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Have been to this secluded jewel of a location in the Hoosier National inumerable times. Whether camping or a daytrip I absolutely reccomend this beautiful unique trail to anyone in the area or afar. The far side of the trail conceals an astounding giant cave formation halfway up the cliffs. Love it.

Great workout. Started at 6:30 and got to see great view of sunrise. Very few people on the trail that early. Great 60 min morning hike

Extreme workout. Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

Love the incline! Great leg workout!

Rough going at first but worth it

Its an amazing view.
Everyone is so friendly and encouraging.
Going to try to make this a weekly event for my family.

Loved this hike! It was kid friendly but challenged them on some of the off shoots of the trails to climb rocks and explore. We spent about 2 hours getting lost in all the different areas we could safely climb! Loved the views and waterfalls!

12 days ago

Nice little trail. Very windy with moderate elevation changes. Hikers do not believe the title at the park, it is NOT difficult. What makes it difficult is that this is shared with bikers and very few follow the one way/yielding rules. All traffic is to go one way and bikers yield to runners and hikers but they dont. Like always, people are what is wrong with the trail. Would be a good workout for a biker with few obstacles but frequent and sudden elevation changes.

Always love coming out to Red Rocks. Perfect for the family and dogs.

great cardio workout and scenery

18 days ago

Very challenging!! Definitely should have worked out more before!! Views are beautiful but the sense of accomplishment at the top is worth the pain!

Hike these trails at least once a month when I am down near Colorado springs...lots of different loops....

22 days ago

Haven't been here in 17 years. Went up in January and it was intense with amazing views. Walk down felt like it took longer, watch out for trail runners on your way down.
Cant wait to do it in the summer.

This is a beautiful trail and an easy hike. Enjoyed the waterfalls.

It’s a must do. Was my first time today and damn what a workout

amazing. definitely a workout more than a hike

1 month ago

This is a narrow benchcut singletrack built and maintained by Hoosier Mountain Bike association. It is of 3 serious mountain bike courses in Indianapolis (besides Town Run and Southwestway). Keep this in mind as there are MANY places exclusive to foot traffic in Indianapolis. It's not that it's popular with Mountain Bikers it's one of the few places they are allowed ... and they are required to buy an additional $20 annual pass for the privelege.

There is also hiking only off-road trails in the northeast section of the park along fall creek. The trails there are wider and it's easier to negotiate passes.

A great area to explore that is close to Colo Springs. There are many trails that weave in and out of each other and many social trails as well. There is a gentle incline if you follow the trails to the south end of the park that provide some very nice views. the trails are well maintained and wide for the most park. It can get crowded so plan accordingly with regards to parking.

love the exercise you get out of it. best time is early in the morning.

1 month ago

Very challenging. Love all the work at the beginning and then the easy walk down.

I did this hike on Saturday. Being a good 30 pounds overweight it was really tough. But, I made it on guts and grittiness. It was a worthy accomplishment.

mountain biking
1 month ago

50 degree day in January made for a crowd. But this is a beautiful trail and my 4 year old did great!

Great way to see the different areas of the park. Very well marked and maintained.

completed this trail my first time. after being in Colorado for a month :)

1 month ago

great trail. easy but does have some steep inclines. very beautiful

1 month ago

Now this trail is straight up... if you have never done it before make sure to take water and don’t wear jeans. You will regret it very quick. Also be ware of the false summit. If you make it to the false summit don’t turn back because you are almost done. It’s well worth it to got to the top! I’ve done it quite a bit and I never gets boring! 26 minutes is my quickest time

Snowy Sunday morning with the wife and daag

1 month ago

Man! This one kicks your butt but has all the pay off of a great hike. Last time I hiked this was 3 years ago - the updates to the stairs is very nice and appreciated. Occasionally you will find yourself feeling like you’re climbing a ladder, but keep pushing! The accomplishment from the top; so worth it! Just take it literally one step at a time. I appreciate this hike as it draws such a wide variety of people that encourage each other on the way up. Recommend taking the Barr Trail down, but do have appropriate shoes and be aware that most people run down. Views are incredible! In my opinion, it’s worth the $5 to park near the base - plus, your parking pass gets you $1 off at the coffee shop at the base, which is a great treat afterwards!

Great trails - I love to take my dog here!

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