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The falls are definitely worth it but take the time to enjoy the rest of the hike as well. Very large and visual pictographs, exceptional rock formations and clusters of plant life not often seen in the desert. It is a busy trail but late in the day it was very manageable.

favorite lake hike in Colorado

A very nice trail. The waterfall and pool are a nice treat for the eyes and feet!

I took this hike in the middle July, which made the arrival to the falls well worth the hike. The trail is mostly sandy and rocky. The sand can get hot towards the middle of the day, but people hike in sandals and chacos nonetheless. Consider getting booties for your dog, and have something to carry their feces in (unfortunate but courteous), a mason jar typically works. There isn’t a substantial amount of elevation change either during the hike. Upon arriving to the falls, it is very much an oasis, with plenty shade from trees. The water is very cold, as it should be. It’s fun swimming as close to the falls as possible too. During the hike back, I encountered some light rain, so be rain ready too. Be sure to check out the upper calf creek trail if you can. As far as traffic goes, be sure to arrive as early as possible if you want to have good parking. During the time I went, the crowd was small enough for everyone to swim and play around. I’d estimate 50 or so other hikers at the falls. The weather at the time was about high 90s during the day, and lower 70s at night. Be sure to take lots of water too.

4 days ago

Easy hike just make sure you stay to the left at the fork in the canyon. The swimming hole is really beautiful tucked inside the alcove. Br sure to check out the petroglyphs on the canyon wall when you’re navigating the slanted rocks at the beginning of the trail.

My new favorite trail. In two hours we only came across 6 other people. Small beautiful waterfalls every where you look. Wild hops, pines, and minty plants made it smell as good as it looked.

Awesome hike. Easy trail. Bring at least 2 liters of water and definitely jump in the water. It’s like an ice bath, but you gotta do it lol . I tracked it at a little over 6 miles.

on Grandstaff Trail

9 days ago

Great moderate hike. Enough shade. Dog loved the water crossing!! Natural bridge was beautiful!

the falls are beautiful. the hike is predominantly in sand which made the experience slow going.

Exceptional beauty relative to the geology and flora. The falls are gorgeous and offer a great respite on a hot day. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in the shade. Another wonderful Utah experience.

This hike was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it but I would try to go later in the day so that you can cool off while soaking in the hot springs. This was also a great hike for someone from out of state (Missouri) as it wasn’t too steep and felt as though I was hiking in Missouri (but better lol). We did see a lot of snakes while on this trail so be careful (but none were venomous). Also, the trail looks like it got washed away a little bit so be careful as it’s gravely and large washouts on the trail itself.
Trail: 5 stars
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Drive to trailhead: very easy paved road

Sooo beautiful. Yes quite a few people, but you don’t notice. Worth every step.

First half of the trail is very hot and dusty. Cools off substantially when you hit the narrows and the shade. Lots of hiking through water, sometimes almost waist deep. The best part of the trail comes after you get past the first ladder. That first ladder is quite dangerous so climb carefully and make sure your footing is secure. The trail was closed after the second ladder because there was some sort of accident involving it the prior weekend. It looked much scarier than the first ladder. Overall, amazing hike with spectacular views.

This hike was beautiful once you get past the dirt road going in you'll be hiking in and out of the water so please wear the right footwear. walking through the Narrows with a beautiful red rock is breathtaking.

on Mesa Lakes Trail

13 days ago

Not marked well. Views are nice.

Easy, but worth it

This hike is beautiful! There are a couple of challenging spots, the second ladder is a bit unsettling. Water feels good! I don’t recommend wearing flip flops. Something water proof and sturdy. This hike is definitely one to do again!

September 7th, Incredible hike! The color contrast and sounds combine for an amazing experience. It’s an easy hike with two gorgeous waterfalls inside a slot canyon. We hiked just past the second of the waterfall and then turned around. The entire hike took just under 3 hours from the parking lot (we took our sweet time because of the incredible vistas). Highly recommend it.
Only complaints are the $9 per person fee can get steep for a large family and of course that no dogs are allowed, I get it, but still.

One of my favorite hikes of all time. Walking through the river in a slot canyon. Deep in some places. I'm 5'8" got up to mid thigh. This hike starts off slow but once you start the river nothing short of amazing.

beautiful falls and shaded paved trail to the base of the falls. just pass the falls there is a bridge to the left with port-a-potties..to the right of the bridge is the safest way up the falls. it is dirt narrow trail that then turns to gravel and rock. Very narrow all the way up but not strenuous. Just nerve wracking that you could slip! We took our 12 yr kld daughter and I was so afraid she would slip. people were carrying babies and toddlers and i think they were nuts!! once to the falls it ia gorgeous and fun!

We went in the middle of august in between thunder storms (I know, don't do that it can be dangerous) They charged as $9 at the base because people have been vandalizing, crushing vegetation, having fires, and littering. So they are hoping the fee will deter those types of shenanigans. I SUPPORT THAT. It is a pretty easy hike. You'll come up to your first slot canyon after a little ways, in there will be the first ladder. The ladder is sturdy but can be a little shaky and slippery so just be careful. After the first ladder there is a series of pools. If you keep hiking you will come up to another slot canyon. The water here got up to my bellybutton at some points (I am 5'7"). In the second slot will be a second ladder. This one is wooden and VERY rickety. The base log is sturdy but the rungs can be swiveled around and there is one missing near the top leaving a large gap. The ropes attached though are stable and a HUGE help. Honestly, I wouldn't go much father past the second ladder, I dare say that I would stop at the ladder. After that it just gets skinnier and skinnier. My friends and I hiked it for 4 hours and never found a "ending destination" so save yourself the trouble and stop at the second ladder.

Love these hot springs. Especially beautiful in the fall. Avoid visiting them on a holiday though, if you enjoy solitude...way too many people visit the area on holidays to allow the outing to be enjoyable in my opinion.

17 days ago

Absolutely no regrets. Went with my best girlfriend on a Tuesday afternoon around 3:30p early September. Definitely a hidden gem. We saw maybe 6 people on the hike. Amazing, surround-scenery experience from the valley viewpoint. It offers a nice combination of shade and open land. The end of the trail is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Not well marked, but it wasn’t too much of a problem. Hope to go back in this lifetime again.

18 days ago

This was an amazing experience...We went on a cold, rainy, somewhat snowy day in March. We are so thankful that we hired a guide out of Kanab who had a vehicle that could get in and out. Rain on clay is almost worse than ice in Minnesota. The weather did not dampen the experience and the weather cleared just as we arrived at the Wave. We are glad that we dressed in weather appropriate layers. We received our lottery ticket in the online drawing 3 months ahead....and there were almost 300 in line the day before. So it really is the luck of the draw.

Went up to this on Aug. 24th, 2018. Beautiful hike, wearing tennis shoes, water is cold initially but you get accustomed to it once you walk a while. There is actually a third waterfall further back and the trail connects to a dirt road, (Lower basin road). If you take the dirt road to the left it will bring you back to the north end of Kanarraville.

Definitely recommend this hike, such beautiful scenery!!!

19 days ago

Beautiful trail!! Amazing to have the creek running through almost the entire way! Challenging and fun!

It was a lovely hike with tons of morning shade and refreshing stream that ran alongside the entire trail. The end of trial was a.bit anticlimactic. But I thought it was worth the time and effort.really busy on the day I was there.

19 days ago

It is so beautiful!! it's a very nice place to take your family or yourself for a nice walk. No parking fee.

19 days ago

Fantastic spot to get away from the heat and crowds at Arches. Cliffs and vegetation provide some shade along much of the trail route and there's several spots with water crossings. Moderate challenge for a young family hike that's not too long with great reward at the end (large arch and cool, shady canyon with water dripping from walls). Careful of poison ivy clusters.

Beautiful hike! Make sure you bring water shoes and maybe a pair of shoes to change into after. This hike was fun. You go back and forth in and out of the water til you get up to the waterfall. My feet got really cold initially so I sat down once I got to the waterfall. I ate some lunch and let them thaw out for the way back down and I was fine. Very pretty hike and it was fun to go thru the water

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