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I did this trail in December and mostly had it to myself on a rare sunny day in the middle of the week. The falls are huge and breathtaking. The trail is well maintained with some small inclines. There was a little ice on the inclines when I went which made it a little slippery in spots but not bad. The stairs down to the falls are worth the effort. A good short little hike and workout.

Beautiful falls but very crowded at times. It’s right off the road and you can pull over and see the falls without even walking down. I’ve been once and had no one around. I got lucky I guess! Beautiful places are popular for a reason though.

I had this little gem all to myself one sunny January day in the middle of the week. Jill F below gives a perfect explanation on how to find the trail. It’s not very clear from the parking lot or even the trailhead map. Her directions are right on. I do consider this an easy hike. I’m not sure why people think the end was harder. I will post pics of the trail and which way to go for people curious. The falls were beautiful and peaceful, especially having them all to myself.

Great hike. You will cross streams to wear waterproof shoes

This trail is like a web of different trails all mixed in. Got turned around a couple times but nothing is too far out there you can’t find a sign quickly. Bridge is cool. Nature center is still under construction as of 1/9/19. Views are nice.

Great trails, very crowded on a weekend when the weather is nice. Hiked the High Falls Loop today starting at the main parking lot going to High Falls then Triple Falls & back on the High Falls Loop to the parking lot.

The suspension bridge was awesome - and the falls are beautiful

Visit again

Hiked this in December, took the counterclockwise route as suggested. There were 10-12 stream crossings that were very challenging. A few of them can be navigated just staying on dry portions of rock, but most had rocks that were just too far apart to take a step. Solutions include bushwacking off the trail to find a better spot to cross, shimmying across fallen logs, or just take off your shoes and trudging through the ice cold water.

Aside from the initial stream crossings, the hike is not very challenging beyond Devil's Bathtub. There is a sign saying something like "Warning: next 5 miles very strenuous and rugged", but it was a relatively easy walk through the woods compared to the first part of the trail. First 2-3 miles took 3 hours, remaining 5 miles took 2.5 hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun; navigating the stream crossings added an element of challenge and decision-making.


Hard to get to. Easy hike.

I live near the area so I've done this hike a few times. I usually go on a weekday and take my dog, not a lot of traffic but I'd suspect in the summer on a weekend, it could be crowded. Lots of scenery along the way, perfect for a quick hike to get out and enjoy the scenery.

A lot of stairs to climb, but totally doable. My 7yo made it, no problem.

one of the best hikes ive been on in a while.

This isn’t a “hard” trail. I would rank it moderate. The biggest issue is cardio. There are a lot of steps and incline but the footing is good and the trail is short. As always, wear the proper shoes because there is water on the trail. Great views with a good workout. I would definitely do this again, but continue up Skyline as well.

Beautiful waterfall and scenery!

I liked this trail overall. Lots of trees down, but a fun trail. At the start, there is a sign for directions to the bottom of the falls. Once I finished the hike to the top, walked back, and returned to my car, I followed the directions to view the bottom of the falls. Worth the effort (drive and walk). Amazing! Do the trail to get your hike in, and then follow the directions to get your amazing scenic view!

18 days ago

My husband and I followed the path to the shelter at the base of these falls, but is there another trail that goes to the top of the falls? it was our 1st time here, so I'm not familiar with the area...

Make sure you go the extra distance... one may be tempted to stop early but with a little climbing/extra footwork you can get at a safe but very close
point. Just beautiful and breathtaking. My adventure loving kid got a kick out of it- we liked this fall better then Cumberland Falls!

Easy trail. Crossing the river is a wet one for sure but nothing dangerous. The end result is one worth while. Beautiful falls with the ability to get up close and personal. Would be a great trip for the summer months. Highly suggest for families looking for an adventurous hike. Being extra shoes and socks. THIS HIKE IS DOABLE FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN. BRADLEY FALLS IS NOT.

Beautiful trail, just almost magical in the early morning. Another favorite!!! Highly recommend

Trail is sometimes hard to keep track of. Start markers are faded so make sure you look left and up for the trail ,not right along the water.

21 days ago

I prefer these falls to the Cumberland Falls. We hiked it clockwise to save the falls for the end. There are a couple of smaller waterfalls you'll come it first. I bet lots of people go to the park, only see Cumberland Falls and miss this beautiful falls.

Great hike! I only wish we had more time to explore the area around the falls, but it was getting dark and it was tricky to hike in the dark. The dirt road getting to the trail head had a lot of pot holes and the trailhead was a little difficult to find. Park at pull off and walk into the woods.

Easy hike but falls area could be dangerous for those who are not sure footed or have hiking shoes that do not grip rocks very well.

Hiked this trail on Christmas day. Easy hike but the falls access could be dangerous for those who are not sure footed, especially those with hiking boots that are not good for gripping rocks.

24 days ago

Because it's off the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a very heavily trafficked trail. It gets so much traffic, in fact, that at some parts the surface of the trail is more than a foot lower than the surrounding ground. That means that there are some wet and muddy sections. The trail has a nice variety of environments, from the creek shore to mountain laurel forests. The section of the trail that leads up to Upper Falls has some steep climbs and you have to scramble over rocks and roots. But if this fat, old man can do it, so can you. Both the waterfalls are beautiful. Despite the name, there is no graveyard. The area got the name after a fire in 1925. All the charred stumps reminded people of gravestones.

24 days ago

This is a very heavily trafficked trail, especially on the weekends. But it's also a very wide and well-maintained trail. It winds along the river and climbs to Triple Falls, which is nice, and up to High Falls, which is more impressive. Like most of the trails in Dupont, it's fairly wide and clear. Some steep climbs, especially for this fat, old man, but something almost anyone should be able to handle.

This was a fun hike. However, due to all the down trees on the trail we missed the gate that leads to the trail to the top of the falls. But, after we walked up for a while and realized we weren’t headed in the right direction we headed back down. We could hear the water. Finally we noticed the little gate opening to the path that lead us to the top of Twin Falls. So, we got some bonus distance in, but we didn’t mind. At this point in time, with the trail condition a little rough, the best advice I can give someone is to begin looking for the little gate about 2 minutes up the trail to your right. Once you are on it, the rest is easy to follow. Since there has been a lot of snow and rain recently, the falls were full and fast! One final note...This trail is rated as easy. For us it was, but for someone deconditioned, it could be difficult. Just a lot of up and down. Oh, there are hunters near and on the trail this time of year too. It’s part of a game management area.

This was a very cool trail with alot more beautiful views that I imagined. It was a pretty easy hike and I'd recommend for beginners. There are suspension bridges, cool side trails and amazing views, highly recommend! Take the counter clockwise route as you'll see the good stuff first and can breeze through the walk back.

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