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Gorgeous scenery, one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Get there early to beat the crowds.

The scenery is candidly unbelievable. The crowds are a bit much, particularly those who leave the trails right past the signs and hide behind “no English” as an excuse.

good intro walk on first day

10 hours ago

Amazing view. Fun trail! but make sure you bring enough water :)

Extremely good hike. Be ready for a lot of elevation changes, not just the initial down and up. Aside from being exhausted around the 6 mile mark, this was my favorite hike that we did at Bryce. Definitely recommend taking plenty of water, my girlfriend and I did the hike in a little less than 4 hours and we only go on hiking trips a few times a year. Just as everyone said, there was the store about 2.5 miles when going counter clockwise, which is a good place to refill any water bottles and water packs and getting food if you havent packed enough. Best views of the park in my personal opinion, definitely worth the hike!

This was an utterly amazing hike and so completely worth it! Went early to avoid the heat and didn’t really see that many people. Beautiful views, challenging hike - loved it!

Easy, beautiful hike. My 4 yr and 7 yr old loved it. We all wore water shoes which was the perfect footwear for this hike in July. Passed several hikers in hiking boots and they were hot and envious of our cool wet feet. Take lots of water to drink. Saw a huge bear print in the mud just before the second slot canyon and a snake on the trail. The sandy hill climb at the beginning of road in was a piece of cake for our Jeep Wrangler. Hike is a must see.

Good moderate hike - take the Wallstreet route to get a real climbing experience - worth the time doing!

4 days ago

This is an easy walk along a dirt path. 4 stars only because I'm not a fan of how they let people climb all over under the arches. I think it should be roped off. We saw so many people up on the rocks, it was impossible to get a photo without them in it. Very cool set of arches though, and will be back some day when there's less people.

My family really enjoyed this trail. Almost all roads in the Grand Staircase are dirt/sand. There is a hill you must drive up on the way in that is bit tricky. I recommend a 4x4 vehicle if possible. Once you get to the trail, it is very easy and beautiful. We went on a Monday and had the canyon to ourselves most of the time. We only passed a handful of hikers during our hike. We love the Narrows in Zion too, but Willis Creek was a lovely way to experience the beauty of a Slot canyon without all the crowds.

Incredible views and not to difficult. However steep in some areas, no shade and a longer trail, not recommended for the novice hiker and bring plenty of water.

From Bryce point it was moderate hike with 3-4 strenuous jaunts. Returning up Bryce point is a 20-30 min steep hike. Bring water.

6 days ago

Double Arch is one of my favorite arches for sure, the walk is super easy but usually pretty busy. A hike for everyone.

6 days ago

A great little hike, the arch is one of my favorites of the park. Well worth the hike, but go early in summer to avoid the heat, bring water.

7 days ago

Wonderful “easy” way to experience slot canyons. The water was about 4 inches deep when we went today. Perfectly fine for the hike. The less sure footed of the group appreciates walking sticks as the creek is muddy and you can’t see what you are stepping on.

Two tips:
- On the outbound trip, when you see the creek plunge down a hole, look right for a path that will take you down to that lower level. There’s also a path on the left — passable but a little trickier on the ledges.
- If you go beyond the end of the trail described here (keep going down past the confluence), there are amazing sheer high walls about 3 miles in.

Worth the trip!

Visited this location on June 28. The staff at the ranger station cautioned us about the road conditions. There’s one hill that’s a challenge. It’s very sandy and if you stop on this hill, all bets are off. However if you hit it with a little speed and keep your momentum, you’ll be fine. The hike into the canyon was easy and there was some breezes at times that really made for a pleasant trek. Not many people there so it was peaceful and quiet. You do have to cross or walk through the creek several times. It’s not an issue and most people can do it without getting their feet wet. Carry water with you. It’s not strenuous but it can get hot and you’ll get thirsty. I recommend the hike.

8 days ago

Beautiful - a good decent and ascent at the beginning and end but otherwise very easy to explore around and walk.

I would have rated this trail 5 stars because it's beautiful, and very easy to follow. However the trailhead was not easy to find. There are signs marking Bristlecone Trail but none that show where Riggs Spring Loop Trail is. It took me a few tries to figure out that you start on Bristlecone, head down the Under the Rim trail, and then Riggs Spring Trail branches off from there. It would have been nice to have signs in the parking lot to tell you which way to go. The campsites on Riggs Trail were nice. There was water running at Riggs spring, approximately a quart per minute. I only ran into one group of Backpackers and two hikers. Very little traffic on this gorgeous route

Loved it. The 6 mile dirt road wasn't as bad as mentioned. 2wd should do it. The sandy part is going uphill within the first mile or two so no chance of getting stuck. Just back it up and out and go explore Kodachrome.

Two small waterfalls. The first at the trailhead! Almost went to the "T" but was told there wasn't much to see after the 2nd deep slot canyon. Think that was about 1.6 miles in.

By far one of the best trails I’ve ever hiked. Gorgeous views.

Nice hike but gotta walk through arch to continue to next arch pay attention to signs...take plenty of water

Loved this hike did it at night and had our campsite set up already so just walked across the road from parking and smoked some cigars under the stars...

Short hike but beautiful arches

Amazing if you did a long hike the day before and looking for something quick and easy.

11 days ago

I have a really good memory of my daughter playing on these arches. Nice little hike for a nice spot.

My favorite hike in Bryce! So beautiful and less trafficked then the other hikes in Bryce. There are no restrooms or water at the fairyland canyon starting point. I suggest hiking counter clockwise which will start you on the rim trail. About 2.4 miles in you will pass by the general store on the right where you can stop for water/restrooms. From there drop down into the canyon and enjoy!

trail running
13 days ago

Awesome and great!
Definitely five stars!!!

13 days ago

Time to put signs in Chinese for water requirement. We met at least 6 people without water on our way back (we started at 7 am) and they were hiding in the shade as little as one mile in
Otherwise, probably one of the most beautiful landscapes views in any national park, stunning.

Def a five starrer...this hike has a lot of ups and downs (kinda like life) but was oh so magnificent, inspirational and lots of other things. I think my homes and I finished in about four hours and started at sunset point. My fav part was the lack of tourism in this loop that allowed for some full on hoodoo intimacy. Park guides wear orange and kinda camouflage in but are super helpful if you needs things. Still so impressed with how Utah has organized the influx of humans into their national parks...this hike was a for sure must for lovers of nature. Go, bring lots of water, wear sunscreen, and prep to surrender to the hoodoos.

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