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5 days ago

Awesome trail! Nice and short, but lots of fun! View is pretty cool!

I was so impressed by how well-maintained the trail is! The stairs and bridge made the trail feel very safe despite being on a pretty steep incline. Even though it was a short distance, the rocks to climb and bigger switchback near the topmost tier of the falls made me feel like I was still getting a great hike in.

I could see it getting very busy during the afternoon (and was told so by someone I bumped into on my way down), but getting there around 8 am allowed me to park in the first lot with easy access to the trailhead and have the trail nearly entirely to myself - including the upper observation deck, on which I got to look at the falls by myself for quite a while. It’s a gorgeous view and was a perfect fall hike.

20 days ago

Easy trail in summer and early fall. Watch out for slick rocks during rain and especially ice patches in the winter. The amphitheater midway through the larger falls is just incredible. Several people die here each year, so be careful. It helps to take a single trekking pole for balance and insurance. I did and I’m glad I did. Have fun! This place is breathtaking in October.

27 days ago

Took the West trail. It turns out that was a great idea because you encounter the muddy portions early and leave the best for last. That includes the waterfalls, the climb besides the running brook and the beach/picnic area. It is a easy trail and has all the scenic elements built into the 3.2 mile hike: waterfalls, elevation, lake, trees and a beaver lodge!! It was past peak fall so missed that magic but it was still a great hike.

Extremely rocky and muddy but I had on good hiking boots. I could not believe what I saw some people wearing on their feet. I don’t suggest doing this trail without hiking boots. The trail itself was pretty nice but the view from the point was spectacular! Definitely worth the hike.

The falls itself is beautiful when viewed from either the upper viewing deck or from below. A strong word of caution is that in wet weather the trail down to the falls becomes very wet and extremely slippery. The trail itself is narrow and borders a sharp cliff before transforming into the rock steps that guides hikers to the falls themselves. People are frequently injured on this descent and I would advise groups to take their time be careful with children and be mindful of the weather to ensure all can have a safe fun time enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I am extremely disappointed in how visitors of the Catskills behave when they’re at the falls. Whether it’s the lower or upper falls trail, people always seem to be making it a mess for everyone else. People parking and standing in the middle of the road, standing in the middle of the road to direct traffic while they back their cars right up to the falls, parking all over the side of the mountain road (at least they get ticketed), going way too close to the cliff edges, swimming in the water right before the waterfall...I can’t believe it. People act out of line at the falls and it’s unsafe for them as well as the people who are just driving up the road. The falls is one of the most beautiful places in the Catskills but skip it if you’re not in the mood to deal with disrespectful visitors. If people don’t shape up, they’ll ruin it for everyone and the falls will be closed. Hopefully a shuttle system from Palenville or Haines Falls will fix this. But for now, visit any of the less crowded waterfalls near by.

Awesome fall colors illuminated the forests leading to Kaaterskill falls. A little steep at times and leaves make for slightly slippery terrian. but overall fantastic hike.

Nice easy trail. Not many people on a midweek day. We will be back.

amazing views, great hike rock scramble was fun. Get their early or you will park 3 miles down the road.

1 month ago

Trailhead parking off of State Highway 23A is limited—be prepared to walk 1/2 mile from the lower lot along blind curves and small shoulders. Follow the trail from Bastion Falls to the base of Kaaterskill Falls. From there, you can choose to enjoy from below and double back or hike up the stairs to a middle falls viewpoint. Be careful: a kid nearly skipped off the edge (loose rocks, mud, and waterfall spray make it very slippery). Continue up the stairs and through a short forest walk a Spruce Creek bridge. There are two viewing places after that: one fenced off (that many were ignoring to hang their boots over the top of the waterfall ledge—and whose feet are in my photos) and a viewing platform with beautiful views of Kaaterskill High Peak and Roundtop Mountain. Aside from blunt safety ignorances and the crowded parking/trail: I understand why everyone wants their photo in front of the falls. This is one of the few hikes I'd say go later in the day as the falls face West.

A lovely trail and pretty well marked. the colors were brilliant today! the trail is not too difficult but it did have a few spots that had me working hard to keep going. The firetower was wonderful!

Short easy hike with some steep drop offs

The views at the top of the tower are terrific, not sure how much longer the fall foliage there will last with the high winds but if you can get there in the next day or two its a worth while trek. I uploaded my foliage pics. I think Timothy is reviewing the wrong mountain. There is nothing difficult about this trail (my 5 year old could do this twice easily) unless you are in bad shape. As far as mountains go I would say its actually on the easier side (easy I think is reserved for those flat short hikes). It is a little muddy at the moment but if you are wearing hiking boots you will hardly notice. I was up, took pics and down in under an hour (I jogged down). As others said there isn't much to see until you actually climb up the firetower.

For most of us who are doing the firetower challenge, we are not experienced seasoned hikers ( those are the 46 er group) this is NOT an easy hike. It’s not hard,but has some steep inclines and is fairly long. It’s a very nice trail but the firetower is locked at the top and not much of a view from the ground. There is one spot where a large tree is blocking the trail , walking around it can be challenging if it’s wet, hopefully it will be removed soon.

1 month ago

Did Perimeter and Deer trails. Scenic views, good for school age kids. Well-maintained and marked paths.

1 month ago

excellent hike. walk along road to trail is nerve wracking but is short. initial rock scramble is fun and some challenge. stairs at top are long. I would rate as moderate since involves plenty of rocks, mud, and road. beautiful large trees.

Beautiful view. Seriously muddy and heavily trafficked. Some good ascents. Lots of roots and rocks making the trail a bit more difficult to navigate.

Took my dog for his first hike here it’s a really nice trail not a huge amount of people when i went.

nice trail for a quick afternoon hike. careful going when it's been raining because you will have to find creative ways to cross the river.

Beautiful view of the waterfall from the begin to the big water fall at the end. The trail walk was easy but make sure to go early so that you get parking space close to the trail since it gets packed and it's right on the highway.

Did a nice leisurely hike with my 11 year old for the Fire Tower Challenge on a rainy afternoon. The trail was clear and easy to follow. The fire tower was locked but we hung out underneath and ate lunch. It took us two and a half hours, including an hour at the fire tower. I will go back when the skies are clear so I can see the views.

1 month ago

The view at the ledge is amazing! one of the best we have seen in the Catskills. The hike is quite muddy, has a stream that needs to be crossed, is Rocky and does have some strenuous sections but these are few and far between (the most strenuous is on your way back from the ledge). Hiking boots are a must!

1 month ago

easy hike with water views along most of the perimeter trail. My 11-year-old daughter loved the hike, especially the 2 bald eagles that we saw.

Pretty easy hike, well marked trail. Didn’t take too long to get to the top. Good views, only from the fire tower, however! Probably won’t do again but we’re completing the fire tower challenge.

on Myosotis Lake Trail

1 month ago

Lovely trails with a variety of options.

1 month ago

short hike to reach the falls.

The way many reviews describe this, I half expected a concrete slab leading to a waterfall outlook. It wasn’t that. You still need proper footwear, you still need to watch your step, there are hills and a few slippery inclines. However, it’s almost all shaded forest trail, it wasn’t very muddy despite a good rain yesterday, and though I expected lots of bugs, especially near the water, I only saw one and it wasn’t the biting or flying in your face kind. I found all 3 trails to be well marked except for the tiny section of West blue trail, where I didn’t see a single marker. There are big “trail stops here” signs too. The trail does continue past those but it’s at your own risk. I didn’t chance it.

I ended up hiking 2 miles the way I did it. My first pass, I went straight up the green trail and ignored all the side trails. This trail leads steadily uphill to the falls overlook. We had a good rain yesterday and the falls were outrageous, thundering, majestic. Watch your footing here, the viewing area is on a slope with a short flimsy fence at the bottom that would not stop you if you tripped into it.

I picked up the red trail on the way back. This loops back to the green trail. Mostly flat, it gets narrow but is still well defined. When it hit the green trail again, I backtracked to the blue trail. There is a steep shortcut between the green and blue trails but you don’t have to take it. Follow the green trail around the corner and the blue branches off to the left with the green continuing right and uphill.

The blue trail goes down to the creek and the base of the falls. There is a bench at the end of the blue trail at the bottom of the falls. This is a lovely spot worth the side trip. There is a shortcut between the lower and higher sections of the blue trail, nicely made stone steps.

Then I took the green trail back to almost the beginning where the small spur of western blue trail is. Now this is a steep slope down with some tree roots to use as “steps.” There really aren’t any trees to hold on to or anything so watch your footing. This little bit goes along the creek to an old mill if you go left and just up to the creek’s edge if you go right.

Overall, I’d still say it’s mostly easy and the waterfalls are insanely beautiful. Usually you have to work a lot harder to get to a View like that!

Beautiful View. Easy Hike! Make sure to park at Laurel House Road. Be very careful and stay on trails.

the hike was excellent but I'm not sure I'd call it easy. it was mildly difficult. I found it to be harder than sleeping beauty mountain, but it could be due to the heat of the day. The fire tower is really where the views are at. We couldn't get into the top tower since it was locked but we climbed the stairs all the way up. you can see to VT easily. it's gorgeous

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