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1 day ago

Excellent trail, well kept and humorously marked, on the way down the wind was blowing through the pines - perfect day!

The trail is not well marked.

nice, easy hike. poorly marked in places. recommend downloading the map.

will do it again. busy but well maintained. easy to follow

Fairly crowded with bikes and a lot of dogs. Well maintained path, Long enough for serious race training runs.

Easy, but fun! Had it at four stars, but then I thought “it’s perfect for what it is.” Five stars!

very intense better leave before 7pm so many bugs come out on top of the moutain but great hike woildnt suggests bringing kids on this one i could barley climb the rocks myself took me and the ladys an hour 45 mins to reach the summit

Awesome trail, but poorly marked. I got lost and had to back track twice. Aside from that the trail is beautiful and the burgers at the Woodstock Inn are amazing.

16 days ago

This morning I hiked up from Rice Farm Rd. Great hike. But from the top there is a little "hut" that had a trail down the back. There were a couple of white signs along that trail that said it was private property but hiking allowed. I cant seem to find any maps with that trail on it. I eventually came out on Black Mountain Rd. (fortunately my wife texted me shortly after I got down and she came and returned me to my car. BUT the top half of that trail was the most spectacular environment I've hiked in Vermont ever!

Very nice bike and hike trail. Great for cross country skiing. Depending on the snow of course.

The hike was a real workout! the accents on either side were faily steep and very rocky. After so much rain it was fairly dry except for a few areas. the High Rock lookout was great!

went with the kids (8, 5, 4). couldn't do the LAST stretch with them but was great until we had to turn around :)

trail running
23 days ago

Beautiful water element with great forest canopy on almost the entire run.
Very nice!

Pretty forest and some variety of trail with some boulders and rock at the top. . Interesting abandoned structures at top. No real great views or sense of arriving at the top. Some good steep parts for cardio. Very well marked. Very lightly traveled. I almost never see another person and hike here regularly as it is very near my house. Good in snow—trail is clear.

1 month ago

Took the white circle trail to the summit. Left at 8:30am and there was never a section of trail that didn’t have people on it but it wasn’t crowded. Views are gorgeous at the top. Descended on the white cross trail and barely saw anyone. Took 3 hours to do 4 miles. Was definitely a difficult hike with a lot of scrambling but my 13 yo son could keep up just fine. Definitely a must hike!

fun hike with some partial views of Monadnock.

Nice hike--climbing two peaks (both ways) on this out-and-back hike. Very, very rocky--need sturdy soles. I made the mistake of wearing running shoes, and my soles were so sore after 10 miles. My hiking partner had sturdy hiking shoes and fared much better. Two big road crossings. Two stream crossings. Mostly shaded/wooded trail, a few open grass crossings. Lots of muddy areas on first .5mile of trail. Wonderful ATC stewards working on the first section. By the time I had returned, it looked spectacular!

Great trial and easy to add to others! Dogs ARE allowed here and there are a lot of them! People are stupid in letting them off leash because it’s gonna ruin it for the rest of us good dog people. This is also a fun trail run location.

Agree with previous comments that this is not a hard trail. Maybe moderate. Went with my dogs and it was great!

been hiking here since I was a kid. love the wildlife and views. some of the unmarked trails are overgrown and ambiguous. we went last fall and it was much more accessible. great place to explore!

2 months ago

fantastic hike. well marked. lots of side trail options. the fam and I tromped around for about 5 hours. while there were other hikers on the way, most of the day hikers hike along over to the falls then along the C&O Canal towpath. I've never seen so many old oak trees in one area before. really had a great hike.

This is a lovely hike through a wooded grove and some open prairie. Hilly enough to provide exercise.

Great loop trail. Takes about 2 hours to walk.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Easy to make a wrong turn which introduces interesting variations to the ride. Overall this is a nice beginner trail if you don't mind a bit of adventure and exploration. Take a map, snack plenty of water and enjoy the tide.

road biking
2 months ago

Great bike path. I ride here every day. Gets crowded during the weekends after 8am.

Great walk along the river! Definitely download the map and keep on your GPS, because there are a few spots you might miss. There is a path/road you take at the midpoint is through a clearing and it's not marked - the grass was knee high so we almost missed it. The best part about this hike was that no one was on the trail and you can make it shorter or longer very easily.

on White Arrow Trail

2 months ago

Good, challenging hike!

We enjoyed this hike but would not label it hard. There were some ups and down but nothing strenuous. Like other people said, the markers are oddly placed (you get the marker before a split so we did not know to go to the left or right path). It took 2 hours to walk the loop.

3 months ago

Loved this hike. It’s pretty flat along the canal side, then more climbing and descents on inland side. I did a double loop to increase the distance. First went clockwise around the loop, then went back counter-clockwise. That’s a good way to go bc then you maximize the climbing in the middle, with good warm up and warm down at start and finish on the flats. Lots of stream crossings. Well marked. Lovely trail. With double loop it’s 4 Miles.

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