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Three of us hiked in on the Double arch side, descended to the creek between Double arch and Courthouse rock. We found a campsite well off of the trail and stayed 2 nights, making short day hikes as we wanted - In June 2017 (=hot weather) But the creekside campsite was cool enough and the bugs were not bad.....worth it!

Started out on the trail around 825am. I chose to hike this loop the clockwise route, seemed to me, after completing this hike, that it was the best choice. The Ewing Trail makes its way up to the ridge line and crosses over into Kentucky at around 3.7 miles. This trail continues for another half mile and intersects with the Ridge Trail. Around a quarter of a mile downhill you will come to the Sand Cave Spur Trail which leads you another quarter mile downhill to the cave. The waterfall was flowing good today and the sands were cold. Yes, why walk in sand with your shoes on? After exploring the cave which I had all to myself, I continued towards White Rocks. I was very surprised that the trail was fairly level. At around 6.3 miles, I was at the junction of the short cut and then at 6.9 miles I was on top of White Rocks a little further past the first overlook area enjoying the views. On my trek down I took the short cut to complete the loop and then back down the Ewing Trail 2.5 miles back to the parking area. With minimal breaks and sock changes, I completed this hike in 4 hours and 45 minutes, logging 9.9 miles.

Great evening loop very easy to jog or hike

Beautiful walk with a blooming green spring and gushing waters thru the creek beds - April 2018

3 days ago

A beautiful hike with gorgeous rock faces. The closer you get to the falls, the less apparent the trail becomes. Just follow the creek, the reward is worth it.

The caves with the waterfall and white pebbles in the steam made the hike unique. Its worth the extra hike to the white rocks.

Great hike! great view from White Rock, Sand Cave is amazing too

Definitely not a hike for a quitter but totally worth the effort!

I loved it! Went with family on this one. This was my third hike with my son. We were exhausted at the end but it was beautiful. A LOT of inclines and declines throughout. It’s tough but beautiful!

11 days ago

After my first trip here I was disappointed because it had rained a lot recently so it was very wet and I was hesitant to venture down to the creek and see the waterfalls. but after today I loved this place. Hiked along the creek starting right at the bridge and made it to the main waterfall which was unbelievable. The decline to the bottom was definitely dangerous and very steep. my dog made the trek with me and required to be picked up and helped out a few times. But the view and spectacle of the giant waterfall and hiking up to the cave was definitely worth it all.

17 days ago

Beautiful, but keep kids away from top of the falls. Best views in Winter

21 days ago

Fun trail with lots of creek crossings. Can be hard to follow with lots of down trees blocking the path. The view is worth the effort. Just follow the creek.

To all commentaries if you don’t like the trails due to horse use then do not use trails where horses are allowed. Unfortunately there are a few elements that leave messes but they are not always horse people. My wife and I usually pack out garbage that others have left... including garbage from hikers.

It was stupid of me to make this my first hiking trip. I convinced a bunch of my friends to come backcountry camping. Out of everyone in the group, I was the novice. I brought too much unnecessary stuff, and was woefully out of shape. Incline all the way up, and had to abandon some of my gear and water. The ordeal was excruciating. I fell plenty of times. But the forest, wildlife, and silence was some of the most beautiful moments I've experience in my life. Having the refreshing water of sand cave wash over me was worth the pounds of muds I tracked on the way up. We camped for a couple days. Best couple of days of my life. We burned the fat off our souls

as we went up it got foggy enjoy the trail hope to go back on a clear day

This was our first ever backpacking trip. My wife, myself, and our friend. The payoffs on this trail are pretty great. Fern covered forest for backcountry camping, sand cave, and the views from White Rocks are all winners. For the difficulty? Not too bad. Is it all uphill from the trailhead to White Rocks? Pretty much, and given this was our first ever venture to the backcountry we took it pretty slow. It is however only 3 miles of uphill. So given the short distance it is very doable, even with a pack filled with a ton of stuff we didn't use or need (like I said, this was our first ever trip - rookie mistakes...haha). Go do the trail, spend some time in the cave, and enjoy breakfast up on White Rocks, you won't be disappointed. A great trip to introduce us to the world of backcountry hiking and camping!

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Once you get to the bridge, you can go up for a easier field hike, or go down and hike the creek bottom. The perfect go-to for a couple hours of peace.

1 month ago

Trail is definitely rough, but views are worth the steep inclines and declines. Trails are very well marked which is a great plus. Almost impossible to get lost out there, especially if you have a paper map of the whole park with trails marked.

The water levels were higher than normal, so the falls were amazing, especially making the scramble to the bottom of the falls for the best view. Was definitely slick and a technical ascent/descent.

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in red river. Has all you want, climbing, waterfalls, and you see some arches

Really perfect hike — we did it backwards, starting towards double arch, and it couldn’t have been better.


very pretty trail

Close enough to Lexington to get hiking in, see waterfalls and explore. The trail to lower waterfalls near river could be marked better.

very nice trail. I went 2/26/18 after a few weeks of heavy rains. I wasn't able to make it down to the big falls because of the volume of water flowing down the creek. it was much more of a rushing river than a dry creek bed today, but it made for great pictures and scenery. I would rate the majority of the trail easy, but the part that followed the stream was more difficult, especially with the high water levels today.

Wow! What a great day! Beautiful lush scenery, and a gorgeous waterfall. Very little elevation change, and mostly easy terrain. Most of the state is under flood warnings right now, so there were some muddy scrambles, and the water level was high at creek crossings, but the trade off was the falls roaring and impressive. As others have said the trail is not marked. But don't let that deter you - you basically follow the creek out and back. There is no way to get lost. You will cross the creek many times (for us 11-12 each way), and pick up the trail on the other side. With all this rain, we were knee deep (that's probably not typical), but definitely keep that in mind when choosing footwear. Our crew included dogs, kids, babies, a couple babies still in bellies, and a guy fresh off of knee surgery -- and it was very manageable. About 3 hours with lots of stops for photo oops.

Not terrible. I hiked it in the rain and the horses have beat it down pretty well. There are some decent views of the lake but it is mostly just a stroll through the woods. It’s long but there are no big hills. Expect mediocre views of the lake and no technical climbing or heart pumping hills.

1 month ago

Great hike and stunning views.

2 months ago

I hiked the trail clockwise in December. I started at 10am and finished just at 1630 when the ranger was closing the gate. I brought my hiking backpack, and a couple liters of water. I had to run at times when the trail was flat, to make sure I maintained my pace to be done by 1630. The trail was in good shape, there are some decent views. Nothing spectacular. It is definitely one of the harder trails in the area and requires that you are physically fit.

2 months ago

Great trail definitely lives up to it’s name but definitely worth all that work you’ll put in to see it

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