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on Rockaway Beach Walk

mountain biking
5 days ago

Nice dirt trail, well marked, with very few inclines. My wife and I only biked from Glenwood to Tarrytown, but I am already planning to come back to do the whole length of the trail. Yes, you do go past a lot of back yards, but you also get to ride through a lot of historic river towns along the way.

Be prepared for a really quick intense rock scramble! Starting from here will give you a serious workout before you loosen up... highly satisfying and you will meet some great through hikers. Bring some trail magic.

NOT what it looks like. you're in people's backyard most of the time. then it leads you out onto trafficked roads for the last two miles. the pictures are misleading and the dam is not where the trails end. other than that what's in actual trails are pretty nice. but if you're looking for the dam it's 4 miles after the end

Great views
Excellent trails

WONDERFUL hike, need to come back and complete, just did 4 hours round trip, nice challenge , my legs are definitely taking to me! Lol

Awesome trail. But beware, hard means hard! Not for the newbie. Hiked it when it was raining and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to be in that situation without climbing and scrambling skills. Can get very dangerous, very quick. Especially the back side of Bear Mt. And the ascent to Mt Everett is no joke! But what a great experience! Will be doing it again soon.

This section of the AT is difficult, that’s for sure. Sometimes the gradual climbs seem to go on forever. But once you reach the top(s) you’re rewarded with the most spectacular views. The northbound scramble down from Bear Mountain is also challenging. I’d definitely recommend hiking poles.

There are plenty of active water sources (at least in springtime) and the trails are nicely marked with ample signage. The campsites are nicely maintained, but prepare to share the shelters with other hikers. For me this proved to be an awesome opportunity to swap stories with experienced AT thru-hikers.

All-in-all a fantastically rewarding hike!

Great moderate hike..started from small parking lot off of route 341. Went up and over both St John's ledges and Calebs peak. Took about 4 hours with a stop for lunch on Calebs Peak...plenty of rocks to sit on and enjoy the view south of the Housatonic Valley

very nice and peaceful walk, not really hike, along the river. the river views were amazing

Loved this hike...so serene hiking along the Housatonic river. The day I was there the Falls at Bulls Bridge were frozen over with ice...gorgeous one lane covered Bridge. The hike up Ten Mile Hill was pretty easy with just enough incline to hey your heart rate up.

Nice overnight spike camp experience

6 months ago

Really nice walk... it isn't a true boardwalk as it is all concrete. It is wide and should withstand any future storm. Great beach... pretty easy to get to from the city. Good for people watching. There isn't much else along this stretch...you have to west on 116th to find any decent eats. It is an easy 10 miles and a good way to get the steps in.

Tough trail in spots - especially the climb up Mt Everett from the south. Beautiful scenery that is always changing during the hike. Sages ravine was especially beautiful.

very fine tracking course, but should think of time. it took almost 5 hours to complete in a fast pace.

One of my favorite CT spots. Relaxing hike with beautiful river views most of the way, and plenty of rocks to climb on and explore if you want to get close to the water. Especially stunning when the snow melts and the water is high...the rapids are incredible. And if you walk along the AT and stop at the trail shelters you'll meet some pretty awesome thru-hikers too!

10 months ago

Lovely beach close to the city.

10 months ago

Beautiful water fall/dam worth seeing . Park like any other state park. Loud music, BBQ nothing special.

In and out Appalachian Trail at Pawling Nature reserve starts along a beautiful boardwalk to woods to cow pastures to rock scramble to cats rock overlook.
You can shorten trip to cats rock by starting at W Dover Road

Took the lavender, yellow, and green Trails on a walk from High Rock Park to the top of Mount Moses. Overall the trails are very well maintained although the trail maps are a little vague with certain Trails having branches that do not appear to be on the map.

The lavender Trail goes around a lake although there is no view of the lake at any point on the trail so I would not say that it is worth it.

If you're looking for an easy hike with beautiful views, this is it., especially after a heavy rainfall or a lot of snow. Being that this is close to home, I'm here often and never get tired of it. You can do 2 miles or more depending on how far you decide to keep exploring. Great for hiking with dogs.

It is a long trail. The elevation is moderate.

...I only went about 1.5 miles in because I was short on time, but it's great having a hike like this so accessible both by car and train. It's a good mix of hills with some flatter sections.

A very senic, challenging and rewarding seciton of the trail. While the elevations do not appear to be very intimidating, the grades involved make this very challenging. Do not underestimate this section of the trail.

11 months ago

Too many houses around ....it's ok, nothing special .

very well maintained, a lot of good camp sites, plenty of water for filtering.

great camp sites along the way

Difficult but fun

Not really sure why this is rated as easy, I would consider it to be moderate. It's beautiful by the river, one of my favorite spots I've ever hiked. After you cross ten-mile river it becomes much more difficult but worth the trip to the top.

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