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19 hours ago

Great hike! Strenuous but worth it for the views

7 days ago

Tough son of a B, so rewarding! Awesome cliff side views at the top of you stay to the right. Then you get a wide open field for campin out at the top (if you stay left when you get to the top you get to the wide open spots quicker.. so If you’re getting there late to set up camp.. stay left lol then check out the rock side views in the daylight) definitely would recommend trekkin poles!!

I love this trail!! It is right off of 75 and the hike burns some calories going up to the summit. Nice summit but I would recommend going early especially if it is nice outside to avoid crowds.

Beautiful hike. A little challenging but definitely worth it!

Did this trail in March 2018 and it’s a great day hike. The first 2/3 of the Trail ascends up Blood Mountain gradually with a pretty good push to the summit, then descends steeply over the finally mile and a half. The trail itself isn’t as established which gives it a very rustic adventurous feel as you hike the Blood Mountain ridge line. The second half of the hike loops back on the AT giving you a chance to run into AT through hikers. Not too difficult would definitely recommend.

Great hike! I wouldn’t rate it as difficult...amazing views!

Nice super easy hike!

15 days ago

Great hike, definitely strenuous at parts, but the views from the rocky cliff is quite spectacular! I would love to go back and camp out there - they have some great backwoods camping spots!

Love this place, easy trail and an amazing view if you make it all the way to the top!

17 days ago

As always a great Mountain to climb.

Definitely beautiful views if you have good visibility that day. Free parking with lots of available spots. Lots of room when you get to the top. Not a hard trail at all, I would classify this as easy instead of moderate. This would be a great running trail.

23 days ago

Great trail, I like to hike both sides for burning calories. The view at the top is nice. Highly used trail, you will not be alone put there.

The view is Amazing!!!

24 days ago

Initially my thoughts were bothered by how busy the trail was for an early Saturday morning but once I got going I was pleased with the challenges presented on the trail. It is rated moderate but honestly there are quite a few portions of the trail that are rather difficult. There are so many craggy rocks and tree roots throughout that without proper footwear it’ll be too hard to navigate. Enjoyed it and will do it again.

My dog, Rezin, and I hiked the loop today, and I couldn’t be happier with how awesome it was. Weather was a little cloudy so it gave some nice shade. Great water access for majority of the hike. I didn’t need to get out my dog bowl, he was sipping from small creeks and puddles pretty much every time we took a break. The view from the peak of blood Mountain is out of this world! Decent amount of people on the trail, but all friendly and majority had dogs but they were friendly as well. Great place to also camp, so I plan on doing that next time! Overall, it was an absolutely beautiful and stunning hike!

24 days ago

Went on this hike this morning with one of my friends. I am out of shape right now, but I am working on getting better. We hiked both loops and while it was a workout, it was worth it. It was busy, especially coming from the west trailhead as many people just come to do the quick hike to summit for the view. Definitely go if you are in the area.

Pleasant afternoon hike for Wife and I to Preachers Rock (approx 1 Mile to rock). Great views along they way, particularly from top of rock. Will do this one again! Moderate to Easy.

really busy trail, but we'll worth it for the views at the top

Definitely a tough challenge! Worth the experience especially at the top!

30 days ago

Definitely worth a hike, but I would rate this as a moderate trail...the incline is very gradual. Trail well defined.

Not difficult at all. We had a hiker for whom this was her first hike ever. She found this to be easy

Great view, but the East loop is better in my opinion. Very rocky/tons of roots, but not too strenuous.

Great view close to town

Was a great short hike for the family. Youngest being seven years old. Nice trail, great views and not crowded on a weekday in February.

1 month ago

good trail w/ nice view at the top. steady incline almost the entire way. not the best on blazes would be the only complaint. it was actually 4.7 miles round trip too, according to my hiking app. once you reach the peak, the best sight is to the left were a handful of trees have been cut.

Such a beautiful view at Preachers Rock! When you first come up to the trail you can go left of right... no idea where left goes, but right goes up to Preachers Rock so if that’s where you’re trying to go, take the trail to the right!

Watch out for ice and mud, but the trail is in good shape.

1 month ago

Amazing hike! It was challenging but worth the view a the top. There are bathrooms towards the top but I would not recommend using them as they are gross.

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