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on Copperas Falls

1 day ago

I would recommend this hike. This trail is not marked, so we did have a little trouble finding it. The start of the trail is right at the bridge by the canoe launch area. You cross the creek several times and you have to go over multiple fallen trees. The falls are like a hidden treasure & the hike there is pretty cool too.

Loved it. Easy hike, we had to cross the creek about 5 times so plan for possible wet shoes if it’s rained in the last day or two, which is what we lucked into. This is a hidden gem! Didn’t pass anyone on this one, totally off the radar. Been to the Gorge 4 times now and just found this trail. One of our favorites in the area. Make time for this one if there’s been any rain.

This place is beautiful! I will definitely be back! The walk down was very easy! The out a little bit more as all down/ups can be. So worth the hike! It was very crowded being the height of fall foliage. The water was surprisingly not as cold as expected! Oddly, most folks including my electrical devices froze and lost power trying to take pictures of Rock Bridge?!? Can not wait to go back in warm weather! Kids are welcome if you must... I love meeting the fur babies along the way(psst bring the doggies they’ll love it!)

This is an amazing hike! Do not let the easy start fool you! There is stairs, sketchy half spiral boxy? Stairs. Steep footings down, coming back up I definitely felt more secure! I’m 46 in moderate shape I found it mildly challenging. Other hikers brought children, personally I wouldn’t but be the judge of your children’s abilities. But I highly recommend this because the arch is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed!

7 days ago

Nice hike!

Great trip in the woods with really interesting rock features.

Fun trail. A bit muddy by the creek but the ridge was gorgeous and double arch fun to explore. We elongated the trail by hiking to star gap arch off the dirt road

There is an easy way and a hard way. To take the easier path, you drive around the loop in the parking area to the back side. There are 2 entrances to this trail and the one in the back was WAY easier for my parents, ages 66 and 68. We brought our 3 kids. Ages 2, 7, and 10 they did great. Waterfall is fantastic. Definitely worth the hike. The water was a bit low, which was awesome because we were able to climb down and walk around in it.

Awesome, good climb.

nice views casual hike

Great hike to a gorgeous little waterfall. I’d rate it somewhere between easy and moderate. Will definitely go again!

Challenging trail
Use Caution
Lots of cliffs and majestic views of this beautiful land God created-Love it and Protect it
5.6 mike hike while carrying heavy backpack w 100lb dog....my favorite hiking bud

Fairly well-marked trail (red blaze) with good parking. It was muddy at times but all of the recent rain meant the falls were running nicely. In order to find the falls in the pictures you can either turn right and leave the main trail at the wooden bridge or you can follow the main trail up the hill after the bridge and scuttle down it when it opens up shortly after. There are also a nice meadow and a quiet wooded area with picnic tables.

best kept secret in the bluegrass

28 days ago

Nice place to hike with a decent amount of parking. The bridge over the creek could use some maintenance because one hand rail was broke and the bridge itself was not level. The trail could use some better signage too and I was unable to locate a waterfall on the main trail. I’m guessing you have to follow the creek down stream to find it

One of my favorite trails all year round! It’s great to get an understanding of the red river gorge’s varying landscape, seeing both high elevation points at double arch and auxier ridge, and low elevation points along the trail. It’s great for dogs too, but bring plenty of water for them during the summer as the ridge can get really hot and you will need some extra water to cool your furfriends down. This is also a great hike for those who enjoy KY native vegetation and seeing all the different types of trees/bushes that cover this land.

The many chest and waist high downed trees on the path made it hard to travel for me and my dog (who I keep on leash the whole time) to travel. It also appeared to have no recent T
travers because the amount of spiders and webs over the trail were excessive. I ended up turning around before the loop because a combination of the downed trees and spiders. spiders everywhere... in my hair, down my shirt, and between the lens of my glasses & my eye was when I gave up. Maybe I would try again in late fall/winter if the path was cleared.

1 month ago

The trail is great, but O-my, the people here at Bernheim are absolutely wonderful.

Awesome trail. Very beautiful scenery. Lots of wildlife. An outstanding 1 hour hike

Great less-populated trail if you’re looking for a nice hike but don’t need to see spectacular views. We got lost at one point so keep an eye out for the trail marker diamonds. If you don’t see any for awhile, you’re off the trail even if you’re on what looks like a trail.

Talk about a hidden gem. Hidden being the accurate word, gem being less so. This trail is easy to find, but not often sought as we seemed to be the only ones who had used it in a while. It was sometimes little more than a wildlife path with a few downed trees creating opportunities for creative navigation. Trust Dann, don’t start on this trail without a many branched tree limb in hand to banish spiderwebs from the path. Glad we did it, not sure it’ll be a repeat.

1 month ago

Not exactly picturesque, but a nice easy trail. Some spots trees falling made it a little easy to lose the path, but nothing alarming.

Awesome trail. The falls were beautiful. I met some very nice people.

Fun. Good family hike trail.

This was our first visit. We didn't locate the falls found in the photos; however, we did see a rapidly flowing creek and beautiful forest. Our 7 year old did just fine on the trail. It was pretty muddy and there was a few areas where we had to use caution; but, it was a very nice hike. Lots of butterflies. We will go back.

Our hike ended up being about 8.5 miles. We did Auxier Trail to Courthouse Rock to Double Arch and took the gravel road back to the parking lot.

Absolutely beautiful!!! Went w my grown kids and we all loved it

Fun family backpacking trip up to views of The Red and all the way down into its valleys to enjoy all aspects of one of Kentucky's greatest treasures. It was so peaceful to camp in the valley next to a bubbling creek that flowed by. Rejuvenating!

My group of lady friends loved this trail! Beautiful forest views, lovely rock bridge with pool of water. Feels almost like a fairy tale walking through this landscape. Careful towards the end to not go off trail. We did and it got kinda rough and had to turn around. Look for your markers. I would do it again and I highly recommend.

Loved this hike! We cobbled together the Sunset Point, River Styx Spring, and Green River Bluff trails to create a good loop. This trail has some good inclines and great overlooks of Sunset Point, the River Styx Spring, and the Green River. Also took a short detour to Dixon Cave. Saw a few deer as well.

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