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It’s a beautiful overlook. Steeper than you think but short. There’s street parking at the trailhead.

20 hours ago

We ended up picking a really hot day to do this one and it was a little miserable at parts; I'd like to come back on a cooler day, probably it'd get a better rating after that. Looking at other reviews, I guess we didn't make it past the first stage of the hike, but we were looking for something wheelchair accessible so we might not have been able to enjoy the nicer parts anyway. We did see some wildlife--birds and butterflies, mostly. Pretty high traffic, there were even cars driving on the trail.

great for the dogs. Best to do in the morning or evening because it is very exposed.

great hike with a great view of the valley.

Good views of the city. No shade after the first climb.

4 days ago

Very good trail quality, but lots and lots of bees. Very little shade.

Gets your calves burning. Great for dog, please don’t bring your non-dog friendly dogs though and let them off leash. Please just be considerate of people with dogs on leash just trying to get one with nature.

Great for kids and the whole fam.

A bit short, but the view is fantastic.

We started early in the morning and was a great start to our day! Great view of city. The smoky haze made the Great Salt Lake barely visible. The couch was comfy ;o)

8 days ago

It has breathtaking views. It is uphill, but it's not too steep. You can hold a conversation while walking but feel it a litttle in your legs. At the end when the trail ends in order to get a better view of the water, it is no longer wheelchair friendly, and you have to step over logs and rocks to be closer to the water. I loved it!!

This is an amazing trail. It’s pretty steep but the views when you reach the top are amazing!!!

Just a mile from my hotel, I decided to go and try this hike. Not easy but not impossible! The trail was in good condition and the views from the top are worth the effort! Can’t wait to do this again.

Maybe it’s because I just got home from hiking in the Redwoods but I thought it was an alright hike. Many will disagree, I’m sure. Beautiful view from the top. Really crowded during sunset on a Friday night. No trail signs along the way so it was a bit confusing.

13 days ago

Beautiful lookout.

trail running
15 days ago

Great trail that gets narrow at some parts. Nice views of the city at the top.

good intense walk

I love coming to Millcreek canyon. It is so beautiful. I've done this trail a few times. Great for trail running but it is novice so it gets busy. lots of mountain bikers on this trail.

45 min to the top, we set out around 6:30pm so plenty of shady spots on the trail. Nice view of the city.

if you are looking for a short, easy hike, this was great. it's very secluded and not crowded.

on Mill B South Trail

17 days ago

Perfect little getaway; also a good place to walk around the ol’ parentals.

Not bad hike to gain some elevation to watch the sunrise

Nice little hike for late July. Went right in the middle of the day (3pm) with 99 degree temps but wasn’t over exhausted and got a great workout in.

No one at the top and we spent 20 min there. Only saw a few people on the way down.

Great views of the city!

Best view of SLC you will find.

This isn’t really a “hike” per say..but more of a nature walk. It is really pretty and you can venture off the paved path onto several other small dirt trails. We came across a bobcat and quite a few wild turkeys which was really cool. There’s not shade everywhere so it’s best to walk this earlier in the day.

24 days ago

Great trail! Paved, shady and the cool air from the mountain run off make this a great stroll. I took my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. It was very easy and with the trail being so short it didn’t matter how long my kids would doddle or stop along the way. They loved seeing the butterflies and mountains and throwing rocks into the water. It’s a perfect outing for young kids and will tired them out without tiring the adult(s). The parking lot is small so you may have to park along side the road. If you go past the pavement just a little bit that waterfall is worth it. And if your adventurous and don’t have kids with you you could go even farther up in the rocks. There’s also restrooms at the trail head so that’s a nice bonus.

26 days ago

Loved it. Very easy hike even for a beginner like me. Parts of it are steep but I went up and down in like half an hour. Good for a nice workout.

Though we've walked this trail many times, this is the first time we stayed past dark. It's amazing to watch the city light up after dark. It may be a good place for stargazing too. Keep in mind in the summer, since it gets dark later to park in the right spot so you don't get ticket. After 10pm they issue parking tickets of $30. (Which rise all the way to $150 if not paid within a particular time period.)

Nice paved hike. Inclined at some areas but not bad

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