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I would recommend this Trail to anyone interested in escaping into the Woods and getting a daily dose of that camping experience. Skip the gym, hit Rope Mill.

2 days ago

second deck was blocked off...so we missed a great view of the right side of the falls. other than that, i really enjoyed it. hearing the falls before we got to them really built our anticipation and we weren't let down.

beautiful view

My wife and I hike this trail on a regular basis with our two Golden Retrievers. We all love it!
There are always friendly people on the trail, and we often run into through-hikers of the Appalachian Trail
The views are fantastic!

Good hard hike with the best views I have ever seen besides the grand canyon and I'm afraid of heights so couldn't get to close to the edge. Will for sure do it again! So pretty!

This is one of my favorite trails to do soon after it rains. The sound of the river towards the beginning of the hike, paired with the altitude gained is a wonderful experience.

great hike beautiful view

Great trail along the river!

Great views at the top! Hikes a good challenge as well, but definitely doable!

Great hike on a wet and foggy morning. If you are hiking during the wet season, use caution. It gets slick on the rocks!

Beautiful hike but can get crowded. Definitely plan to go early if you want more seclusion. My kids really enjoyed the trail as well.

on Dukes Creek Trail

16 days ago

It was a perfect time to see the falls since it had been raining a lot the past couple of weeks. The trail was a little muddy but not too bad. The water was gushing down the falls and was absolutely beautiful. Will go again in the spring.

16 days ago

If you want to unleash your dog once up the trail, forget it. I went and it was soooo busy, yap ankle biters, grumpy bulldog and the trail was a muddy worn mess. Without a dog and if your a sightseeing occasional hiker this a great place, awesome looooooonnnnnng range Mountain Vistas, I had know idea Ga. had 4000 ft + peaks.

Gorgeous view at the top about 4.2 miles in. The freeman trail can get a little tricky at points since some of the markers have worn off but just keep an eye out for the light blue and you’ll be fine. Took me 3.5 hours going pretty steadily and only staying at the top for about 20mins. Took me about an hour to get back to my car from the top so keep that in mind if you’re going at sunset. Would recommend a walking stick of some sort if it’s rained recently bc there are many slippery parts.

Great hike! Follows the river the entire way and offers gorgeous views. Definitely wear boots/no slip shoes. Terrain is moderate and can be slippery. Worth the time, travel and energy!

17 days ago

Super easy and fun! Took a big group and everyone was super happy about the length and seeing the waterfall. We spent about 1.5 hours on the trail because we stopped at the waterfall for about 15ish minutes taking pictures.

Went today with friends. It was a busy trail. Lots of people were out enjoying the sun and nature. Moderate hike. Very muddy due to all the rain but the water falls were gorgeous. We made it to the end and climbed to the top to see the falls between the cliffs. I am so glad we chose this hike today. Highly recommended. Plan on 3 hours if you want to stop and take pictures along the way.

Great trail, get the steep stuff out of the way during the first two miles on a very clearly marked path. Second part is a more interesting trail that involves a bit more scrambling but still all clearly marked.

Love this trail! Easy hike, can be dangerous once you reach the falls if you plan to climb into it or climb further up past the falls. Fell down the waterfall one time, was not fun haha. Otherwise, the view is beautiful and it’s a rather relaxing hike.

Great trail. The final incline at the end of the trail is a bit tricky, but the view is worth it. The trail also follows alongside a river, and my Labrador loved all of the water.

Trail was great! Trail follows water the whole way. Went early and I'm glad I did. Mostly had the trail to myself on the way in but on the way out there was quite a few people on the trail. Weather has been pretty rainy lately so the trail was pretty muddy but easy to follow. Side route to the top of falls is a little intimidating but can definitely be done. Got a little off the trail on the way back down from the top but fairly easy to get back on if you pay attention.

Really enjoyed this trail. Listening to the sound of the water the whole way made it that much better. I would rate this more of an easy-moderate trail. Passed a few families along the way. The multiple waterfalls and cliffs at the end make it a short but enjoyable hike.

Hiking 7 hours finished. Nice view.

Just finished Anna Ruby falls, there was plenty of time to take in a second short hike to Dukes creek, and it’s well worth it. Easy hike down hill to get to the best views, nice wide trail. The falls are so beautiful. I’d go again!

Love this trail! Really should be rated as easy - it’s a gorgeous walk along the creek/falls. We saw a couple of water moccasins so be careful wading and swimming. We went on a weekday in August so it wasn’t too crowded, I could see it getting overly trafficked on weekends in summer/fall.

Great little trail to do while in Helen! The road to the trailhead was closed in the AM due to ice, but opened once it warmed up. Only downside- I imagine it would get overcrowded in the fall/summer

This is always a good, moderate hike. We did it on Christmas Day and wasn't as crowded as I thought. It's one of the most popular hikes in Georgia, so there are often big crowds on nice, warm weekend days. But the colder temps keep many away.

When you get to the falls area, be sure to hike up the hill a bit to see the actual falls, in between the rocks. If you are adventurous, you can climb up the roots on the right or climb/hike farther up the hill and can get to the top of the cliffs, overlooking the falls. You can even hike higher from there. It is a bit dicey, but not dangerous if you are careful.

Can’t wait to go back.

Is the park open today?

Nicely varied, historic trail. If you start climbing Kennesaw mountain, the rest is a glorious stroll. Alternatively, consider warming up by walking the outer loop first and coming back over the mntn. Expect plenty of traffic, or start early.

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