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19 hours ago

We really enjoyed hiking this trail. The trail is in great shape and is easy to follow. We saw harbor seals and sea otters. We enjoyed the amazing ocean views as well as the sections through the woods. Fabulous weather and the trail wasn't too crowded.

If you have no way to get to Glacier Point to start the Panorama Trail, you can start from the "4 Mile Trail" but beware of the steep uphill dizzying switchbacks and the kids who like to run down the switch backs! Once you get to the top, you can rest at Glacier Point then take the Panorama Trail down hill for the most part. There's only a short section where you climb then it's downhill again. Take the John Muir Trail (behind Nevada Falls) even though sections of it are paved (or used to be paved) it's much easier on downhill knees than the Mist Trail (Vernal Falls).

1 day ago

Not really a hike but you can get up and down in about 5 minutes. It’s has great views though.

Very easy walk that you have to do if you are in Death Valley. Lowest point in US!

Nice little walk with a decent view, but not much of a hike.

Parking lot was not super large, recommend getting there early. This was almost more of a scenic lookout than a hike. Took about 10 minutes to walk down and 10 to walk back. Lots of bathrooms which were pretty well maintained. Great stop during our long day drive.

Super easy trail.

5 days ago

Very easy! If you do the whole 5.4 miles that is on All Trails, you will go from Manther Point to Bright Angel Trailhead, and back. It is paved the whole way, obviously snowy and icy right now. Perfect way to get some miles in, see some views, and not work too terribly hard!

Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

8 days ago

Completed in January when trail was icy and without spikes. Very sketchy but I finished it..... sliding on my butt on a couple occasions. So worth it though! Views were aaamazing! #whyihike

8 days ago

Completed in January when trail was icy and without spikes. Very sketchy but I finished it..... sliding on my butt on a couple occasions. So worth it though! Views were aaamazing!

The guides kinda just rush you through. The canyon is gorgeous but I didn't get to really take it in.

1/10/17 great scenary for sunset. quick and easy. parking can be limited. would recommend due to ice on other trails at Zion.

First time to the Grand Canyon and the views were gorgeous! Definitely would recommend microspikes for the trail right now, as it was pretty packed with snow. Took about 3hrs round trip for me to get to the three mile house and back. Stopped quite a few times on the way back up to rest + enjoy the views.

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

Did on Jan 3, 2019. One of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful, out-of-this-world hikes! Especially in winter with the snow dusting the rocks. Parked at the lot near sunrise point. Started at sunrise point, went down queens garden trail, continued onto Navajo loop (Wall Street portion was closed but took the other leg to get to sunset point, then walked along rim trail to get back to sunrise point. Did the hike in hiking boots— was a little icy/slippery especially at the tops of the trail near sunrise point and particularly sunset point, but hiking boot were fine. Wouldn’t really recommend doing it in street shoes during winter when it’s icy— lots of people slipping especially trying to go down the trail from sunset point (more heavily trafficked in that area so the ice was slicker)

Definitely a great trail, went down queens garden to Navajo (also did the peakaboo loop) and we wore traction going up Navajo because of the ice. The hike was gorgeous and highly recommended, but I was glad we asked the ranger who recommended going up Navajo instead of down this time of year.

11 days ago

Highly recommend for all; families and hikers. Great experience!!! Good choice if you don’t want to do a long hike or if weather changes your plans. This is perfect for a long walk, there are also shuttles that pick you up at various places. There are a dozen spots to take pictures of the Grand Canyon. Also, there are gift shops, a geology museum and bathrooms along the rim.

You also have the opportunity to learn some geology and walk the geologic time scale.

Short but keep ur heart rate up!!!

Great way to get away from the crowds...the area between the stops were almost desolate...amazing amazing views.

14 days ago

Really nice hike. Roads were closed due to snow when we visited so took the long way, but was worth it because of all the Mule deer that crossed the trail in front of us. Not recommended on a cloudy day, because then there is no view from the top.

17 days ago

Fun for all ages and definitely a must for first timers! Visitor centers, information points, museums, souvenir shops and a paved trail is the perfect way to enjoy the canyon without actually hiking it!

We parked near the visitor center and walked but there’s shuttles everywhere so it’s easily accessible for everyone!

17 days ago

Very nice out-and -back trail. Maybe moderate instead of easy. I only dock it a star in comparison to more challenging and more stunning hikes in the park. But very nice views and the Tower Bridge formation is a nice reward. Not heavy traffic. When I did it, some walking on snow and one sunny section very muddy.

We did this trail yesterday. A group on their way up said it took them 5 hours to do, which was a little daunting to us at first. The descent down was a breeze. It's quite snowy, and given the snow storm that just came through today, cramp ons were/are highly advised for this. We are mountain hikers, so hiking the descent first was very abnormal to us. It was such a cool experience. The hike back up was incredibly challenging, but it was worth it!

I hiked Bryce Canyon National Park in early October. Weather and temps were perfect hiking weather. We hiked down the Wall Street section and hiked back up the Navajo Trail. I did that loop as one hike. (If I had to pick, the Wall Street section is slightly better than Navajo Trail). I'd have to say that hike is probably the best and most scenic hike that I have done anywhere in the U.S. I thought it was better than any of the trails that we did in Zion. The scenery is incredible, and the rock structure and formations are so unique to any other trails I have done. The trails are a bit steep, but they aren't too bad if you are younger or in decent shape. I would rate the trails as Moderate. We also did a separate hike down to the Queens Garden section, and then hiked back up the same trail. The Queens Garden was neat to see, but was nothing like the Wall Street and Navajo Loop Trail section. I would suggest the Wall Street and Navajo Loop Trail as the loop trail to do at Bryce. As a side note, Bryce Point is worth a stop to see as well- great overlook. It overlooks the whole ampitheater area. If you are looking at the different Utah parks or considering which ones to see, Bryce N.P. is a must stop on your trip. It is so unique and totally different from Zion. You can see and hike the best trails in 1-2 days in Bryce was enough for our group.

19 days ago

Very easy. We went right before sunrise. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend during sunrise.

Breathtaking views!

19 days ago

We did this on our last morning before leaving. It is an easy hike with great views. My only complaint is it is suuuuuper crowded which isn’t too surprising as it looks the most accessible for anyone and any skill level. But still, it was a nice way to view the canyon one last time.

Extremely easy trail, pretty flat, you can wear flip flops even (I did). The view is outstanding once you get there, you’ll definitely wanna bring your camera! But beware the vertigo

20 days ago

Beautiful views; lots of people.

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