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on Crescent Beach Trail

1 day ago

Full value day hike.

2 days ago


3 days ago

The children and I love this dark hike through the lava tube! Everyone did well with their own headlamps, as the floor is quite uneven.

Walked it today in the rain with 4 little kids. It was so peaceful and the kids had a blast going inside of trees!

on Moro Rock Trail

4 days ago

Love this place!!!

mountain biking
4 days ago

Can I bike here? or at any of following trails:
Short trails:

2-Skunk Cabbage Trail, 10.5 mi - Coastal Trail
3- Lady Bird's Johnson Grove Trail, 1.5 Mi - Magnificent
4-West ridge trail 7 mi
5- Prairie Creek Trail (Trail#1 2.9 Mi) - (Trail#2 4.3Mi - most scenic trail).Magnificent

4 days ago

Visited in September of 2015. Beautiful for a nice easy stroll through these amazing trees. Perfect for all ages and skill levels. I’d definitely recommend grabbing one of the info brochures to read about the history and interesting facts. Overall, an easy way to experience the redwoods and honor one of the great women in our country’s history!

5 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Huge payoff for the extremely short hike.

We only was able to see the upper part , the lower hike was canceled because was to windy and rocks were coming down.
The experience was amazing, the whole canyon is Soooo beautiful. Be prepared to be surrounded with a lot of other hikers, it is challenging to take pictures and we got rained with sand because of the wind. Cover your camera from the sand.

A must-do hike to see general sherman in its glory. The trail is quite crowded due to being the main attraction in sequoia national park.

When you are able to take a photo with the famous tree, I recommend asking someone to take a vertical panoramic photo bc that’s the only way you’ll be able to fit the whole tree in a photo!

easy short hike not the most diverse

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

Tried to go yesterday and the trail was closed. You can walk out to a bluff above, still allowing for great photos since it's empty below so I still recommend walking out, but if you're looking to hike down, it is currently closed.

9 days ago

It’s about 45min walk with absolutely amazing rock formations and colors to watch... one of the most enchanted places I’ve seen so far...

One of my favorites hikes in Oregon so far! Went on a beautiful sunny day about a week ago, and it wasn’t super busy. Long line of cars backed up at Ecola park entrance though. Muddy trail but overall easy to navigate and follow. The beach is gorgeous and make sure you climb up to see the waterfall(s)!!! Will be back for sure.

on Antelope Canyon

11 days ago


Easy hike
Good views

Did the 40 mile throug hike from Wire pass to Lee's ferry in 2016. Best day hike is going in from the north down to the confluence and back out. about 14 miles total I believe. Beautiful, narrow canyon starts about 4 miles in or so. Great hike but you're in a muddy river for prob 25 straight miles once in there. Hiking water shoes a must! Stay away from the big boulders in the water! downstream and to the side of them is where the deep muck is! Drinking water is scare so pack a lot of it in. Most important is to watch the weather VERY closely. Nowhere to hide for many stretches in there if it floods. No cell communication down in there so someone will have to hike out for help.5 days was perfect. Day 5 hike out is a long, hot one out into the desert for sure. Beautiful hike though!!! Happy trails!

Great hike for kids :-) the waterfall was rushing, but there was no icicles in the cave.

available by Navajo tour only. purely amazing and a must see!

This trail is a neat hike up over a hump and straight down to the lookout. Its about .75mi from car to the edge and .75mi back. Once at the ledge you can climb up higher on the rocks to get the best views. You can see for miles and miles and straight down to the horseshoe. construction is under way for a viewing platform too. the walk back up the hill is a good incline and rocky uneven footing. also, parking can be very busy so plan accordingly and bring lots of water!

14 days ago

Awesome view but way too many people. Very short easy hike.

The crowds almost ruin the experience. Hard to find an unoccupied vista.

Amazing, pictures don’t do it justice.

16 days ago

Hiked this on Easter Sunday on a cold, rainy day. Due to those two factors there was almost no one else on the hike or on the beach. Both the forest and the beach are insanely beautiful! Sweet little waterfall on the beach too. I'd say it was moderate difficulty - a few parts are a bit tricky or slippery. Very very muddy, hiking boots are an absolute must. There are a couple unavoidable giant mud puddles and your boots will get dirty! Unfortunately it was almost high tide when we got to the beach, so we were unable to simply walk around Chapman or Ecola points, but we did manage to scramble up the rocks to get to the northern beach. I don't recommend doing that unless you are in really good shape haha.

Overall, a really fun hike in so-called "bad" weather!

Get your feet wet. Hike over logs.

18 days ago

The canyon is awesome to see and easy to get some great pictures. Not really a hike. Our guide was spouting more of his racism than educating us about the canyon. $50 through kens is a bit much but you wont forget the experience.

crowded and rushed but worth the price. you will never forget this experience and you can't put a price on that. thanks to our guide anita for the camera tips. made all the difference.

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