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Closed 01/13/19

fun easy trail

12 days ago

According to official signs and barricades, this trail is still currently closed after the Holy Jim Fire, as well as all trails within the vicinity affected by the fire fire (a large section of Cleveland National Forest), such as Holy Jim Trail, East & West Horsethief Trail, etc.

Nice and easy trail. Many activities you can do.

Nice walk, though the scenery is a tad monotonous. At the trail junctions, there are helpful little signs to help you get oriented.

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a great time exploring here. Especially after some good rainfall.

Great trail but closed indefinitely due to the “Holy Fire” in August 2018. USFS said it will be closed for 2-3 years.

Great for the kids! My girls loved the fairy houses.

I'm not positive if this is the trail I almost drove to on 10/29/18 with signs from the Forrest Service offering a $5,000 fine for entering the area. Someone who knows the area better should verify if this trail is indeed closed.

I only explored a small amount of the trail due to time. it's absolutely gorgeous. can't wait to go back.

3 months ago

Great spot for a hike with our dog. Tons of lizards, rabbits, and birds. Great trails and landscaped nicely.

trail running
3 months ago

Was really nice! Lots of bunny rabbits hoping around which made for fun sight seeing! Several trails and if running it’s moderately hilly but flat most of the time. It was peaceful and a lot of other runners out. A lot of people walking with their dogs. I would go back again!

love this trail, but currently closed due to wildfires.

trail running
4 months ago

I ran down this trail after running up quail trail to Serrano ridge and down little sycamore. Running down this trail might be the most fun I’ve had trail running maybe ever. It’s hard in the steeper parts near the top because of the loose rocks, but it’s definitely a good time.

Fairy houses were adorable, beautiful creek!

A great hike... nice views and beautiful trees of many varieties. Some of the largest Acorns I’ve ever seen. For sure I’ll do again.

5 months ago

Fun, short hike! Only took about an hour. Can definitely add other trails to it to get more hiking in

6 months ago

I took my daughter. We loved it. Over 30 fairy houses along the trail. We also enjoyed the maze, mosaic garden. My daughter enjoyed the slides. The butterfly garden was ok. That’s where my daughter started to get a little tired as it was more uphill and in the sun. Other parts of the 3 mile walk were in the shade butI recommend going before noon or after 4:30 if it’s warm.

Great little walk in a park, this is not a hike, we were one of many who brought our dog with us (dogs must be on a leash). Many friendly people and many fairy houses to look at. We enjoyed all the flowers and had fun in the little hedge maze. Great little getaway then head down the road a little to relax at the beach.

Note: The dirt road that leads to this trail is rough and not suitable for most sedans. Mid to high clearance vehicles are recommended.

This is a beautiful canyon hike with a good amount of shade. It’s pretty busy though, so if you’re not a fan of crowds, come during the week or early on the weekend.

Very easy trail. Love the gorgeous vegetation and hearing the creek along side is very relaxing. Great place to take kids. There’s art Work and fairies to explore. My son and I really enjoyed this hike

Great family hike. Lost a pair of Maui Jim prescription glasses today, though. If found, please call Jason at 714-910-4101.

A fantastic trail right off the 133. Easy parking, $3 for the day. There’s a ranger station/visitor center right by the lot. Awesome & clean. Restrooms for use before you hit the trail. Once out in trail there’s a bit of a climb at the beginning and end but nothing too bad. The end elevation gain is probably the worse of the two. Nice view from the top once you get there.

We took a Lyft to the Big Bend trail head. There are printed maps to take as well as clear markings along the trails. We did the Big Bend to Bommer Ridge to Laguna Beach Bowl to finish right back in town (90 minutes). It was pretty much straight up in the beginning and then along the Ridge with ocean and canyon views for the middle of the hike which was beautiful scenery and then steep decline (quad burn) down to exit right by the Pageant of the Masters. We would definitely do the one way hike again.

So beautiful! I would def rate it as easy. Lots of optional side trails to explore, places to stop, plant maze!, nots of nature + wildflowers,. Kids were loving the fairy houses created all over. Good for dogs!

Nice hike. Great little falls at the end

Incline trail. I grade this trail moderate/hard. We parked on street that led to trail, why drive? The views were okay, the leg workout was good. Keep in mind the trail is full of uneven ground, holes. If your okay with the incline being most of your trail, this is for you! Wish I could post trail pictures for you, don’t know how though.

Gate is closed 2miles before parking lot and notice posted saying Emergency closure April 20th through May 18th, 2018. I’ll try to post photo of sign warning $5,000 fines for being in area.

Nice hike combining three trails. We saw lots of ground squirrels, lizards, and hummingbirds and had a garter snake cross the trail in front of us.

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