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10 hours ago

Really fun short climb to the top of the rock with great views

Very cool views, went mid morning... half the canyon was in the shadows. If it’s not too hot I would recommend afternoon, but expect the crowds to be insane.

Easy hike beautiful views!!

short and easy hike. mossy grotto nothing special. waterfall was special and if you continue around the bend the creek is fun to follow up into the canyon

An easy in canyon walk. Very crowded but beautiful.

Very easy walk. The way is paved so anybody can do it. Worth doing it, you’ll see general Sherman at the end.

Tour bus after tour bus. Not a bad walk out and back. Dogs enjoyed being able to go with us (otherwise we wouldn't have stopped). Looks like they are constructing new trail, unfortunately doesn't look wide enough to support amount of foot traffic this trail experiences. Watch out in the parking lot since it looked like a war for people to get a spot. Worth the walk to see the bend in the river though.

7 days ago

My family and I did this trail when we were camping at Crater Lake. The views were spectacular.

8 days ago

Amazing views, short and very sweet

9 days ago

Simple and easy with awesome views of a few pinnacles. Reminds me of a tiny version of Bryce Canyon. The trail goes on further with some signage removed. I'll have to find out to where?

Burney Falls is amazing, the trails around it decent. There is a parking lot on Lake Road which is a five minute walk up a paved slope, so the falls are easily accessible, though there are a few stairs. We parked at the parking lot off of Clark Creek Road which gave us a ten minute hike through some of the surrounding forest before reaching the lake road parking lot and down to the base of the falls. The hiking around the surrounding area is decent- but you’re really here for the falls. Since it is on the more accessible end of Oregon waterfalls, expect to see a lot of people.

Easy hike to a small dessert and interesting rocks and views

One of the most amazing places I have been in my life do the back land hike if your tour guide offers

One of the most amazing views in my life!

We made a quick stop with our group of 18 people. We spent most of our time by the waterfall. We hiked up the river to get to it. The children enjoyed it and the scenery was beautiful. Easy little walk.

We did tour with a guide because you can’t do it without a guide. I wouldn’t call this a hike. It’s pretty time consuming due to the amount of people in group tour and picture taking time. But if your in the area this is a MUST SEE! It will take about 1.5-2 hours tour time. But it’s 100% worth it!

Great view. Big crowd, but still very good.

Not really a hike, nice paved walk to see General Sherman. I thought the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon was a much more majestic tree and the short hike was much less crowded. Glad I saw both.

13 days ago

Nice little kike with a view of some of the pinnacles. It is NOT ADA compliant at this time (Per sign at trailhead). Most of the trail is 2-3 inches deep in dust. I hate to think what it will be like with the first rains. National Park Service is actively laying down gravel to make it ADA compliant.

14 days ago

Quick little hike into a fantastic lava tube! Plenty of area in the pitch black. I did this alone and was lucky to be the only one in the cave. Super easy to get around (no debris or rocks to hike through or over), but the floor is a bit uneven, so keep some light lowered as you go and dont get too confident in the dark. Make sure you explore all the alcoves and keep heading back to the actual exit. Great fun, free, and so so easy!!

14 days ago

Great short hike! While not located in the NP, it’s worth the drive to see this unique hike! It’s a lava tube and pitch black dark once you get inside. If you have a head torch you will be fine just watch your steps as the ground is very uneven. Once out the other side you can walk around more trail above ground before going back down and through to the parking area.
Hiked on Thursday 9/6/18.

I wouldn’t consider this a hike at all since it’s super short, but it was gorgeous and beautiful as hell. Definitely something to cross off the bucket list if you already haven’t. The view is amazing!

Fun short hike with beautiful views.

easy walk to see some BIG trees. arrived around 730-8am and there were only a few other people but more were coming in on the way out. get here early!!

16 days ago

short and sweet! arrived just in time to catch the sun rise which was cool but the light blocked the view of the dividing range to the left. would be a great spot for sunset. please put your rubbish in the bins!

17 days ago

We are staying at the Azalea Campground and started out with this easy trail. It’s my first time at this park and it’s absolutely majestic and wonderful. This trail is an easy introduction to the park. It’s 2 miles from the campground and it was not crowded at all. There were no buses parked when we went so maybe we just got lucky. I’m giving this a 5 Star because it’s easy, well paved, worth the hike, and leisurely.

Must see trail for NorCal.

I was mesmerized by the beauty & scenery at Indian Beach that I wanted to check out this hike the next day. Heading out to the site to hike wasn’t too bad for a holiday weekend. I traveled late afternoon to beat any crowds- which seemed more people were leaving after 3pm. (Due to limited parking at Indian Beach & around the park, if you want to head out earlier- I have been told to secure a parking place you will need to be there between 7-8am.) The hike was a bit steeper in some spots than I thought. So, if you aren’t used to steep hikes- take your time. The path is a bit narrow too & didn’t seem long from parking lot to the beach. There is plenty of area to walk or run at the beach & fun for all to camp/picnic once you arrive. Close to high tide, it’s enjoyable to watch the waves crash into the rocks. Beautiful picture opportunities there.

I wouldn’t really consider this a hike because you are just walking down the hill to the edge to go see Horseshoe Bend. The views are what make this trail amazing. I would go early or late to avoid crowds.

We loved visiting the light house and made it just in time for a tour at the end of low tide. The volunteers who work the shop are very firm on tide schedule and will ensure all visitors are off the island the moment the tide starts coming in.
Met some really incredible locals who said visiting even when the shop is closed to see the buoy tree in memory of crescent city individuals who have been lost at sea is a common practice.

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