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13 hours ago

We hiked this trail on this beautiful day today. I used map my walk app both directions and it showed it was 2.5 mi from parking lot to the lake. The first part was a pretty gentle incline about 1.5 mi through gorgeous aspens. The last .75 mile is much steeper probably closer to hard rating vs moderate. It was very enjoyable having our lunch at the lake and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We have hiked about 4 other trails in the vicinity and this definitely is the most scenic. The fall colors were lovely. The dirt road not so great and could use some help. We passed about a dozen other hikers mostly with their dogs. The trail goes up higher to another lake but we didn’t go higher today.

love it

Great hike with a great reward at the end. The cave lets you cool down before descending.

Don't go. Gross, tons of people who bring their kids and pets to run around and splash and scream in the water.

Multiple trail options. I went up to a trail just above where the map track go up that seems to be well used. I came down a trail marked with pink ribbon that is not a very good trail.

4 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Great hike. Incredible lake and mountain views. Not too hard. 6 year old did it with his own pack. Try to take family backpacking and camping up here at least once a year.

9 days ago

The views are as good as it gets! We hiked on Labor Day, so lots of hikers and dogs. Not terribly strenuous and only took a few hours. The water at the lake above was cold and refreshing to swim in. I’ll definitely hike again with my dog.

We loved the hike and the tour! We took our 3 year old and 1 year old and they loved it.

is nice place

One of my favorite hikes the way up is amazing and the caves are even cooler!

11 days ago

Went on this trail last Friday and really enjoyed it!!! the lake was beautiful at the end of the hike and was perfect to relax at before heading down. the view was amazing and hoping to get back at it soon.

This hike was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it but I would try to go later in the day so that you can cool off while soaking in the hot springs. This was also a great hike for someone from out of state (Missouri) as it wasn’t too steep and felt as though I was hiking in Missouri (but better lol). We did see a lot of snakes while on this trail so be careful (but none were venomous). Also, the trail looks like it got washed away a little bit so be careful as it’s gravely and large washouts on the trail itself.
Trail: 5 stars
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Drive to trailhead: very easy paved road

15 days ago

Okay, I’m from Missouri and this hike was quite the challenge for someone not from Utah. The views were breathtaking, the lake was serene and totally worth it & refreshing. Going up is a challenge as it’s rocky as you get closer to the top, and it requires a lot of leg strength. We took numerous breaks but eventually made it. It took us an hour and thirteen minutes to get down but about 2 hours to get up. The road up to the trailhead was a bit scary as you’re right along the edge but just take it slow.
Views: 5 stars
Trail difficulty: strenuous
Road up to trail: rocky&bumpy&steep

Better than I even expected! The leaves are starting to change.

Love these hot springs. Especially beautiful in the fall. Avoid visiting them on a holiday though, if you enjoy solitude...way too many people visit the area on holidays to allow the outing to be enjoyable in my opinion.

Such a good hike to a beautiful, well worth view. Our pup enjoyed the walk and being able to freshen up in the streams along the way.

Good, simple hike. I followed the All Trails map and did the first turn off to go see Bridal Veils fall (be carefull, steep and loose rock) which was awesome to see. Then the pup and I got back on the trail towards Upper falls. The trail is all cement until you reach the trail head for both waterfalls. The Upper Falls trailhead will have a cement structure with graffiti on it, like other pictures have shown. The trail alone was nice. Slightly steep (by no means bad at all) and some loose rock, but worth the short hike straight up to the falls. Made for a great and simple morning hike. Like in my other reviews for other hikes, I got there early t avoid people (I was there around 7:45am or so) and by the time I got back to my truck the lot was packed and people everywhere.

This hike was amazing! The only part I didn’t live was the three mile drive on a horrible dirt road to get to the trail head. Hike itself was great. Steeper in spots than we expected and pretty rocky, but the lake at the top is so serene and a perfect reward after the hike. We saw a moose in a grove of aspens not twenty-five feet from us. So cool!

We loved this hike! We went at 9 am when the trail was cool and shaded. It is a bit steep but paved and there are benches and places to catch your breath along the way. We’ve taken small children on this hike and have alternatively let them walk and carried them.

Beautiful !!!!

great hike took my 2, 5, and 8 year old boys they all loved it and was a lot of fun was a long hike but the cave was well worth it and the view was beautiful

1 month ago

Hiked up to Silver Lake for the first time this morning with my Malamute puppy, Jack. What a beautiful hike and gorgeous lake!! Absolutely loved it.

Lots of friendly hikers on the trail and hikers with dogs. Great spot to take in some stellar views. Loved that there were several streams along the trail where my dog could get some water and cool down.

Took the fishing pole and caught some small brookies in the quick hour that I was there. Best of all, saw a big bull moose just 25 yards of the trail on the way back down.

Highly recommend this hike!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Quite a few dogs, which is good. Be mindful that not all dogs are on leads, which can cause some issues if other dogs (like mine) are not very social.

Saw ground squirrels, chuckars, and a bull moose grazing.

The trail isn’t well manicured, and pretty rocky in several spots. Not too many loose rocks, so strong footholds. Downhill wasn’t as bad as most considering the elevation profile.


1 month ago

4 stars because of the killer views at the top but 3 stars for the hike itself. Follows a dry creek all the way up, so very few switchbacks as you climb. Watch the trail after the Dry Creek / Box Elder intersection. Not too far up from that intersection the trail is blocked by a fallen tree and you have to go around. You can pick the trail up but make sure you hang to the right when you come upon a slight Y in the trail. The trail to the right is over grown with tall grass but once you get through that then you’ll be golden. If you’re making your way through lots of overgrown bushes then you may want to check your map (speaking from experience here). Several streams for dogs to cool their paws because of yesterday’s rain.

1 month ago

Amazing and glad I had trekking poles!

This hike was long and the drive to the hike was long. However, the lake at the top was amazing and refreshing after tat hike up. I think this is a little more than moderate but worth doing.

1 month ago

First 2/3 of the hike is a bit so so, the last 1/3 is really pretty. The leaves have started changing colors.

Don't wear sandals like I did! Wear good athletic clothes because this hike is a great workout. There were points where I'll be honest, I wasn't sure hiking uphill all that way was worth the cave up top, but boy was I wrong! Happy to report it is definitely worth the climb. There are beautiful mountain and valley views, and the cave (thank goodness) was an amazing place to cool off on a hot summer day. Oh, and there's bacon inside (take a ranger tour, you'll see what I mean). My favorite cave in the national park service.

1 month ago

Amazing views and awesome lake at the top! Will do it again for sure!

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