right to see the waterfall when you reach the rock slide. Please pick up after your dogs and throw it in the bucket at the bottom of the trail and don't be shy, say hi if we're outside!

The incline is a grind which is awesome, but it makes the downhill suck. It’s a fun short trail. Very exposed so don’t go in the middle of the day in the summer like I did.

pretty easy, quick hike. Really beautiful views of the city. There is a lot of loose gravel is some of the "peaks". The rest is pretty much dirt. Would definitely do it again.

you'll have to park on the east side of Wasatch Blvd. Then walk up canyon cove road, take your first left, then your first right up wind canyon rd, I believe. THEN you get to the teailhead. enjoy!

trail running
16 days ago

Great burner trail run when you’re short on time. Be on the lookout for rattlesnakes tho, one at the top today right before the waterfall.

on Jacks Mountain

23 days ago

Steep, exposed, but super pretty!!! It was hard, but short!

Pretty steep on the way up! Luckily didn’t see any rattle snakes. Loose rocks at the top so be careful where you step. I almost slipped and fell pretty far. But the views were well worth it! Got done in about and hour and fifteen

Not a lot of shade, no clear ending, and some plants grow on the trial. Neat scenery and diverse plant and animal life.

Good workout w/ rewarding view @ the end.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice hike with pretty views. Steep ascent. Going down, saw a big rattler though. :/

Fun and beautiful hike, but it was pretty hard and the steepest part is at the end. Definitely took more than an hour.

It is a pretty difficult trek up, but beyond worth it. More than just a cute statue and mailboxes. Make a little time to hang out at the peak for a bit, you'll want to. There's a few false ridges so don't get in your head, if you see a peak you think is it, it's probably not so just assume you've got further to hike. Happy trails(:

A great quick morning hike that'll get your heart pumping. Lots of runners and bikers around here and very dog friendly

1 month ago

This mountain kicked my butt, but at the very top when you’re looking at the views and signing Jack’s log in the mailboxes, your smile couldn’t possibly be any bigger.

1 month ago

Good little training trail for steep elevation gain. Trail is fully exposed, so plan around the heat of noon day sun. Dogs allowed which is great to take your best friend along.

1 month ago

Definitely is hard. But I’m not much of a hiker. My dog is able to hike it and he was racing me up the incline and pulled me on the way down. Super steep! I fell so many times going down so if you have kiddos they’d probably fall more than me. Maybe.
However it’s a beautiful view!! I would go again! Just may need to up my endurance

Great hike, close to the city and perfect length!

1 month ago

This hike broke my kids. They hike pretty frequently and are 7 and 10. This hike has no shade, except for tiny little smatterings of trees during the first 2 miles, The first 2 miles were not bad at all. you reach a little creek but there were a TON of wasps everywhere. Then the mountain unleashed.
All 1,666 feet gain is in a very short length and is very steep. It's pretty rocky and the trail is very thin in some areas, about 12-18 inches wide. It just keeps going up and up almost to the very top of the mountain your hiking. It evens out for a very short period of time and then you head straight down the front of the mountain on extremely rocky, dusty ground. There are also a lot of forks were we could have easily taken the wrong path if it weren't for my having downloaded the trail. I would not suggest this hike unless you download the trail beforehand.
The only thing that somewhat made up for all the hardness, was the views of the whole valley. It was beautiful, but knowing what I was in for, I don't think I would have done it. Definitely should be rated as Difficult, not Moderate at all.

Some good views, pretty steep in one section with lots of Sandy dirt and rocks. Little shade.

1 month ago

Trailhead is kind of hard to find. It is buried deep within a privileged McMansion neighborhood. Seemed like people built their fancy abodes directly around the trail, then got mad that hikers were trying to use the trail. Weird negative vibe. Description says “part of Oak Canyon Drive” is no parking. Hard to miss the 100+ no parking signs aligning the street. So I parked beneath them. Place was pretty empty. Started up the street with my old dog, when some kid called out to me. Told me to move my car “no parking”. Even though I was below the signs and totally out of the way. Just weird to walk through a residential neighborhood and someone’s driveway to get to a trail. Anyhow, I get it fancy kid. Just trying to take a quick hike on a mellow evening. The place just had a weird negative vibe, then to be so rudely talked to. Yeah, I don’t need it.

A hard hike with burning in my calves but worth it. Take your time take breaks and catch your breath.

1 month ago

Lovely sunset hike. Rated hard for the steep climb UP! Worth the hike to get a picture of our valley, a selfie with Buddha and to sign the journal in the mailbox at the top. Happy Hiking!

We didn't see any snakes on the trail after 7.

Certainly a solid workout with the steep climb and works the knees on the decent but worth it. Takes around 60min up give or take depending on your pace. Could prob do 30 min on the way down if you wanted to but 45 or so at a comfortable pace. Nice rewarding hike you can knock out before wknd brunch and feel good.

way fun ! still goes in the hot summer sun but it's pretty exposed

2 months ago

I like this trail but it is quite overgrown at all times of the year. Two young rattlesnakes on the trail today, but it’s hard to watch your step in a lot of places. Keep your eyes open because you can hardly hear the young ones.

Great trail didn’t see a single hiker nice a and shaded most of the way with a little stream up the whole way my dog loved it! There is lots of bugs.

Very beautiful trail but the map/mileage needs to be updated since the trailhead is on Wasatch Blvd now. We didn’t run into any snakes thank heavens but hiked it early before the sun was on the trail. When you get to the boulder field go RIGHT- not up. There was a cairn up high that led us to keep going up and it got extremely steep and we missed the falls. We found it on the way down after some searching. The trail end on this map is not where the falls are! My Strava said 4 miles with 1400 ft elevation gain. Great hike though!

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