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8/12/2018 (Sunday) -- Flat easy loop with awesome lake view around wetland and "Kite Hill" for 1 to 1.5 hours in a dry, warm, cloudy day. Very pleasant.

well maintained trail. no views in summer. could be very pretty in the fall, lots of deciduous trees. did not see anyone else on trail.

Terrible trail. Stay on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.


I like to walk dogs here, and it is pleasant place to walk and converse with a friend. Each quadrant has a separate feel to it, and I like them all.

2 months ago

Last weekend my golden retriever pup and I enjoyed this trail.

2 months ago

nice trail but can be lost in there without a GPS.

Decent trail, started out really easy and then there is a little uphill. Overall good trail though not too much to see except trees. Near the trailhead there is a tree house which is a surprise to see. There is no signage except the king county fitness challenge trail signs which was helpful to follow. Also note that there is barely any parking space at the trailhead, maybe space for 3 cars max.

Not especially nice but very quiet and easy on the old dogs

The hike itself is ok, but as others have mentioned, the “view” is underwhelming and does not make for much of a destination. Opt for the Big Tree Ridge Trail instead if you want a truly stunning view from Cougar Mountain. Also, the only moderate section of this trail is the somewhat steep decline to the so called lookout. This can easily be bypassed by continuing down the main trail and then traversing .1 mile to the lookout. Traverse back and finish the loop.

mountain biking
4 months ago

I Ride the Kirkland Corridor Almost Everyday on my Mountain Bike and It Never Gets Old. Weather it’s a Sunny Day or a Rainy one, the trail gives you great Kirkland Water Front Views surrounded by prime Kirkland Real Estate. Million dollar homes, I use Zillow app to check market values along this trail. Plenty of wooded area spots to adventure off too as well. My buddy and I always take breaks to smoke a toke off the trail. But be careful where you wonder off too, the other day a huge owl flew over so silently and snatch my buddy’s hat. They are very territorial creatures but I’m pretty sure that was a very rare incident. My favorite part of the trail though I would have to say is where the City has built a public park right through the Google Campus. I always make a stop to shoot some hoops there and get a drink out the water fountain. Excellent ride! I recommend it for everybody!!

This is a nice easy trail. It's in good shape, too, though a little muddy in spots. My wife and I walked it with our 6 month old puppy. It was her first time in the woods. She loved it. We ran into one other couple with their dogs. Not much in the way of views except for the woods. This was our first time using the app on my iPhone, too. It was really handy to be able to view our progress on the route.

I've hiked this many times. love the challenge and the ability to do the connecting trails. I also like the diversity of users, horse riders, bikers, dog walkers, hikers w/wo kids etc.
My husband and I have often hiked it twice in one weekend because it is so convenient to get to and is not crowded.

We had a great time and plan to come back. The trail has great views and a brewery stop, but doesn't offer much of an elevation change. Great easy family trail for a weekend stroll.

6 months ago

Nice view but small view point and trees block view little

I couldn't neccessarily find the De Leo Wall trail because tho it was marked on the map, there was no "you are here" point. Also, none of the trails were marked De Leo Wall.
However, this was a fun little hub of interconnected trails.

8 months ago

Went over the summer, and the hike was eclipsed by how buggy it was. Very pretty, though.

Nice walk in the fall, even after rain. The road is still not that wet. One thing to remember is the viewpoint is nothing but a small platform with little view to Renton direction thru trees. And if you continue after the view point, make sure you do not turn right into a way to local community. Always check GPS for right turns.

The Tolt is a family favorite, primarily due to its convenience, but has been fabulous for everything from the daily dog walk to trail/marathon/ultra training due to its ever-changing grade, combination of grass/gravel/dirt terrain, low interruption from cross-roads and scenic views.

10 months ago

There were others on the trail, but it didn't feel busy. Even though it is close to neighborhoods, it feels remote.

great little quick woodsy urban hike. Beautiful old growth and almost always alone. Can squeeze 3 miles out of it with additional side excursions. Very well maintained. Woodinville nugget.

Did the main loop and then went down the south path that continues on to a less maintained trail. Ends up at a power line overlooking a steep cliff with a great view of Duval and the valley. We headed back along the power line trail then connected back to the second loop and returned to the regular path. Nice and easy.

The trail travels through nice area but it is very much up hill and down hill. There are gates at the bottom of each hill so you can't ride for very long without having to stop and go through a gate. I won't ride it again!!!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Great lake

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A bit shorter and not much elevation. I would consider it a easy hike. A few pretty views but not breath taking. Geocaching treasure hidden ☺️ bring a little nic nac to leave behind if you find it!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

This is one of my favorite trails for minimalist running. Beautifully secluded away from the big cities allowing for a peaceful time to relax. It's a little treacherous (sharp rocks) at the start but that's OK for me because it gives me an opportunity to hone in on my technical trail running skills.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The view from De Leo Wall is underwhelming. But the journey itself is quite pleasant.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July 2017 - Decent, accessible and flat trail that cuts through various neighborhoods of Kirkland. We started at the South Kirkland Park n Ride at the bottom end of the trail and walked to the 3.5 mile mark at corner of Crestwoods Park, then back for total of 7.0 miles RT.

There's a fair amount of traffic in form of walkers, bikers, runners. Wide enough though that you don't need to stop to let others by. Terrain is packed gravel and dirt, so it gets a little dusty in dry conditions. Also, not a lot of cover or shade so I was grateful to have a hat.

Passes behind some fancy residential areas with enviable views of Lake Washington and Seattle, pleasant woodsy areas, and light industrial. The trail goes straight through the immaculately landscaped Google campus and the public playground they built on it. There is also a local brewery right next to the trail, Chainline Brewing.

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