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Loved it.

Took the AT approach trail to walk the steps up. The steps are not for the faint of heart. The views of the falls on the way up are great. And at the top is awesome. Took the East trail on the way back down. Very rocky at the top. Watch your footing so as to not roll an ankle. The trail itself is nice, wooded.

21 hours ago

Just went this past weekend with some buddies. Very nice trail with scenic views especially in the fall with the leaves turning color. There are several river crossings and the water was SUPER COLD but all well worth the fun and views. Trails markings are a but faded but after careful observation we were able to make our way just fine. Hoping to come back in early spring.

Not much of a trail till you hit the goat trail. Once you are there though you are rewarded with one of the best views in the Ozarks. Take a seat, have a snack and soak it all in. Know your limits, but don't let the goat trail intimidate you. It's a sidewalk.

Crowded but still very pleasant short hike.

Beautiful spring. Water was down a little so we were able to climb some of the rocks

Beautiful trail on a picture perfect 65 degree, sunny day. All passer-by’s and fishermen were friendly. Excellent day.

Not much parking so get there early! Views are amazing.

4 days ago

Beautiful day (sunny and sixty in mid November). Not many people out, and the trail was pretty well marked (some parts covered in leaves, but that is to be expected at this time of year). Trail head not conveniently located, but I was able to find the trail with the help of the app.

We enjoyed the hike and scenery.

Moderate trail with an awesome view at the end

The hike in and out isn’t too spectacular, going in you have a nice vista of the surrounding mountains but they quickly disappear. Personally I found this trail more annoying to descend, it’s very rocky and rutted up by horses (which, I’m not sure this is the best trail for horses...) if it’s wet at all it becomes very marshy and muddy. The payoff is more than worth it and I definitely plan to hike this trail again and spend time in the backcountry. There is much to see and enjoy. The hike out was not bad and the ascent is spread out. I only remember one difficult hill that’s about 2/3 of the way back, the rest is easily manageable. Also I only logged 640ft of elevation gain and I was back and forth on some of the trail multiple times so I think the 1000 some feet of elevation gain isn’t quite right. It’s definitely not that severe.

9 days ago

This is a really beautiful trail. There are some climbing parts. We started near the waterfall instead of at the visitor center, so then the visitor center was mid-way if we needed bathrooms or to pick up anything. We logged it a little longer than the 3.2.

It is amazing what nature does. I was truly suprised when I saw this natural phenomenon!

10 days ago

The fire tower was the highlight. The trees are taller than the tower, so there’s not much of a view from the top. The climb to the top of the tower is still worth the effort. Most of the trail is just a walk through the woods. There’s a few rock outcroppings and Bluff lines coming down the hill to the glade. Once at the glade there’s some decent views from there.

An easy hike. A few bluffs and rock outcroppings to see nothing to extraordinary.

This trail was very busy, lots of leashed dogs, but totally worth it and all very courteous hikers.

11 days ago

The trail was rewarding especially when you get to see a beautiful waterfall. It was a lot of fun!

Mediocre trail but view of Whittaker Point is amazing and worth it. Drive to trail head is quite difficult on steep rocky roads. Once you get to parking the trail is the one on left side of road as you are driving up mountain. Lots of people hiking this trail for such a remote area.

Nice trail. Better after a heavy rain.

I’ve been around a lot of the Buffalo area and this has got to be one of my favorite hikes. Not only is the waterfall spectacular but the hike is excellent and the whole area looks like a place fairies might dwell. If the camp area across from the trail is full there is a turn out off the highway to the West that’ll require a ten minute walk to the trailhead. A lot of elevation gain to the bluffs, go left to the falls. Though the hike to the right is beautiful too if you have time. Loved climbing around on the boulders. If you have a hiking partner give them some space, slips and slides will happen even in the best hiking boots and trail runners. Came in the autumn and the green valley along the creek with the autumn colors surrounding it was just spectacular. Get ready to use your hands to climb out from the grotto.

Easy hike, obvious trail even covered with leaves. I’m out of shape, so if you think you are, too, don’t be afraid of this hike. The view is worth it! Just amazing. (Start early, preferably a week day, if you want some peace and quiet.)

Found myself lost and confused a lot on this trail. I had no idea where I was! I enjoyed it but I don’t really know how to read the map I think

13 days ago

Fun trail! might be a little strenuous in some spots for beginners and if the water is up along with the rapids its a challenge to cross to the trail head safely, but a great day hike regardless! Seems like a great camping spot as well

Great trail for experienced hikers and beginners! Beautiful overlooks and some good bouldering spots

Fall leaves were remarkable! So beautiful!

gorgeous waterfall!, took creek trail up and and it wasn't a bad hike at all. going down we went down east ridge trail which was pretty sketchy. lots of loose rocks and erosion. I would def do this again...

14 days ago

Beautiful trail. Easy trail. Lots of beautiful scenery. The trailhead is located behind the Nature Center with lots of parking. The fire tower is awesome.

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