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Great, steep hike. Our hike measured 4.3 miles round trip. Beware the stickers that will puncture your clothes and dig themselves into you skin. Spent an hour pulling them out with tweezers. But the gorgeous views made it worth it.

Awesome view!!! Great workout, worth every second of soreness afterwards

15 days ago

Beautiful trail, loved how I could watch the vegetation change with the elevation. I did this with my pack and camped at Juniper Basin. Definitely cold and subject to cloud cover this time of year (December), but no one else was out there so I had Tanque Verde peak to myself.

Great views of Tucson

Great Trail with nice views.

A great trail, pretty challenging. At few places you need to climb a rock a bit.

This Trail is very difficult and only experienced hikers should climb this mountain. This trail is a climb up to Pusch Peak and in some places is a real struggle. The trail is a total of 4.5 miles round trip. Once you reach the summit there are amazing views of Tuscan. You will realize that the trip going up takes longer than going down. Overall this trail is very difficult but the views are worth the climb.

We only went up for 3.5 miles from Javelina Picnic area but it took us a long time because we had to admire and photograph all the beautiful flowers and grasses along the trail, not to mention the view. It’s inexorably upward but there are plenty of switchbacks. There is no shade, but in mid-November, the exposure was reasonable with a wide brim hat and sunscreen. It is a delightful trail.

Well worth it for the views and the wildlife. If you can, train first. Stair-climber at gym 3-4x per week helped me successfully summit this peak the first time. Elevation gain is tough and becomes gradually more noticeable especially after you pass the Josephine Saddle. The view from the peak is breathtaking, if you haven't already lost your breath on the way up.

Wear thick socks or your feet (especially toes) will bleed and blister on the way down. Bring plenty of water/powerade/etc and start early in the day. The descent is extremely rocky and hard on knees, ankles, toes, etc.,

10 out of 10, would recommend to any experienced hiker

I hiked this trail for the third time and it never gets easy. This time I used poles and it helped a lot.

11 to the top.. no big horns this time but so many wild flowers this time.. amazing views and brutal hike as usual!! ❤️❤️

Great hike, some thorned vines loved my clothing and legs. Solo hike, some parts of trail were easy to lose for me.

this is such an awesome trial system . the first time going out here was quite a beautiful surprise. this trail pushed me a lot harder then I was expecting! a great experience

Was a tough hike. The views were amazing. So worth it.

Beautiful passage, trail a bit overgrown heading NOBO past red bank well. Hard to pick up the trail again during the multiple creek crossings

Be prepared, it’s somewhat hard up and down, but well worth it; I saw Bighorn Sheep, Golden Eagles, and Rattlesnakes.
The views from the top are great, took my time, had lunch at the top and just enjoyed the experience.

Hard but awesome !!

I underestimated this one. Got to the parking lot around 3:45 and thought I could get it in before dark. Ended up hiking the last leg in complete darkness. Very fun!! Got to see the sunset at the top. No bighorns but a couple of peregrine falcons put on a show for me in the canyon. This hike definitely was a challenge. Not for beginners but so much fun of your up for a challenge

West approach from Madera is perfect for summer hiking. Lots of shade on the trail was a bonus.

3 months ago

This is a challenging hike and it covers 11.5 miles one way. It can be hiked year round, but this is actually too hot to hike in its lower elevations during May through September when temperatures often reach well above 100 degrees in the afternoon. The trail begins at the Javelina Picnic area and ends at Cowhead Saddle. Total elevation gain is over 4000 feet one way. The high point is Tanque Verde Peak. The views from the top are wonderful. Many people just do a day hike from Javelina Picnic area to Tanque Verde Peak and return to the Javelina Picnic area (for a round trip total of 17.9 miles).

Trip number 10 to the top and it’s as hard as the first time!!! Saw big horns again, 9 of them.. so calm and relaxing at the top!!

This is one of my favorites around Tucson. It's a bit over 10 miles round trip and worth every step. This trail is a good one in the heat as it benefits from being on a west face and mostly tree covered, just start early. It is consistently up, but never too steep with a great summit. Enjoy!

Make sure to stay hydrated... this trail ain’t for beginners !!!

This is my favorite trail around. It's steep enough to test you no matter how fit you are and has a great summit. There's also a chance of seeing some bighorn sheep too.

nature trips
4 months ago

Beautiful hike with lots of potential wildlife sightings. Went last weekend and saw a Ringtail! Tried to find him again today but no luck. Saw him near an overlook at just under the first mile mark.

As many times as I have done this trail, it doesn’t get easier but by far my favorite trail!! Happy lucky Sunday, saw big horn at pretty close distance, 8 of them!! And a Gila monster at the top!! Well worth my Sunday!!

Pretty difficult but totally worth it. Took me four hours. My iPhone recorded 7.5 miles for the trail.

Easy hike for my kids!

Beautiful. Hard. Do it. You won’t regret it.
Know that it’s 13.2 miles, not 10.

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