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Short hike but a really great one :-)

Scenic. We hiked in the afternoon which was ideal as it was shaded. Majestic views all around! We hiked from the 6th tram stop back down to the 5th. Enjoyable.

Did this one in August 2015. Brutally hot weather, but otherwise great hiking conditions.

The hike up to "base camp" was spectacular - beautifully maintained trails, pleasant elevation gain, and uninterrupted views of the canyon. I would recommend that first leg of the hike to most anybody.

The actual Angel's Landing climb is a completely different beast. Between the heat, the treacherous drop-offs, and the altitude, it was an intense hour or so. The view from the point, though, is fantastic - panoramic views of the canyon and its technicolored rock walls complimented by a dozen or so California Condors circling overhead.

A very memorable experience, and a worthy member of the hiker's hall of fame.

Is this open yet? I am surprised to see comments from people even this week

Beautiful views the entire way and access to water virtually whole time courtesy of a stream running alongside the trail. At least 3/4 of the trail is sand so took little longer than usual. Not much tree coverage so expect to be exposed to the elements. But the falls are oh so pretty! Refreshing dip on a hot day.

Other worldly!

Mentally tough but rewarding hike.

Hard hike but worth every minute!

4 days ago

i love this hike. not for non hikers.

We did the walk from 4pm to 6pm. Amazing surroundings with distinctively variety of views of hoodoos.

People are insanely unprepared for this hike. Energy levels are showing way to low and the main hike to the top hasn't even started. The chains are a huge help, but this isn't for the average "walker" or tourist in a pair of snickers. You must be prepared for this, hydrated and the proper footwear. Seriously people! no more near misses- this trail will close permanently

This s one of my favorite hikes of all time!! I've done it several times. Incredible!!!!!I would recommend going early in the morning ( at least in the summer) the sun can be pretty brutal.

It's funny to hike with chains in the hand, but don't too worry about the danger. Just be careful. Actually the most difficult part is before reaching the cliff, as it's very steep. When you hike with chains, you always need to stop to wait for others in the opposite direction, so will not be very tired.

A lovely hike if you're looking for a trail that takes you by (and in) water. It'll cool you off a little if you're a summer hiker.

Great hike. I didn’t do the chains but my girlfriend did and loved it. Even the hike up to the plateau at the top is worth it though. Go early to avoid crowds.

One of the best, most iconic hikes in the country. Hope it opens up again soon.

11 days ago

Definitely not easy on the way back up but beautiful!

It was hot going but the water was cold. Was a great hike.

Challenging but fun hike. Go early to beat the heat. View at the top is amazing.

16 days ago

Go as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat in midsummer. Watching the morning light fill the canyon is a treat.

Incredible! The views above and below are magical! The ascent is challenging, but easily done with a short break or two.

Great hike! Recommend going early, I started up at 6:30am and had the trail to myself. It’s definitely “moderate” with a steep incline the first half mile. Not the best marked trail so keep an eye out for markers. The view of the arch at sunrise is amazing.

This was an easy breezy hike with some amazing views of the hoodoos. The trail breaks off to other trails with clear signs all along the way. You hike down first and then back up.

Great hike. Make it easier by starting at the switchbacks

favorite hike in Zion! extremely awesome, sheer vertical cliffs all around.

Did this today and loved it! Reasonably trafficked, but not so much that you didn’t have some peace and quiet too. Amazing scenery and not too tricky! Proper boots would be recommended if you have them though :)

20 days ago

We began around 7:30 am, and were able to park at Fairyland Point. This was an ideal starting point because it broke up some of the more intense climbing, and also provided us an opportunity to pause at the General Store 2.5 miles into the loop traveling counter-clockwise. We chose counter-clockwise based on recommendations we read here and that is sound advice! Starting early as we did, we were able to watch the sunrise as we worked the Rim trail portion of the Loop, and it is truly other-worldly! Spectacular views of the hoodoos and canyons on one side, forests and what almost feels like plains on the right for several miles before you descend into the canyon. Though the trail is rated 'hard', it was our experience as women of varied average to above average levels of fitness within our trio, that the most difficult section was mile 6.5-8 but was otherwise very accessible. Be ready for that serious climb in full sun around mile 6! Also, even subtracting our .25 side trip to the General Store, we felt this trail was longer than the 7.4 miles listed. We were able to complete the full loop, including the General Store break, in just over 4 hours. There was also a small stretch around mile 5-6 where you will experience drop-offs on both sides of the trail, nothing razor thin like an Angel's Landing, but if heights are a problem for you, I'm not suggesting you avoid it, but be ready to do some mental work and power stepping for about twenty feet!

Did this on 25Jul18. (5th time I've done this) Waited out a thunderstorm and the trail had puddles in some spots. A portion of the trail close to the falls was washed out and there are a couple of rocks to hop on in the river, to get across. Also falls were fuller than I've ever seen them. Roaring, really. Amazing as always hike.

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