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Great way to get away from the crowds...the area between the stops were almost desolate...amazing amazing views.

We went up to Nevada falls via the Mist Trail and then looped back down the John Muir switchbacks. If you like to hike you must do this - it’s beautiful and rewarding. I love this hike. We went when the falls were just thundering and we were soaked so be prepared for that possibility depending on how Vernal falls is running. If you’re in Yosemite and have not done this hike just do it you will not regret it! Spectacular views.

Really fast if you know what you are doing.

10 days ago

Very popular. Beautiful but lots of people.

10 days ago

Great walk. Somehow in hilly SF, there are a lot of flat nature hikes and walks. This one has more incline which is nice. I suggest walking there and back rather than walking the loop so you can enjoy the coastal breathtaking views instead of the road. We decided to not turnaround or take the loop and instead we kept walking to Baker Beach, then through the Presidio and finally into the Marina for lunch. It took about 2 hours 15 mins or 7 miles and my Fitbit recorded I burned 780 calories!

It was a blast and we were exhausted after, but I couldn’t believe all the fantastic views we had! After, we Lyfted back to our car, but we could have Scooted or Jump Biked because the ride was through the Presidio and neighborhood streets. Excellent trek!

This trail is definatley worth the hike! Our initial plan was to hike down to Cedar Ridge but after the 6 inches of snow that the Canyon received we weren't able to start our hike until later and the snow was rather loose on the steep trail. The hike to this was just beautiful! I'd do it again in a heart beat!

12 days ago

Beautiful views of ocean and bridge and lots of fun landmarks to see. We did this hike as the loop, part of which is the road, and if we did it again, would stick to an out and back on the coastal trail- this is where the best views were and felt more like a hike (vs. a walk along the road). Detour to labyrinth/beach was worth the stairs!

JM trail was closed so we couldn't do the loop in mid october. Ended up doing out and back on the mist, still a great hike. Definitely one of the more popular trails in the valley, so be prepared for lots of traffic on trail.

We did this hike in mid-December. While cold on the valley floor, we quickly warmed up with both the elevation gain and increased exposure to the sun. Really busy at the base of the hike but thins out as different path options are made available. Beautiful views of the valley and two legendary waterfalls. Great places to stop for lunch or enjoy a beer. Easy to follow, although we weren't able to do the full loop due to trail closures from rockfall risk.

Challenging hike but the views are worth it. I'd definitely like to check it out in the Spring. Trail got pretty busy on the way down so start early.

El viaje fue muy increíble y este lugar es encantador, el blanco de la sal es tan bonito, es un buen lugar para fotos, lo recomiendo mucho.

Must do in San Francisco. Lands End is a unique stand out among the stunning west coast (obviously there are plenty of other amazing spots as well) that’s incredibly accessible.

17 days ago

Great place for great views. Friendly for hitting, jogging. Easy “hike” for most kids, but there are some steps that need to be navigated so some could struggle a bit.

Awesome trail that is almost completely uphill out and downhill back. This is a do not miss hike when in Yosemite. The views get better and better as you go. Completed it over New Years so it was a little icy on the stairs by the top of the falls but there is a little side route to avoid the ice if you need.

beautiful fall. very short and worth doing with kids

20 days ago

Great place to go!

The views! Wow! Definitely a good workout going up about 700 ft. bring water and much caution with little ones as the path is on a cliff the whole way to Ooh Ahh Point and further down. All worth the sweat and thin air lol!!

STUNNING! Wonderful views along the trail. Mesmerizing to look into the canyon. Strenuous going back uphill so take it easy

Great feeling

Completed on 12/26. Very busy, but a great experience. Take your time coming back up, and watch for the poop!

Hiked in April 2018. If you are in DVNP then you have to visit Badwater Basin - the lowest point in the US. The walk is easy and flat - the adventure for us were the winds - winds that held us up as we leaned in and made visiting the pit toilets an adventure.

22 days ago

Love this app! Makes hiking easy and fun!

This was our 2nd attempt of the day to hike below the rim (Bright Angel was too icy) so we only made it to Ooh Aah Point. Definitely a must do at the Grand Canyon - next time maybe we will make it a little further.

After watching people recklessly running down Bright Angel the day before, I wondered how comfortable I would be going down this trail with my kids. Despite starting out with quite a few switchbacks, the trail is wide and easily traversed. I have a fear of heights, but I never panicked on this trail. It's short, so it wasn't too taxing for my 8 and 10 year old kids. I would have loved to keep going on this trail, but that would have meant more staircases for the kids going back up. Great first-time way to dip your toes in the canyon.

Great experience! The salt flats were incredible and there was great light for photos

Hard not to give every hike in Yosemite 5 stars, this is a super easy short hike but great to see lower Yosemite falls, we did this back in October so the falls were just a trickle but beautiful regardless

28 days ago

Parts of the Mist trail are closed, detouring you to John Muir trail. It makes it longer by ~2.5 but completely with it. Great views of upper Yosemite Falls as you hike up John Muir trail

29 days ago

Make sure you rock scramble to the left of the Falls. There you can get away from some the crowds as well as see the Yosemite waterfall pool at the bottom. It’s a perfect snack or picnic stop with the mist hitting you.

We didn't park at the correct trail head so we added an extra mile but besides that, the trail is paved and very beautiful. It just rained this morning (dec 18th) so the flow was strong!

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