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We went about an hour and a half before sunset, and we had the falls all to ourselves when we got there. Long, but easy hike there and back. It got dark on our way back, and the view of the stars was spectacular. Not a light to be seen but the moon and stars. Would love to go back someday and camp. Beautiful sites right along the creek.

Watched the sunrise over horseshoe bend this week. Absolutely amazing. Very few people there at that time, but by the time he sun came up it was packed already. Recommend going early.

The freedom this hike has is well worth it. Not crowded at all in the morning. We only saw about 5 people. We headed away from the Colorado river. To get down into the canyon, there is a "path" made of rocks lined up. Just walk in between the rock lines and you will get to the point where you can descend into the canyon. Once you find the "ladder", you can go up if you want, but there wasn't really a good way out of the canyon at the top. We turned around and found some trail markers piled up. At that point we ascended the canyon and hiked toward the parking lot above the canyon. Just keep an out for trail markers and you will be fine.

Such a good trail. First half has a few switchbacks with some elevations gain but the bridge is amazing. We went around 8:30 AM on a Thursday and we only saw about four people. Would highly recommend.

My group inadvertently went west towards the river thinking that was the correct direction as indicated on google maps. While challenging, this hike still was an awesome experience. Make sure you get your permit, they are $12 per person, a ranger was there when we arrived verifying permits. The permit office is located south of page off of Indian Rte 20. The location for the permits when searching google maps is "Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Page, AZ 86040."

There a three descent sections along this trail. The first two are immediately once you pass under the bridge where there are the compressed remains of a car that apparently went off the road at some point and time. There is a ladder in the first section that we all descended and then leap frogged forward to descend from the elevation the car was at. Once the first 5 members of our group were though we had the last guy reset the ladder and he jumped the 6 or 7 feet down.

The third descent is a rope assisted descent to two ladders that are strapped together. This is not as scary and or difficult as it looks, team building exercise time! Our group was able to get through this one at a time (3 men and 3 women) by guiding each other down, the rope descent is maybe 5 feet to the top of the ladder. though a semicircular cut in the rock edge. Coming back the person at the top just offered a hand to grab onto and pulled them up once they were at the edge.

We turned around after about one and a half miles due to an impassable s-curve that had a telephone phone with barbed wire wrapped around it suspended ~10 feet above the bottom of the canyon. This was not realistic for us to get though and the drops only increase in complexity from that point forward so we looped back.

We saw some wildlife while hiking including what we think was a dessert hopping mouse jumping around and a large white owl came soaring through at one point. There is a very dead dried out cow at one point but it appears to have been there for some time and the smell is minimal. There are some minor animal remains scattered about but they were in similar condition, mostly bones and some feather of birds that were apparently eaten.

The views were great, the canyon alternates between narrow spaces a body width wide to larger openings up to 30 feet wide. The lighting at solar noon when the sun was directly above was very cool to see. Dogs probably would not be able to do this section due to the drops unless you were comfortable carrying and lifting them up and down 10 foot drops.

Crowded and people get too close to the edge, but pretty

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

Great hike. Not that many people for it being Spring Break so a lot of the trail was just myself and the kids. Feels like being on another planet.

Great hike with moderate use in the front but very few people as you went further in.

Pictures just don't do justice. This place is beautiful regardless of crowds! just be patient bc there are tons of people trying to take cool pictures. it's all in good fun!

This is a must do! Experience hiking and rock climbing does help. Bring a rope/strap just in case and plenty of water. I don't recommend going alone. Best route is up Peek-a-boo and then down Spooky. If you have time take a stroll up Dry Fork to see the varied rocks and for the solitude.

Hiked this trail as part of the Figure 8 trail (7-mile) in the Park brochure. We hiked in March so there was still plenty of ice, snow and later in the morning mud on the ground We generally hike about 2.5-miles per hour but the scenery on this trail will slow you up for the photos. Although I would regard this trail as moderate the climb back up to the top past two bridges (Wall street side of Navajo is closed in the winter) is a little strenuous and will raise the heart rate. We did not need micro-spikes like on the peekaboo side of the figure 8

Hiked 02/21/18. I checked the weather conditions prior to starting by visiting the Escalante Interagency visitor center (I called the number multiple times but no one answered so keep that in mind if that happens to you). The ladies there informed me that there was a large ice cold water puddle right in front of the Peek a boo entrance. they stated that since there is water there, there is most likely water within the a lot canyon as well. My bf and I wanted to try anyways... so we took the chance and headed out on the drive. It's an hour drive to the entrance. We had. four wheel large car so we were able to get close to the starting point. LOAD ALL TRAILS MAP BED
FORE LOSING SIGNAL. This saved our butt from not getting lost. Anyways, we started with Peek-a-boo based on reviews on here. Sure enough there was a huge 12x13 water puddle that was shin deep in front of the 12ft steep rock we had to climb. My bf went first and we rough rope so he was able to lift me up with the rope. I have leg strength but zero upper body strength. He is 27yo male and i am 26yo female. So bring rope just in case!! I couldn't have climbed that without help. We took our shoes off to get through the water and yes it was cold but worth it! there were only two other small water puddles in the canyon after that. the rest of the hike was great. lots of fun, problem solving and pictures taken. Definitely do this hike- it's so fun!'

10 days ago

Short and sweet trail! We didn’t do the whole trail just to the first toad stool. If you walk fast takes about 30ish minutes there and back. Very interesting view. Almost seems like it should be on another planet.

Hiked 02/20/18. Really pretty hike. There was a lot of snow on the trail and it was pretty chilly so make sure to bundle up this time of year & where proper hiking shoes!

Great trail that offers a variety of views. In the winter (I completed this hike in December), the Wall Street side of Navajo Loop is closed by the park, so I finished the loop on the Two Bridges side. I was sad to not see Wall Street, but was not at all disappointed by the Two Bridges side. This hike was not too difficult and worth every second.

Fun, easy hike. Hardest part for me the sandy areas but still very easy. Pretty view at the end!

21 days ago

I was hoping to go to antelope canyon, but did not want to pay for an expensive tour. This was a great substitute!
- There is a $12 per person permit that you need to get by the Navajo chapter group in the area
- has the slot canyon feel with some narrow areas
- not many people
- about a 4 min drive from horseshoe bend
- the ladder depicted in some of the pictures is still there, my group used it and we were fine... but we were vary cautious.
Overall, it was awesome!

Easy hike to cram in while you’re in town to see Antelope Canyon. Tons of tourists but you can still find space to yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge for that perfect shot

Beautiful! Lots of people but worth it!

Great stop on our way to Zion. The Hoodoos were fun to see as were the rest of the rock formations. Cold and windy today but well worth the hike.

Quick little hike. The kids enjoyed it...that’s all that matters.

A most beautiful view from every angle

Beautiful hike! Very muddy/slushy/icy/snowy trail especially on the Navajo Loop side...but still hikeable! All three of my boys did the whole thing (10, 6, almost 3). Amazing views every step of the way! Great way to see Bryce!

on Waterhole Canyon Trail

30 days ago

Amazing canyon that is not crowded like Antelope is! You will need a permit as it is on tribal land ($12 from Horseshoe Bend Tours, or the Navajo Tribal Park Office).
You’ll walk a short distance along the top and the follow the rock cairns down into the canyon (slightly steep descent to climb down, and the sandstone can be slippery when wet) and as you hike up the canyon the walls get narrower and it’s incredible!

1 month ago

Beautiful just beautiful

This trail starts off of route 12, so many mistake it as not being a part of the Bryce Canyon National Park. The trail has a waterfall, a cave (with icicles, at least when we were there) and a large rock structure with arches and windows in it. When we were there, there was not much of a waterfall, just a trickle of water was coming down it, though you could hear water in the stream. I enjoyed this trail and recommend it if you want a quick hike. Keep in mind that it can be a little steep in some places if you aren't used to it, but they have tried to make this trail as user friendly as possible, with man made bridges (so you don't have to wade through the stream). There is also a pit toilet at the trail head. Be careful when pulling in and out as the parking lot is right on the road and people tend to drive fast. Video: https://youtu.be/DNxJmF2YQ1A

awesome Lil side trip...... alot of tourist.... but still awesome non the less.

The most popular trail in a not very busy park. Once you get to the part of the trail that loops, make sure to go right in a counter clockwise direction to get the most stunning approach

Even more beautiful at sunset and sunrise.

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