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9 hours ago

Amazing hike!! Just did this 2 days ago, for the second time. First time last fall with a group, second time solo. The app is amazing, I may have gotten lost without it the first time, second time it was easier to navigate. I started both times at Carney Springs and ended by going down Siphon Draw. Most of the trail beginning at Carney Springs is only marked by Cairns. Once on the ridgeline, the trail is easy to spot. First time I completed it on 7 hours, second time 5hr 28 min. Be prepared for a bit over 12 miles, though. Overall, great hike & incredible views.

heavily used trail even at 36deg morning! lots of people and dogs ply this route. good enough hike at moderate level of difficulty. even at a slow pace, one can reach the cave in 1hr and 15min.

Great trail. Definitely a challenge, but quite doable. Like others have said, water, food and decent footwear is a must. And layers - it can be quite cool in the wind. And keep your eyes open for the white trail markers painted on the rock. They are pointed at each end, showing the way up and down. 4 to 5 hours, depending on your speed and breaks (especially at the top -- give yourself time to enjoy the view up there).

Definitely worth it!! The way up is very hard but incredible.
Amazing experience, it's more than an usual hike.
Remember that tou have to book your night in advance at the ranch!
I did it in November, so it wasn't too hot. Need only one or two liters of water

1 day ago

Beautiful view from the near end of the trail. The last .5 miles is difficult to find and we didn’t go to the suggested end because it was so covered with foliage. Overall, beautiful trail.

It was a test. But Awesome!

great trail. good shading for most of it. good views too

Just hiked this trail on 01/19/19. The trail is snow packed and icy for the first 1.5mi and then it ends. The trail has absolutely beautiful sights & was truly worth the effort!

2 days ago

The hike to the Wind Cave is relatively easy for an avid hiker. There is a hive at the Wind Cave so watch out for bees. If you continue past the Wind Cave you can make it to the top where there is a nice scenic view in all directions. Here is a video of what you may see up on top of the mountain. https://youtu.be/uT7U3o8kS5Q

Very nice loop. Many flowers in bloom. Great hike.

Hiking shoes/boots required. Almost no flat areas. Windy up too at times (windbreaker suggested). Plenty of water and food. Well marked but there are some off trails that can get you in trouble. I wouldn’t do this if you have bad knees or ankles. Overall, amazing trail, phenomenal views and great feeling of accomplishment after completing.

did this hike yesterday. expect 4 foot snow on north kaibab . many retuned at 1 mile out. all but us summited. we kicked in a snow path but it was waist deep at times I wanted to give up the whole time. entire return was moonlit wonderland. but stoping just 5 min. with 3 layers was frigid. more snow gear recommended. . .water proof shows and extra socks. we took 3l water each and used it . tho there was water at last camp before n kaibab. . . good luck be safe. turn back if you need to. 45 miles 22 hours.

we got on the trail around 7:00am, which was great because we had the waterfall and overlook to ourselves! saw a number of people on the way down.

up in 43:40 today. great hike but starting to get crowded

Awesome hike! Began at 7 when it was still dark. Made it to the point at around 1030. We took a break at almost every stop along the way (there's a rest house every 1.5 miles) because my knees bother me going downhill. Spikes for shoes are recommended during winter but there were people doing it (and slipping) without them. Made it back to the top around 1:30 in the afternoon. Don't underestimate the hike back up. My legs were dead by the time we reached the top. Worth it for the great view of the Colorado River at the plateau.

Definitely a must do!

Great trail with nice views and piece of history. Good, easy to follow trail most of the way. There are a few spots that get a tad slick or steep but overall trail is very manageable. Nice shaded break area at the turn around by the water fall. Will not disappoint, travel safe.

We planned for 3.5 hours because of some of the reviews but we kept a pretty quick pace and hiked it in 2.5 with a quick, maybe 20 minute, lunch break at the “waterfall”.

What a fabulous hike! The Superstition Mountains offer spectacular, rugged views with many unusual rock formations throughout this hike. We also appreciated that the steep rocky inclines seemed balanced by lengthy stretches of relatively flat walking. The falls’ themselves have very little water flow, but the wet, black cliff walls with trickling sounds that we could walk right up to were very great bonuses.. We were pretty leisurely in our approach—took lots of (warranted!) photos and a couple snack breaks. We were back at our vehicle in about 5 hours. The stunning views and varied terrain on this hike are not to be missed!

This trail was absolutely breathtaking! The entire way up and down had the most beautiful views. It was not an easy hike but the views from the top were so worth the climb. Give yourself time and bring plenty of water and food if you get hungry! Our pup came with us and he did great too. The trail is well marked with white paint. You can purchase a parking pass at the trail head. Beware: the trail is ACROSS the street from the restrooms and payment areas. 10/10 recommend!

Pretty views all around! Easy to navigate- go right at a fork close to the top to get to the waterfall. I found it pretty easy but I hike a lot so moderate seems like a fair overall rating. We clocked 5.9 miles but did explore a little!

no shade
off trail
over grown
4 days ago

I just completed the Superstition Ridgeline hike for the second time, this time starting from the Flatiron end.
Epic hike! Visited both the summit above Flatiron and La Barge 5,057' and clocked 13.1 miles and over 4,700' elevation gain. The whole trip took about 8 hours including breaks. Nice to have company this time!
This hike is long and hard so remember to train for it. My legs were hurting going down Carney Springs.

no shade
4 days ago

Great trail! Some scrambling required to get up to the cave, looking forward to trying out the rough portion past the cave next time I go.

I hiked this trail in July and was disappointed because I couldn’t do the whole thing. It’s beautiful and the descent is not too difficult, but the trip back up will take about twice as long. I want to come back and complete the trail because of its amazing scenic route through the Grand Canyon.

Beautiful views, trail is easy to follow.

Tough, very technical hike for the inexperienced. Amazing views at the top and well worth it. Very poorly marked trail. Even harder coming down. Go slow and watch for cairns.

4 days ago

Just got back into hiking, and was looking for a trail near me that was similar to Camelback, or Squaw Peak....this was a great suggestion from a friend. This is going on my weekly list.

great trail..not for beginners

washed out
5 days ago

I’m sure this is a lovely spot if you can make it there. The road in there is a 37 MILE LONG dirt road. Great, so it’s gonna take forever. You will need a 4-wheel drive if you going to make it more than 20 miles when the very hard, packed, rocky dirt road suddenly turns into muddy sludge so thick that a normal car, high clearance or not, absolutely can’t make it through and then you have to be rescued by hot cowboys and turn around and end a wasted day. So the moral of the story is don’t go after it’s rained and you probably need a 4x4 just to be safe.

One of my favorite afternoon and sunset trails. The park is open till 10pm on Friday and Saturdays so work backwards to figure out how much time you’ll need to end up back at the trailhead about 30 min past sunset :)

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