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6 hours ago

Definitely recommend this trail. Easy hike up and down. I did this hike on 1/21/2019. Wear shoes that can get muddy. Wide and clear trail to follow. Sign your name at the top. There's an arrow at the top that points to an Overlook. That is only about 50 yards away. There are a few benches at the Overlook to just sit and relax. Hike is mostly shaded and the view at the top isn't an Overlook. Mostly tall trees at the top.

There isn’t much to add that others mention here. This hike will humble you and then reward you with spectacular views!

Even with govt shutdown, all was well! Just had to park a little further away, and add around one mile round trip to hike via a path, and closed road to trail head.

Trail was beautiful most of the way up with incredible views all around. First 1.5 miles were the toughest, but were not horrible. They were calling for 85mph wind gusts, but I never felt unsafe! Almost reconsidered this hike based on other reviews, but it’s very fair, and moderately challenging. I never ever felt unsafe, or like my life was in danger in any way. I would take much less experienced hikers on this trail and not be concerned at all. I could see where one small part had remnants of snow/ice but was easily passable. Top was freezing and windy, wish I had gloves, exposed skin got super cold. Still stayed to have a bite and take in the breath taking views. Be smart, know your limits, and go enjoy the beauty out there!

Parts of the trail had some loose rock, and had some rocky technical sections, but overall, a great trail. The wind gusts on the way down were worse than at the top, a few were kind of scary, but mostly just cold! Only saying that so you may know what to expect, and not go based on other reviews!

Definitely recommend this trail. Easy hike up and down. I did this hike on 1/21/2019. Wear shoes that can get muddy. Wide and clear trail to follow. Sign your name at the top. There's an arrow at the top that points to an Overlook. That is only about 50 yards away. There are a benches at the Overlook to just sit and relax. There are tall trees at the top. So, you won't actually see how high up you are from the top.

This trail is exactly as described. The first 1.5-2 miles captures 2/3 of the elevation change. The most challenging part was actually at the top though. The last climb to the summit was daunting after the rest of the hike, but the views were totally worth it.

A steep climb, but not that difficult. My wife did it while 5 months pregnant. Cheaha lake is a nice place during the summer with plenty of family fun in the warmer months. Everything you need there with a camp ground right across the road.

good day hike. remember to pack enough clothes with elevation change from bottom to the top the temperature and weather can change pretty quickly.

An incredible hike! Hiked to the top on 1/15 and it was perfect visibility (we got lucky). All ice and snow had melted and it was even comfortable at the summit. With the government shut down, we parked right outside of the gate, and easily hiked the extra .9 miles in. Round trip it was 6 hours, even with a solid 30 minutes at the top. Definitely worth whatever drive you need to make to get here!

Great hike ,started at the Trackrock Gap, on Sunday Jan.6th. We are a group of 6 preparing for Kill. First 1.5 miles of the hike was difficult but doable then became a regular hike. After hiking for 3.5 miles the trail was impassable with many fallen Rhododendron trees blocking the trail ,so we hiked back to the starting point.
We drove to the Brasstown Bald visitors center and hiked up to the summit .Views from the observatory tower were stunning on that clear pleasant day.

Amazing views, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! This was a game changer for me, my brothers and I completed it in 7 hours

great time . made a 15 mile loop from here

Amazing hike. Trail was very packed down and easy to follow. It gets really steep after you cross Phelps brook. The approach to the summit above tree line was very technical and needed concentration and skill. Very steep and icy at some points. Once you reach the summit the views are amazing but the wind makes it so you cant stay very long. Overall the hike was long but gradual and well worth the views.

Such an awesome hike. Did it in two days one night, but spreading it out over another night would have been nice. Started in a Thursday morning and was back Friday evening. Saw other people out but we’re alone on the peak for most of the time we were up there. Starts out forested then opens into valleys with awesome views of the surrounding mountains, then over the pass and up to an epic peak.

Such an exhilarating hike. Although government shut down is still in place we were able to access the park. We parked at the parking lot up the road from the national park HQ pinnery parking lot I believe. Its only an extra .9 miles to the trail head. Totally breath taking. Like others have said the first 1.5 miles are really tough and steep, but after that the inclines of the switch backs are quite moderate nothing too bad at all. A lot of false peaks. Winds were not too bad but there is still a bit of snow at the top. Nothing serious just take your time, and watch your feet. Completed 1/10/19 5hrs 15mins from the parking lot.

The North Rim trail was a good hike. The trail had a lot of big rocks in it. I'm glad that i was wearing my hiking boots because I could have had a few possible ankle rolls. From the cliff side I could see the forrest floor really well because it is winter time and there is no tree foliage. Unfortunatley, there was no critters for me to spy on from above.

My boys and I headed to Campbell Hill from our home just north of Columbus. The highest point in Ohio and a drive up.It's located right off route 33 south of Bellefontaine. It was pretty cold and windy. We stayed for about 10 minutes and left. If you're looking to get some highpoints in this is about as easy as it gets.

15 days ago

Arkaquah Trail or I should say "Arkaquah HELL" trail lol
I have to say we had an intense workout on this trail, but definitely a great time with my group.

We started at Trackrock Gap with a brutal and steep ascend about 1.6 miles without a flat section to rest! Some of us had to stop for a few seconds to catch our breath, while others had to relieve the pain in their legs. I personally felt like my calves were about to explode at any moment lol.

This is one of those trails that you either love it or hate it. Arkaquah is already rated as difficult and what made this hike even more intense was the fact that for the last couple of weeks the area had underwent some bad rainstorms. With that said, the soil was extremely saturated in some areas due to rain and melting ice which caused lots of trees to be down, and even worse lots of rhododendrons down and tangled on the trail. At about 2.7 miles in, we encountered a section where the majority of the side of the mountain was all washed out. No trail at all, just crazy saturated soil and fallen trees, making it very difficult to make our way through!!!!!

Luckily we had a couple of axes that we managed to use to chop some of the branches. The work was hard, and even then we were only able to clear some. Our hiking boots completely disappeared....sunken into the mud making it very hard to take another step! We went over, under, and crawled leaving us with scratches from branches and rocks. There was no way to keep pressing forward without the help of each other and giving it our all! Teamwork was present and definitely necessary. The ground was giving under us so we had to grab hands, legs, and push each other up the mountain to get back on the trail. An incredible amount of energy was burned in a 0.5 mile of madness. We had no choice but to get down and dirty if we wanted to make it to the other side.
But we all made it... and felt very proud about our accomplishments! We continued on with a rollercoaster hike ahead of us, over the crest of the mountains. There were a few steep and steady sections, but nothing compared to what we had come out of. Despite the difficulties this hike threw at us, we really enjoyed this hike!

Finally, some of our peeps reached Brasstown bald parking lot around 3:30pm, while the rest of the group arrived around 4:30pm more or less. All our efforts and hard work was paid in full after seeing the amazing views from the summit of Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.

We were supposed to hike in and out with a total of 11 miles, but because of the crazy condition of the mountain it consumed more of our time than we wanted. We were just one hour from sunset, and for safety reasons, we were unable to hike back. None the less, it would have been a very crazy and suicidal decision to hike back lol.

That left us time to check out the petroglyph at the beginning of the trail, and with no more time wasted, we headed to the nearest restaurant for a cold beer and a warm meal.
Amazing Hike.
Proud of all my peeps.
The Hiking Buddy group (look up for us on Facebook :)

A great trail, up to the saddle - at which point it becomes a search for the correct route. Be prepared for a couple of false summits and a glorious view from the top. If you hit it early enough in the summer (4 am), you'll have the whole mountain to yourself on the ascent. Round trip can be run with a bit of effort in under 3 hours, but it's nice to give yourself enough time to enjoy the views and allow for at least 5.

Great day to do the hike, especially since the state park was closed so not may tourists around. Total mileage was 12.2.

One of the best hikes of my life. Loved the wild pony’s!

Hiked the trail round trip in about 7 hours. Beautiful trail and amazing view at the top! 95% of the trail is uphill, so bring plenty of water and be prepared for quite a workout.

17 days ago

Love this trail when its clear but as Merrill mentioned below there is a ton of deadfall, mostly rhododendron, down on the trail right now. Also a huge section of side slope washed down the hillside where a couple of large trees came down. This was right on a steep switchback too and the whole area gave way. It's a hand-to-foot scramble in wet mud to get up to where the trail is and very steep. Not really safe right now, especially in that area. We trudged through to the parking lot at the top but got a ride back to Trackrock Gap.

Fun hike with beautiful views!

Pretty neat trail for all ages. It was pretty wet the day we went so hiking boots were nice to have keeping feet dry.
Met some interesting people while there. Probably would be better to see in the spring or fall. Very thankful to the private landowners who make this high point available to the public.

Great, tough hike! I would also recommend microspikes as the snow/ice is now hard packed in areas. Probably for about a mile. I did it in trailrunners and managed, but luckily I had trekking poles. Take it slow, and you’ll be fine. Cheers.

Woke up at 4 and hiked to see the sunrise. Stunning photos. Lovely experience.

1 star for today’s hike but five stars in general. Will be back.

Attempted this hike today (01/03/19) during the government shutdown :( I’ve done 39 state high points, hiked in the Whites in NH, and done high elevation stuff in UT and NM... this was by far the scariest, most intense hike I’ve ever done. Please be careful if attempting this in inclement weather or wind!! Turned back 1/2 mile from the summit.

The park had been experiencing a crazy weather system the last couple days that made it unseasonably cold (like daytime temps in the teens). Today was the first day of reasonable weather (forecast for visitor center around 45 with winds 10-20 mph) so we went for it. Got first start on the trail and any previous snow tracks disappeared above 6500 feet.

The trail was full of ice with plenty of exposed sections. Wind chill to the teens to twenties. Gusts of wind to 40-50 mph gave the drop off sections (up to 800 feet) the potential for deadly consequences. We had to crouch to stay planted several times. Even with micro spikes I feared I’d be blown off the mountain in certain parts. The wind never abated no matter how many times we turned a corner onto a new face of the mountain.

Hiked down and saw plenty of people attempting in jeans, sweatshirt, and worn out Nikes. I have no idea how they made it that far. If they reached the summit, good on them lol.

Beautiful scenery with amazing views of the desert floor. I’ll be back in the summer to bag this thing. Knowing my luck with Texas weather, it will probably be hurricaning

19 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences! Love the hike. Very hard as I was not in such good shape.
I loved the 360 degree views this place has to offer. It was cold in the morning and evening... but as we got to the top the sun shined on us and kept us warm... Not to mention the activity.
Highly recommended to train prior as much as possible and be prepared for the high elevation effect!

Gorgeous hike. If you are going soonish I would take some microspikes as there are icy areas starting at roughly 7000 ft. The ice isn’t everywhere so crampons would be overkill and not recommended. The summit could use a new log book in case anyone wants to take the initiative! I posted a photo of the current, overloaded one.

Good to do to claim the rights of having been to Louisiana's high point. Actually not a bad little trail.

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