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Fantastic hike. Hubby agrees. Says best hike we have done. We hiked in AZ and CA before arriving in UT. The canyon is beautiful. Arch at the trail end is incredible. Our pit bull terrier loved crossing the creek and trying to catch the lizards. Did see Poison Ivy but would not deter us from hiking the trail again. Only complaint is people who don’t respect the rules and allow their dogs to roam off leash and don’t pick up the poo. Head out by 0900 and you will enjoy the trail without the crowds.

great hike especially if you're short on time. Excellent views but heavily trafficked. We went counter- clockwise and wasn't too difficult.

9 hours ago

Phenomenal hike! Many elevation changes but I would rate it more moderate than hard. Definitely gets your breathing and heart rate going, but it is very manageable. We did the whole loop in 2 hrs 58 minutes with several stops along the way.

The trail is truly amazing. This was my first encounter with Bryce Canyon National Park and I'm stunned. Wow! The hike is rather easy, perfect for part of a day. It'd be nice though if there were some places to seat so one could enjoy the Park.

Loved this loop. We started at the lookout parking lot, doing the West Rim first and walking counterclockwise. Make sure you do all the detours. Mostly flat. Follow the cairns on the West Trail, the East Rim is easily identified . DO NOT miss the Basin Overlook, which is right before you return to the parking lot....amazing!!!

Spectacular...one of my all-time favorites! Do not miss this hike.

15 hours ago

Wonderful....great arch with shade at the end.

The bridge at the end is awesome. Unfortunately the trail getting there is infested in poison ivy. We vigilantly watched for it and tried to avoid it, but somehow both the dog and I started our week in Moab with poison ivy. I wouldn’t recommend for kids or pets.

1 day ago

Great hike. Beautiful Canyon. I'd say the hike is easy to moderate. only reason for 4 stars is because it was so packed. Not hard to keep your feet dry water is very shallow.

The initial trail made it seem like it was going to be more of a guided stroll and it increased in intensity as you continues.

Amazing hike, I really liked it. I'd say do fairytale and this loop. This is NOT a hard hike, moderate. Bryce viewpoint is great, and going down there is equally cool. Worth it!

Cool and amazing hike, but it gets crowded. Fairytale loop is nicer I think, but that's just me. Anyway, still worth doing.

I did Angels landing as an extra loop to the West rim trail/telephone canyon. Angel landing itself is great, but a little too crowded. From bus stop to top, then back down, it took me 2 hours. Go as early as possible (went there with the 4th bus of the day, and already starting to be annoying). The trail is NOT hard - more like moderate - but there is a 1500 feet gain so you need to be ok with that. Although it can be narrow, the holding is always extremely easy. The biggest danger is that it is too crowded and people are impatient. The view is great, so do it! Definetly in the top hikes in the area. Otherwise do observation point via east mesa trail is a good alternative overlooking angels landing.

1 day ago

Probably one of my favourite hikes I’ve ever done anywhere. The scenery was breathtaking, it has equal parts sun and shade. I saw a lizard, lots of cacti and the river that you run along side was perfect to keep my dog hydrated. I would def go back and do this again. So glad I did it while I was in Moab

Did this hike on April 23. Beauty day, hot and sunny. Easy in and out. Took an hour and a half round trip that’s including eating some snacks at the arch. Definitely worth it the scenery is amazing!!

Fun hike!

1 day ago

Impressive! Much of the trail is paved and offers gorgeous views! After Scout Lookout it gets ridiculous. Many places you cling to angled rock feeling for a foothold in the rock; hold the chains and pray you don’t misstep and plummet 1500 feet to your death.

1 day ago

Go early. Awesome hike.

Beautiful hike! Started at 8 am and the weather was great; it was in the high 60s when we started and mid 70s when we got back to our car. The hardest part of the hike was the slab, straight up incline. Must bring water!

One of the best!

This is a great trail. We did it because wall street was closed and I am glad we did. We discovered it was difficult and at the end although glad we went we were also very tired. Between it and Navajo loop and part of Queens garden we ended up hiking 7 miles in an afternoon and that was a lot. Bryce is amazing.

2 days ago

So glad we did this trail - it does not disappoint! So many changes in elevation throughout the hike which I enjoy. Gives you a chance to see the park from so many viewpoints. Bryce is pure magic and I can not recommend this trail enough!

Got started before the first shuttle got there since we are staying at the lodge. Left the cabin at around 6:45 and we’re one of the first few people to the top. Recommend going in the morning as the way down had a lot of congestion.

2 days ago


2 days ago

This trail was by far one of my most favorite hikes we did while in Moab. It’s beautiful! Trees, shade, sun, arches, rocks, water and dogs! It was awesome. I joked it in my Chaco sandals and shorts in April and it was perfect. Maybe bring a little insect repellent. I noticed bugs starting to come out. Also, watch out for cacti and poison ivy.

Killer view at the top...

Super fun slots! It’s super important that you have a map downloaded - the trail juts straight downward into the wash pretty quickly after you start so watch for that. I’ve only ever done Spooky first and then Peek and I still recommend it that way personally. You’ll climb up through spooky - it wastes no time getting skinny and there’s a nasty little up climb at the end. We brought a pull cord for a group of newbies and it helped perfectly. Then a hike up a sandy hill and through a Mesa between the two slots (this is where a downloaded map will be super helpful - you do not want to get lost on that hot exposed Mesa rock). We descended down into Peek which is beautiful! Took some time at the end with the pretty arches and then on to the downward climb out of peek.
I’ve seen tons of people get themselves psyched out at the entrance of Peek when they attempt to go up it first which is why I like to do Spooky first.
Also two side notes:
1) bring plenty of water! We stashed a pack for our group near peek entrance and carried just what we needed for the slots. You’ll need water - don’t under estimate it!
2) We’ve taken 2 dogs (both were already active and avid hikers) through here twice - one 50 lb and one 14 lb doggo. I highly recommend Ruffwear’s webmaster harness for any bigger dog - it’s got a handle on the top and wraps nicely around the front and second half of their body so you can easily life them to and fro when needed (mostly through spooky). My little dog acts like both canyons are nothing :) bring stuff for their paws (mushers or shoes) as the sand and rock is rough on paws. It’s extra physical work to have a dog so you can help them, so if you don’t want the extra work, leave them home :)

Great well marked trail, totally worth the short climbs to get the amazing arches at the end.

Amazing trail. It can get pretty hot, I was hiking in April and it was really hot. Sometimes the trail is not marked very well so one can get easily lost.

Loved this hike! It was relatively easy just long. We went in April and started around 11am next time I’d like to start earlier before it heats up. Middle of summer would be way to hot! There was quite a few people on the trail but not as many as expected. My dogs loved swimming in the falls... we did see LOTS of snakes on this trail.

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