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hard to access, not sure you can bike here

Well worth the switchbacks and climbs to get to the summit - spectacular views. Last bit at the summit is not dog friendly, so we took turns going out on the ridge. Horse trail was a little less rocky than AT or hiking trail. We just missed a mama bear and cubs, but saw another pair about 10 minutes before the parking lot. Keep your eyes open.

3 days ago

Trails well maintained but upper trails to the view of the cliffs still closed because its private property. Fortunately I got to hike it and nice pics before it closed.

This is a perfect place to build your kids’ hike stamina. We are avid hikers and it’s important to us that our kids enjoy hiking as a family. We build our kids up to longer and more strenuous hikes over time, but generally follow the principle that kids should be able to hike 1 mile for every year of age. We just hiked this trail again today and our 23 month old hiked the entire green circuit (3.25 miles). Our kids (7, 4 & nearly 2) really enjoy this hike and it’s nice that there’s a great place to stop and play in the water and picnic lunch roughly at the halfway point. It’s also a boone that it’s not as popular as SNP hikes as far as foot traffic.

A very nice out and back trail. It is a narrow stretch of trees and stream, but the houses, which are never far away, are rarely seen. A very small stretch goes through a neighborhood on the sidewalk, but 95% of the hike is in the shade of the trees. The start/end has parking close by at Chantilly high school or the library. An alternative is to park at the other end of the out and back and do the trail that way.

Great, dog friendly hike. Two spectacular views!

Nicely marked trail for the most part. If with dog you can’t go on one of the trails but there is another next to it you can take dogs. Can’t take them to the summit, though. Although, I saw I guy walking with a pet bird! Saw a couple bears on the way down, they are out there.

6 days ago

What a hike! I had avoided doing Stony Man because it was such a short hike and wasn’t sure it was worth the drive. But this hike has a lot of bang for its buck! The Passamaquoddy Trail is right along a ridge, offers nice views through the trees, and a natural spring. The views from the various Stony Man overlooks are absolutely wonderful! The AT section of the trail is one of my favorites in SNP. This is a great loop, and you can certainly turn it into a day with a nice picnic on one of the overlooks.

Long, flat trail; mostly shaded. Trail entrance behind visitor center.

Love the rock scrambles. Easy enough for novice hikers that are relatively active, as well as our small dog. Started on the river trail which had the most of the scrambles, then to the ridge trail, then swamp. I think we were on the Difficult Run Trail as well at some point.

fantastic. so many cool things to see along the way. river is beautiful and you can swim in it. recommend water shoes

Started at the Little Stony Man parking area to the Stony Man Lookout and continued the loop via the Passamaquoddy Trail to get back to the parking lot.

Overall, nice little trail. Very rocky and uneven up to the lookout. Nice payoff view at Stony Man Lookout (there are better ones in Shenandoah NP like Old Rag) and a few other ones both before and after Stony Man. Lots of wildlife...from black bears to hundreds of millipedes. Nice scenery and not too challenging to see some nice views.

Some of the best views in VA! Short and relatively easy trail with endless viewpoints and overlooks.

Very scenic trail ! Took lots of pictures ! Will walk this trail for my fourth time on August 11, 2018!

Neat place to walk your dog. There’s a fun visitor center and historic small farms and buildings. Zolie loved the cows, pigs and turkeys :)

18 days ago

Absolutely beautiful and not too muddy after all the rain. Note, though, that the trails connect with the WB&A Trail only at the north point. The southern point is washed out.

18 days ago

This is my favorite trail in SE Virginia. Very shady and around 10 am a breeze can be found during the hottest months. It can be as hard as you want it to be. I have hiked this trail on a healing broken ankle and I have built up my trail running endurance on this trail. You can even build your hiking endurance by wearing a back pack. There are rolling hills that really work the hamstrings. There are many deer that walk throughout the woods, plenty of turtles, lake birds and I have occasionally seen a bald eagle. Although I have seen couples trying to use strollers and wagons for small children, I don't recommend it. There are many 6x6 beams that run along the inclines to prevent erosion to which these people have a difficult time. There is an area of botanical interest where many flowering plants and trees have a place. They rate this as an "easy" trail, but make no mistakes about it, there are plenty of rolling hills. This is probably the only rolling hill trail in all of south eastern Virginia. At times it can get quite busy but I have never found it to be so busy that I can't enjoy it. The people on the trail actually make it safer since the trail is 5 miles through the woods. There are portable potties but they are not always clean with tp. I know of 3 areas they can be found; 1. At the head of the trail, 2. 2.5 miles into the trail off to the left (look for a wide open area with stump in middle of trial), 3. The last one being at the end of the trail. The 5 miles takes me close to 1.5 hours to walk, less to run. This is my favorite trail in SE Virginia because of the varying terrain.

Great starter trail to get back in shape. We were under the forest canopy. Sign posted says no swimming yet it was ignored by a group of teenage girls. Quite a bit of trash washed up in the river.
Did see a Fairfax police on a motocross bike, glad to see him.
Lots of dogs that were NOT on their leash as mandated by law... explains the few dog poops we came across our hike.
the only trash can was at the parking lot.
Good thing was the map along the trails.

Did this trail last Saturday, enjoyed it! My 9y.o. son could do it too, he's not very sporty though. The views were obstructed by clouds and this was an interesting experience to walk in the clouds :) It took us 3hrs with at least 3-4 stops. We saw a timber rattle snake and were glad it was sleeping :) Definitely can recommend this trail. Amazing hike!

The most interesting run was when a beaver was swimming at the same pace as me.

1 month ago

Gorgeous views all around. Great place if you want to just go for a hike on your own or take the entire family. Two big fields for dogs to run in if you want to take your dog. There was a place where you could rent a row/paddle boat if you so wished. There were a lot of people fishing and a lot more spaces for it than were being used. Overall a very versatile location. However, if you don't like running into child day camps I wouldn't recommend doing this one while school is out.

Lake views and bridges are great. Well maintained. Occasionally crowded.

Very scenic trail. We saw a lot of wildlife. The farms aspect was also very nice. The trail is pretty well marked, but if you're doing the loop you have to know when to switch from following one trail to another. Some parts of the trail were actually maintenance roads. No complaints there, I just want others to know that they should definitely familiarize themselves with the map beforehand since you'll be between trails at some points.

1 month ago

Very nice trail! It has many bridges and overlooks of the water. It has many turtles and ducks. I would call it a nice relaxing walk or running trail perfect for couples, athletes, fishers, and family’s. It is also a very easy trail to walk with many places to sit so if you have issues walking long distance or children this is the place to go.

1 month ago

Shaded for the most part. Narrow in spots. Plenty of places to stop and watch the James go by. Mostly flat except for the stairs by the parking area. Lots to see along the way.

VOF ruined this trail. First, the closure at the top which, let’s be real, was the only worthwhile part of this trail. Otherwise it’s just a walk on the woods. It was supposed to be temporary, it has been closed for several years now and “rangers” are indicating its permanent.
Also, even if you wanted to walk the other boring trails, they now close the mountain in the winter, sometimes during the week during other seasons, and don’t post or update websites.
Please take the management of this area away from VOF!

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails along the James! Plenty of nooks along the trail to set up and swim for the day, with trees and some distance between each spot that gives a sense of privacy. The trail itself offers beautiful up-close views of the river. Definitely one of my favorite spots in Richmond.

Great trail. Flat so great for families, runs, strollers or pets. Bugs are insane though. Beautiful view of the lake. Very few tree coverage so I would save this hike for cooler days since you will break a sweat.. Bring tons of water!

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