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Great for strollers. Beautiful and easy.

Great hike. Bummed we apparently missed the trail that breaks off for the bridge, but overall very good hike.

If your looking for a very easy, peaceful walk in the woods with minimal elevation gain then this is the trail for you. This section of the Norwalk River Valley Trail is now part of the mostly completed Wilton Loop. It's either gravel or wooden boardwalks the entire way and is ADA compliant.

You can hear the nearby roads so you never feel like you've really gotten out of town, but the trail is quiet enough. Although I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, there is also an abundance of small wildlife on my visit if birding is your thing.

1 month ago

Great hike.

some great views and terrain challenges

Easy walk with 9yr old daughter. Paved loop path. Plenty of shade.

A quintessential CT country walk. I’m so lucky to have Huntington State Park close by. It’s beautiful any time of the year.

Really well marked. Beautiful woods to walk through but not much to see other than that. Quite a peaceful walk.

Wonderful trail for an easy walk in the woods . Designed to be American with Disability Act compliant. Wide trail means that Ticks and Lyme disease are not an issue so great way to get into woods.

2 months ago

Not impressed at all. Boring. So many other beautiful places to hike/explore.

Great spot. Multiple trails to choose from ranging from easy to difficult. There is a map you can grab at the beginning if you don’t have the trail on your phone to help you with routes. Very clean. Well maintained. Started on red then to green, white, and finished with green. Great time with beautiful scenery.

I stayed to the east of Putnam Park Pond, which offered gorgeous views of the water and a paved trail (former road) for a stroll. This side has multiple picnic areas and swing sets for the kids.

2 months ago

great cardio not too hard not too easy rocky areas are not killer but definitely bring up a good sweat, excellent views very picturesque natural water flow through the mountain. recommend bug spray, very friendly people.

3 months ago

First the positives. There are some beautiful spots throughout this hike. I saw 3 different species of butterfly and all sorts of wild flowers, apple trees, and grapevine. There are places you can sit and enjoy nature's splendor. Most of the hike is clearly labeled. The negatives. Part of the hike is very rocky, trees are down and there isn't a clear path. I took my mother (who has some slight knee problems) and she had a hard time with this hike. Also unless your dog is an experienced hiker I wouldn't recommend this hike for them.

3 months ago

Nice hike, pretty clean park. Got alot of rain recently so mosquitos were out in force but will do it again. Several campsites as well. We stayed at Mootry lookout and Danbury looked pretty good from up there.

Excellent Place to Run! It’s my go to every morning. There are so many varieties of trails at this park it’s amazing. Depending on my mood I can so 3- 8 miles and elevations can be very challenging depending on which trail you take. There’s also the possibility of getting lost but just follow the color your sticking with or always have you mike tracker on with a map and you’ll know which way to go back in no time. The perk to this park are the amazing views within each trail. It’s definitely something that makes you want to run even more and lifts the spirit.

Not rigorous, but beautiful, and a great place to decompress

hiked it with my dog today awesome

3 months ago

Echoing everyone, especially Matthew’s review. I did all the trail and the loop. One of my new favorites! The trail, especially on the nature loop and carters, was only a foot wide, if that. It fits the natural contours and landscape. Beautiful!
The history made it unique.

Love this place; some steep parts but a great hike.

4 months ago

A gem

4 months ago

Nice loop/ walk.

Clean, quiet

4 months ago

A good, challenging (at times) trail. A little confusing returning to the parking lot. Perhaps more signage would help. Don't forget the bug spray.

4 months ago

One of my favorite local trails during off peek months. There is a dog park, across the path — so be aware there are a lot of roaming dogs. You can also camp here. Will be giving this a try this summer. Just for the fact it’s local — and who doesn’t want to sleep under the stars, roast marshmallows and have access to the lake all to your self for a night. 來

Good variety of trails - well maintained

5 months ago

Very unique place. After a brief walk from the trail head you reach the furnace area. You can either check it out immediately - which I did - or leave it for the end of the loop. There are signs explaining the history of the site and the iron mining operation that once existed there. The furnace is pretty impressive. After that I headed back up to the blue-blazed Donkey Trail and continued to follow it gradually uphill until I reached the yellow-blazed "nature trail" - a nice diversion with lots of beautiful mountain laurel in bloom. That eventually hooks back up with the blue trail and continues gradually uphill until you come to the first of the mine entrances, closed up. At that point you have the choice to either continue on the blue trail or take the unmarked trail that leads up into the hills - that's what I did. Eventually that too spits you back out onto the blue trail near the last of the bat cages. If you just continue around the blue loop you eventually start going downhill to Hodge Road and that leads you back to the Furnace. But if you are adventurous you can also add the 2-mile Carter Trail (red). It's worth it - a sea of ferns, lots more mountain laurel and some nice elevation rises. All told the route I took was 7.2 miles. If you like nice shady hikes with some history and natural beauty this is a good choice.

Lots of interesting history, worth seeing at least once. Definitely great for families.

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Hikes can be as long or short as you like.

Best views from Mootry Peak! Gets busy so go early in the day.

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