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fun hike !!!

Easy trail with many creek crossings. A few too many people for my taste.

Nice slot that conveniently merges with buckskin gulch. Use the alternative way around the 8ft drop which was nice. The drop wasn’t bad but had a lot of camera gear and didn’t want to chance it

10 days ago

Exceptional hike, very easy until the 7’ foot drop. But it looks much harder than it is! An easy climb up and down and we had a dog with us. Buckskin gulch was amazing. We only hit one patch of water but easily passed using the rocks. Very little traffic.

13 days ago

There's a boulder and about a 7 foot drop halfway down the first slot. I didn't think I could do it alone with just my dog but it's easy to hike back to the opening and go up to the right and bypass it. This hike was my consolation prize for never winning the wave lottery month after month.

This is by far one of my favorite hikes I've ever done. However you need to time it right, this is one of the more popular hikes in the local area so sometimes there are long lines to get up and down the ladders.

A girl from Montana was intrigued by the slot canyon & beautiful colors. Great easy hike & warm, sunny weather. A bit hard to find railhead but we persevered & found it!

trail running
29 days ago

This was easy access into this area. Great dirt road. Ran the dirt road in and out..I think it was more miles than what was on review. But really amazing rock and slot canyon.

2 months ago

We enjoyed this hike.. for the most part it was easy except one 8 foot drop inside the canyon. Keep in mind that inside Wire Pass (after the turn off for Buckskin Overlook), there is an 8 foot drop that is a challenge. This can be by passed by going up on top of the canyon. Both ways can be a bit tricky if you're not used to it. Dec. 29, 2017

2 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth!!

One of the best experiences I've had! There is about a 20-25 minute walk before you get into the slots and the drive through the trailhead is about 15-20 minutes of gravel at very slow speeds although it is a scenic drive. Very easy hike for all skill levels!

We really enjoyed this hike with our four kids. Stunning and a lot of fun. We'd love to one day do the longer Buckskin Gulch, but this was a great half-day hike. One note- we were wary of the tree ladder in the slot canyon and took another hiker's advice to go around the canyon from above. That worked well, and then we returned through the slot canyon on the way back, as climbing up the ladder was less precarious for our kids. Either way, it's doable and very worthwhile.

2 months ago

Simply an amazing hike....starts out in the wash and meanders along till you hit the slot. Working ones way through the slot to the end of Wire Pass then in to Buckskin Gulch is worth the trip alone. How can one not add a canyon hike like this to your bucket list?

If you want more just push on to Buckskin Gulch...it the longest and deepest in the world! (just check the weather first as being down there during a flash flood is not going to be good)

Me and my wife carefully counting all creek crossings, it is 63 times each way, so total should be 63x2=126 times; some of them are in and out the water on the same side, those should be considered crossing too; a lots of snow on the surface of creek, it makes our crossing easier without touching the water.

2 months ago

most of the trail is under snow right now. we still ventured out a mile or so before the snow got deeper and sketchier. the view was still fantastic though. definitely want to come back when the trail is clear.

Awesome slot canyon hike, pretty easy except large drop assisted with tree ladder. Well with a trip!

3 months ago

After two days in the main canyon at Zion, my husband and I were ready for a break from the crowds. We did this hike on Saturday 11/25. The trail is sandy but easy to follow. The challenge is the creek crossings--I counted ~52 each way. That's right, over 100 creek crossings roundtrip. That means lots of ups and downs. The creek is low right now, so we were able to avoid getting our feet wet. The double arches at the end are very pretty, and there are some good views of the rock throughout, as well. We saw several other groups (but nowhere near the crowds as the main area of the park). There was plenty of parking at the trailhead. Definitely recommend for a change of pace.

Great easy trail. You can continue past the arches and there is a waterfall with a small trickle of water. You can keep going past that but we did not go, next time.

One of the most awesome trails we've ever been on, 5 stars for sure!

It’s totally worth the visit! The view is spectacular! Make sure you endure to the end. The hike could be very boring at the beginning. The water is freezing in November, so it’s important to keep your feet warm. Not a lot of people came at this time, so it’s easier to get some pictures without other people.

We got lucky and the season went long this year. This hike is spectacular, I prefer this hike over the narrows. If later in the year rent the water shoes and socks to keep your feet warm.

Nice trail. The start of the trail at the trailhead has a number of steep steps to begin with, however it does level out into a sandy trail through the canyons. As others have said, be prepared to cross the stream 15 times or more.

Absolutely loved this beautiful hike in the lovely fall weather with my kids. Good water shoes with thicker rubber soles are recommended. Five finger shoes hurt my feet and I felt every rock. I can't wait to do this one again when it warms up again with the right kind of shoes. Went later in the pm. hardly any other hikers on the trail.

Fun creek hike to waterfalls. The ladder a bit sketchy but fun!

Worth checking out.

4 months ago

You get wet up to your knees. Beauty Beyond Belief

Fun hike with the family. Water is a little bit chilly but all in all great hike.

This had to be one of the busiest trails I have ever hiked.. I must of crossed paths with well over 100 other hikers in a 3.5 hr period..

The town has a lot of no parking signs and a few signs about a number to call if you have a boot on your car.. I drive semi so I just parked on the Main Street through town as it is a state highway and the can’t stop me from parking there.. From there is was less than 1 mile to the trail head.. There is also 2 parking lots at the Trail Head that charge $10.00 for parking, they are traveled and have Porta potty’s..

The start of the trail is strength up to the water tower and then drops down.. For about the first mile I was wondering if I was on the right trail, for the most part it is just a small gravel road.. Then it turns into a trail that Chris crosses the river.. I wore water prof hiking boots and for the first 3 miles my feet were dry.. There are pliantly of rocks and fallen trees to cross the river up to the first large water fall..

This is by know means a hard hike, but I would caution elderly with joint issues or stability issues from attempting this trip as the trail does have a few challenging areas with dirt slides.. This trail would also probably not be to much fun it the trail gets rained on..

After the 1st latter you will start to get wet.. there are areas where the water was from ankle to knee deep.. I recommend wearing shorts if you are going beyond the 1st ladder at the first big waterfall..

I ran out of time at 3.5 miles, but the trail continued on Pass this.. It is not on the map here, but it does continue..

The sight along this trail is breath taking, the hiking in the river was cold and sucked, but also exhilarating.. I stopped many times and just visited with other hikers.. Most youth I spoke to did not care for the hike due to the cold water temperatures.. Once your in between the canyon walls it gets cold, you will crave the heat of the sun before long..

A second pair of shoes and some additional socks for the return after you come back to the main trail, might make the 2 miles back to the parking area more enjoyable.. All together I clocked 6.9 miles and can’t wait to return and go further.. Great Hike, loved every minute of it..

Fantastic hike if you want to get a taste of the narrows without the crowds! Somewhat technical and be prepared to get your feet wet and do some scrambling. Saw quite a few families with kids in flip flops, may have underestimated based on the short distance. Worth it to go past the second ladder falls at about 2.5 miles.

Amazing and challenging continuous climb from Oak Grove Campground to the mountain ridge above. I'm not sure that this recordings moving time is correct since that was the time for the decent only. There is a marked trail the entire way but it is not for those who are not in shape.

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