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Not closed!
Not easy, wear real shoes not “slippas”

100% worth it
Wear mosquito repellent or bring someone the mosquitos like more than you!


Great family hike to the best waterfalls we saw on Oahu. About 2-miles from the parking area. Very lush and beautiful plant life on a trail they have used for the filming of Lost, Hawaii 50, and the Jurassic Park series. Note - you cannot swim in the waterfall pool. Also if you get there before 8 am the parking attendant will not be there but he/she will likely leave a pay on exit reminder on your windshield,

Hiked out to the point from the northern parking lot to catch the sunset, a popular reason to do this hike. Bring a flashlight for the way back, although the slow darkness will allow your eyes to adjust. Flat easy out and back which passes you through the Albatross Preserve. My GPS had the out and back from the parking lot closer to 6-miles.

beautiful walk to see both ocean, reefs, wikdlife and mountains of North West Oahu.

First half of the hike is easy and the hills get relatively steep for the second half. The waterfall is worth the trek.

Very beautiful. Also very slippery.

Very beautiful! slippery

Beautiful waves. At at the end there a a beach. We saw seals and baby albatross. Long hike and very hot. Wear a hat.

Fantastic hike! I started at Makapu'u and yes there's signs everywhere that say no hiking. There was an unmarked cop car at the entrance to the parking lot. I just walked across the street from the parking lot to the beginning of the hike and never looked back. It instantly goes uphill with you climbing mixture of rocks and sloped meadow. Once you get to the top of the first hill, you basically begin a ridge hike. it's undulating, narrow and windy. 1 hour in, you get to the puka. You could stop the and go back if you would like.

I continued. There are two jump off points (wooden platforms) along the way. One of them covers up the old Dead Mans Catwalk. The ridge continues on, past a private property area with antennas and stuff. There are cameras mounted. there is also a cool stairway to nowhere on the south side. A few peaks later, you get to where there's two big power poles. that's where you go down.

The descent is rocky, but not too crazy or difficult. just watch your step. not all the rocks are solid, some crumble underneath you. TEST BEFORE YOU STEP! The trail ends at Manawaiola St. There's a fence being built. It's a neighborhood, so don't be an asshole or disruptive.

5.7 miles, 4.5 hours.

My family really liked this trail! My three year old went up and back on his own (picking up every rock on the way). Super muddy so prep for that! Pretty crowded too. Good hike for visiting family.

Definitely a fun hike. the kids enjoyed it as well but was a little tough for them at some time (ages 3 and 5), I worn my infant and didn't struggle to much. it was a little more crowded than I would have liked. They say you can swim in the falls but it's harder to get to as they have the wired off and the water was a tad murky.

ps. we did this hike over a month ago. just now writing my review.

Still closed

They have reopened the trail

17 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Not too much of a challenge but was a little slippery. Will probably take friends who aren’t that active when they visit.

Great unique hike with lush rainforest landscape totally right outa Jurassic Park! Said the park was closed, but that didn’t stop us or others. Had the falls all to ourselves for a while! Beautiful area. Short hike but fun!

21 days ago

Costs $5 to park. The path was beautiful with many special nature treasures. It’s best to avoid stepping on the old mental steps because they were very slippery. The waterfall at the end is beautiful! Heavily trafficked.

The first fall has been roped off as far as I can remember . Which is why some of us hike up to the upper falls for a dip into the cool water. With the recent landslide/rockslide, I am not sure the extent of the damage occured around the upper pool area. Someone would need to assess it.

22 days ago

Beautiful creek with small rushing water areas leading all the way up to the beautiful waterfall with a swim hole! Although, there is a rope and sign that said do not cross over. The hike is uphill, steps, easy and with the scenery at the top!

There are two main falls in this area- Hamama and Waihe’e. Hamama is quite straight forward to get to as it is at the end of the trail. To get to Waihe’e, look for a flat area followed by a large banyan tree on the right. Traverse down to the right and cross the stream.. There you will see a trail to the right that follows the stream then up and over a small ridge till you hit Waihe’e Falls. You can also climb to its upper falls.

Beautiful hiking spot along the cost line of Ke'aana point especially afternoon sunset is "AMAZING... You can do it

got cited coming down and heading to makapu'u lookout. it's a petty misdemeanor. trespassing 2nd, so fines up to $2500 and 30 days in jail. not worth the risk, the land owners (kamehameha schools) are cracking down to prevent injury/death liability on their land.

Heads Up: landslide just occured (21/08/2018 at about 5:30pm) above Manoa Falls in the upper pool section.

State cites four men for entering closed Manoa Falls trail http://www.kitv.com/story/39155657/state-cites-four-men-for-entering-closed-manoa-falls-trail

This was my very first trail hike a year ago, so I felt very accomplished. Absolutely beautiful scenery.


Feel’s like I’m in Jurassic park! Falls are a nice cool down at the top.

Beautiful walk through the rainforest. Feels like your in jarrassic park!

1 month ago

Great first impression of trails on the island. Had a mixture of refreshing rain and sunshine breaking through at various points. Numerous photo opportunities , especially at the end of the trail of a fantastic waterfall. Highly recommend for any skill level, although near the top it can become a little slick for elderly. I have had to help hold a few hands to ensure they see the view.

Little buggy but super fun!

Ran it yesterday (15 sept). Don’t get discouraged by the entrance, it looked like a lot of bush whacking and not a great trail but after you get into it it’s actually a very open and clear trail. I’m used to single track in Utah where you are always running through bushes on either side of the trail but this trail was always wide enough to not touch any of the beautiful flora. At the first sign in the trail, turn left. Someone scratched it off but left is the correct way to the falls (and summit). It got very very muddy around mile 2.3 and the roots get very slippery. There is a stretch that is completely covered by trees growing from one side of the trail and bending over to the other. I had to duck down at many times. This was also the muddiest part, but while watching my footing and head slowed me way down, it was very enjoyable. Wasn’t ever steep, nice gradual climb that was only slowed by the elements. Fun trail!

We did the Tom Tom section from Waimanalo. I noticed more ‘ No Hiking’ signs are up from the Makapuu end.

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