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It was a quiet Saturday walk or you could barely hear the highway early on. I was able to see some deer and overall there was a great amount of people on the boardwalk. The only thing I wish is that they would make the boardwalk a less slick material when it is wet.Almost every time that I am on the trail I am a slip and fall.

It was silent, peaceful winter trail.
The weather was little cold but rock climbing is make me sweaty.
And rest of the course was nice, easy.

easy hike for beginners. I would start at the trailhead off of the right side of the start of the hike up trail- that side has the most elevation gain and is pretty difficult when you are tired out from the rest of the hike

3 days ago

Found this to be a fairly easy hike through the woods with a waterfall, river and covered bridge as the highlights. I went on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t too busy, crossed paths with a few dog walkers and joggers. Missed having blazes to follow but they do have signs on posts at all intersections and path well groomed so no chance of getting lost. I would walk here again.

Hiking, Beautiful place. Waterfall.

Great views and not too crowded on a Friday morning...definitely recommend!

Beautiful views on the way up and from the top!

Too crowded for me. There were people everywhere. I like to have a little peace and quiet. The view was nice at the top. Unless you are just trying to get miles in, I would not do entire loop. I liked hiking from Bettis-Tribble Rd. Entrance. Did not like hike from Spot Rd.

Easy short hike, kind of crowded especially at the top. The view is beautiful though! Overall a nice hike.

It is very challenging but I felt like Jesus wanted to meet me here so I did even if I was scared that the stone is slippery because it was pouring on my drive to the location. Anyway I just kept hiking up like a penguin by using the outer edge of my foot to support each step. I didn’t slip and the rain cloud started to be swept away and I got a chance to see the sun while it was slowly setting. You have almost a 360 view at the very top. Coming down a solid white line is steeper, it needs more faith, trust and persistence. The breaking yellow line would still be slippery if it rained so still be careful.

26 days ago

Nice easy trail. A little crowded. Bummer that no pets allowed. Should be no kids under 7 allowed, lol. View is pretty nice as well.

This was our first trail hiked!!! Awesome, memorable experience. Gorgeous views the whole hike up. The trail got pretty steep towards the end but not too difficult. My 9 and 7 year old did this hike very easily. Would definitely recommend for family vacationing.

Trails are not clearly marked on the maps, and the maps were of little help and confusing. Lots of standing water post rain so don’t go in the summertime after rain because of mosquitoes. Saw a lot of beautiful deers and heard owls close to sunset.

A well spent day. Added a couple of side loops (intentionally). Weather was cold and drizzling but trail was in good condition.

Great way to start the day, made it up in time to watch the sunrise.

1 month ago

Quite the workout during the last 1/4 way up. Busy trail with lots of people, but trail is wide most of the way so you aren't likely to be stuck behind someone very long. Beautiful Vista views from the top.

Nice trail system. Would like the trails to be marked better as it was a bit confusing.

1 month ago

This is a great trail every time. Crowded, but beautiful and a good workout.

Georgia state. Cherokee Trail very nice, beautiful trail. i never go to Hiking. My first time in to hiking very nice, peaceful. Then finishing My Trail point. I will ne there next time on trail. I got late at 6 pm. Dark. Will be strong. Next time.

Lovely waterfalls! Pretty nice for yoga

Very informative history tour around the town where Martin Luther King was born and raised.

trail running
1 month ago

Brutal run, ran this many times to prep for hiking in Colorado. it's 2.0 miles round trip top to bottom

I like this trail a lot, the wood is nice to run ok, I bike a lot here too

trail running
1 month ago

love this hike, have run it many times

Nice trail, all paved or boardwalk, all about 8 feet wide. It's mostly covered in shade. Some parts of the trail can get a little wet, but not too bad. There's often quite a few other people on it.

Great hike, the vista is worth the hike up,lots of roots and rocks under foot

Nice little hike with a few good lookout points along the way. Went on a Sunday and it was pretty crowded, but still a nice hike!

Love this park. Love this trail.

I wouldn’t call this hike easy. It’s not bad as far as incline goes... it has a couple of relatively steep inclines but nothing crazy... but the trail itself is really narrow at parts and has a lot of rocks, slippery spots, and tree trunks. We hike weekly and I found this a little rough in terms of navigating the terrain. We also had two dogs with us which made the narrow trails difficult to pass. Very pretty and enjoyable tho

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