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5 days ago

Beautiful scenery, good workout with some elevation changes. Very rocky, be sure to wear shoes with good tread, especially if it has recently rained. My favorite trail at Petit Jean so far. Went on a Friday afternoon in August (very humid, obviously, but not too crazy hot as it is very shaded), didn’t see any other people at all.

Very fun and warm afternoon. The hike is mostly shaded with a very well maintained and well marked trail. The trail is moderate but may be hard for anyone with knee issues as a lot of the trail consists of rock making a staircase.
The trail starts at Mather Lodge, we parked in the parking lot, used the nice bathrooms in the lodge and then started the hike. We did take an offshoot trail marked bear caves which extended the hike a bit. It took us one hour to get to the falls and back. There are nice rocks by the falls to have a picnic or rest for awhile.
We didn’t see any snakes but when we got back to the trailhead a woman spotted a snake and screamed, we were happy to be done with the trail at that point.

11 days ago

By far it was a beautiful view. I was amazed every corner I turned. The waterfall was beautiful. I went during rainy season so I saw multiples falls. The cave, WOW!!! You have to be there to know what I felt. We took the bear gulch trail!!!! Very nice..

12 days ago

Did this hike last fall before I was a member.. cooler weather was definitely a plus, loved the hike. Great smells, cool breezes, fall colors in swing.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Not a beginners trail at all should not be rated easy at all. Trail is clean and great but not for beginners

12 days ago

I got married at Cadron Settlement Park. Beautiful place. Nice views of the Arkansas River. Descent trails. Can be a bit confusing. Overall nice trail though. Have seen some deer.

Lots of fun crevices to explore. Great for the whole family.

13 days ago

I drove down from Memphis in hopes of getting close to the waterfall. I was led to a trail start that overlooked a valley where I could only hear the waterfall, but there was no visible way down to get close to the fall. I heard what sounded like people below who were possibly hiking to the fall, but no one seemed to know how to get to where they were. I was quite disappointed. I saved up and planned for this trip and saw nothing related to a waterfall.

18 days ago

I did this hike with my 11yr old son and we really enjoyed it. The trail is nice and shaded for the most part. The highlight is obviously the waterfall and even though it wasn't gushing, it was still beautiful. We spent some time just enjoying that area and taking pics before returning. Be prepared to scramble over some large rocks if you want to get closer to the waterfall. The return is steep at the end as you travel up several switch backs to get back to the lodge where the trail begins. It was steep but not that bad for us. I think we stopped maybe once for a drink of water. I could see it being more troublesome for people with knee or other joint issues. The hike took us a total of 1.5 hours including time hanging out at the waterfall. Great hike and I would love to return sometime after some rain.

19 days ago

Nice trail marked very well. scenic views and cool caves. creek and waterfall was dry due to lack of rain though. Will return in fall for fall colors. Gradual inclines but still a great workout!

Moderate-difficult hike. View from the top is excellent. Carry plenty of water especially during summer months.

mountain biking
26 days ago

I bought a brand new bike and tried this as my first trail. It’s rated as easy, but I would think it’s more along the moderate level. There are lots of challenging hills , plenty of small rocks and tree roots, cool turns. I found the trails intersected at multiple locations which made it difficult to follow. I wouldn’t try this for your first mountain bike outing though!

28 days ago

Less traffic than Cedar Falls. We swam in the Blue Hole to cool off (it was a hot day) then took the BSA Trail to Seven Hollows Trail to BSA Trail back to the lodge to make a loop. The scenery on part of the BSA became monotonous and it was hotter than the Canyon Trail, with no wildlife to be heard/seen (rugged country). There were really cool canyons and rock formations from Seven Hollows trail back to the lodge. We did a side trip at Bear Cave Trail too which was really nice.

As everyone said. The waterfall is gorgeous. The stairs back up are brutal.

The cave was super relaxing. You can access this trail from the boy scout loop

We went on a hike here yesterday and it was wonderful. If you do the Rockefeller by itself, then it's an 8 miler. Adding the seven hollow trail is what makes it over 14 miles. During a 90° day, it's tough but well worth it, alot of shade. The sites were spectacular. If you dont wanna do a hike that long, you don't have to. This trail has 5-6 trails within it that range from 1-4 miles. Definitely a hidden gem between 2 national parks and worth the trip!

Great view of waterfall! The walk down is easy. However, on the trip back up the last part will get your heart pumping!

A nice, long walk right next to downtown Little Rock. Critters and birds galor, My only wish would be a little more shade and an added water bubbler or two. Do bring water with, there are a couple on the path but they're spread out if you're just going for a casual walk and are from more northern climes like myself. All in all, time well spent and a great project to enjoy the riverfront.

Tough but doable.

A super nice workout!! The view is amazing. Was so much more than I expected. I’ll be coming back for sure

So I did this trail last year and to say it’s a rewarding hike is an understatement! I’m a big gal and it took me some time to get to the top (like 2 hrs) but it was such a rewarding view! It’s a bucket list hike and still so proud of myself. It’s mostly climbing btw not hiking.

Great trail for a newer hiker. Took the family on this one. They got a little hot but did great. Will probably hike this one again. .

Awesome hike! View from the top is totally worth it!!

Loved it, very fun and exciting in the rain! Wear proper shoes!

Toughest climb I've done - rock scrambling, heart pumping, gorgeous views. can't wait to do the west side!

1 month ago

Easy short trail that wound around rock formations that were really neat.

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this place is! Definitely worth the trip. However, if you want get the full effect, go after the leaves have fallen. The canyons are absolutely stunning! You can go now during the summer and it’s still beautiful. But, I cannot wait for fall and winter months to go back!! Also, I didn’t know about the Cedar Falls just right up the road a bit. Go there and there is also big caves to explore in that area. I went to see them. It’s just a fantastic state park!

2 months ago

Great Trail! We did the grotto as well. The kids loved it. I'd say it is kid friendly. We stopped at the Natural bridge and had lunch on top.

Easy trail. Look up at the ceiling of the cave when you get there.

2 months ago

Love this trail! Waterfalls and trail is along the creek. We took 4 small children and they enjoyed it. Kid friendly.

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