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Hiked this today and this hike was definitely a challenge... it didn’t waste anytime making you climb 3,000 feet. Once you get out of the dense canopy/trees, you have awesome views of the mountains down below. Once you get to the basin, there’s a ton of pretty wildflowers. The view from the top made it well worth it-360 view of everything down below. Would recommend for average-above average hikers.

Omg, this trail was very challenging in places and incredibly beautiful! Lots of wild flowers and cute little bees pollinating. Plenty of shade in certain areas, and once you make it to the top, the view was epic! I will definitely be doing this one again. Make sure to bring lots of water. We weren’t planning to do such an intense hike today and so didn’t plan appropriately and ran out of water at the top. Had to make it all the way back down with no water . Thank god for the shade! Very steep in places, but so rewarding!

20 hours ago

Awesome hike! Amazing views at Lake Blanche!

Start early in the morning, to beat the heat. First mile is easy, middle mile not too bad, but that last mile is tough as nails. Bring lots of water, and food. Hike takes the better part of a day.

Great hike, quite steep! Well placed switchbacks and the wildflowers were gorgeous

I've done this hike a couple of times, and it's strenuous and challenging every time. It's fun, though, with great views at the top. The only downside is there aren't many trees and little shade. And it gets quite busy. I would avoid it on hot days, go early in the a.m., and take lots of water. After the melt but before the serious summer heat is nice.

Good trail with lots of scenery, beautiful views at the top, but it is a hard climb if you're not used to the altitude. Don't stop at the first lake. Check out the other two as well. We saw a moose at the second lake. He stayed on his side and we kept to our side and all were happy.

So gorgeous! So many beautiful medicinal herbs to nibble on the way up. Amazing views!

2 days ago

Even though the valley is hot, this trail is very shaded and cool all the way to the saddle. The switch-backs up to the "summit" are more exposed. Be aware of rattlesnakes.. saw only one rattling away at us (consider keeping dogs on leash). The view isn't my favorite, but it does provide a beautiful view of Parleys Canyon. Happy Hiking!

(4 miles round trip)

Amazing! The lake is just Marvelous, totally worth every second hiking there. A must go place. Please do not leave any trash. Get a refreshing cold water on top

So worth it. Bring plenty of water, and a filter just in case!!

2 days ago

This is only the 4th hike I’ve ever done. I consider myself an athletic person but this hike was rough. It is all uphill with very few spots to take a comfortable break. I hiked around the third lake and back down. Took me about 1:40 to get the the first lake from the parking lot. I spent about one hour walking around the lakes, and it took me about 1:30 to descend. I brought a camelbak, a Gatorade, and a life water bottle and I barely had enough water for the July weather. I think what really made the hike special was the wildlife. I was lucky enough to see a moose at the third lake.

One of the coolest trails I’ve been on! Especially fun because the trail changes scenery a lot, from thick forest to rocky out-in-the-open stretches to canopies of aspen trees. *Especially* especially fun because you can camp up there, if you have the willpower to haul your gear all the way up this hike.

Definitely be sure to walk the trail around all three lakes, they’re gorgeous. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a moose. I was fortunate enough to see one on my first try!

It is also one of the harder hikes I’ve done. Bring tons of water and prepare for some sore legs. It is comparable in difficulty to the Mt. Olympus trail, in my experience.

I wasn’t expecting this as long it was. I was hoping to pick my stuff up at like 11 and was surprised about the chill environment I was in until finished the rest of my weed

Amazing hike! Beautiful scenery. Well worth the hike.

This hike was an absolute blast! I did this on Sunday afternoon/evening and only saw two other people past the upper lake and before the boulder ridge. It was challenging but the views were worth the aches. It’s probably not wise to attempt the Pfeifferhorn if you are afraid of heights, are uncomfortable scrambling rocks, or are not acclimated to the altitude. It took us about 6.5 hours round trip with a few stops along the way and some trail running on the way down.

Also, bring some bug spray & a buff to cover your mouth, as there is an abundance of flies and gnats near the lake.

Seriously beautifully hard hike. We climbed to the peak after work, starting at 6:00pm, and basically ran to the top by sunset. The hike down in the dark was scary but overall the hike was incredible! Beware of scree, very steep incline and bugs!

6 days ago

Great hike, tough towards the last saddle. Traverse is moderate and views are amazing.

Took me 1.25 up and 45 minutes down. Beautiful views of Millcreek canyon and parleys. Definitely steep the entire way up but a quick and good hike.

6 days ago

Wow, 3.5 miles of ascent and the last half mile is a challenge for sure. Found the peak (mailbox and US flags)! Super view from on top!

The hike was great but long and hard. We got to the trail head at 5:00am and it was still dark. My 5 and 8 year old made it up in about 4 hours. It took us about 2.5 hours to get down. We took almost 4 Liters of water and drank about three liters. Had a great time at the lake but we did t have enough time to explore the other lakes.

Very steep. Great views the whole hike and amazing wildflowers.

Very strenuous hike. Has to be the steepest trail I’ve done. Easy hike up to Red Pine Lake, but after that it’s vertical. I was crawling spiderman-like up to the ridge. I wish I had remembered the bug spray because the gnats around the lake are furious. Great view at the top!

Very difficult hike. Took about 7 hours and that was with us trying to go fast. I’m mid 30s and relatively fit, but this hike pushed me to my limit. Trail is challenging to follow and we turned an 11 mile hike into a 12.5 mile because we took a couple wrong turns.

6 days ago

Left from the trailhead at 8:30 am, and it was cool and shady the whole way. Despite it being Sunday, I only saw a few people on my way up which was nice. It was a strenuous, constant climb for 1:49 so not for the faint of heart. Not a cloud in the sky with a cool 80 degrees which made for the perfect lunch spot. On my way down, which took 1:20, A LOT of people were heading up. It was the perfect day and time for this hike. Loved it! Highly recommend it but start early and bring a lot of water or a filter.

tuve la oportunidad de llegar hasta la punta, fue una gran experiencia, me gusto mucho, volveria a subir...

Be aware that the whole thing is uphill. Definitely kicked my butt! The view is very worth it and there are two smaller lakes you can get to at the top. Also, keep a look out for moose by the lakes, we were lucky and saw one!

This hike was the perfect challenge. 9 Miles RT and 2,500 elevation gain. It gradually climbed and was flat in some areas. Beautiful meadows and wildflowers everywhere. We hiked to desolation lake, up on top of the ridge and across.. I believe that’s the crest trail-and there’s beautiful views of park city on one side and desolation lake on the other side. We descended down bear trap fork. If you go early, you will see a ton of wildlife. We came across a bear going down bear trap right off the side of the trail(so be aware). This hike was amazing and we will be back!

Amazing hike, crazy steep and unrelenting climb with few flatter areas but the views at the top were so worth it!

Hiked this with a group of 12 20-somethings on a Saturday from 7:30am-12:30pm round trip. The key for us: weather. The hike is difficult no doubt, but manageable for all of us across a range of athleticism. The boulder scramble at the top weeded out a few, but the view from the summit was WELL worth it. Crucially, though, the day we went was overcast and temps stayed between 75-85 with even a little drizzle on the way down; this felt perfect to us. If you want to make the hike a little easier, search for a day that’s gonna be overcast but not very rainy (rain makes the rocks at the top dangerous). Hard to find in UT summers, but makes a big difference.

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