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A good loop trail. Boots required and a pole (or two) is handy. We followed the advice of returning hikers and began at the Marshall Gulch trailhead to the right of the bathrooms (marker reads "Marshall Gulch #3"). After a gradual shady ascent on a mica laden trail, you reach the trail intersection. Turn left onto the Aspen Trail. Big views of the basin and range emerge ahead, along with some steep down hill sections before returning to the picnic area parking lot. Parking is limited.

Good trail to the waterfall. Considering that this is Arizona, it was nice to see water although it wasn’t anything to write home about. Overall, I had a fantastic hike!

Difficult, but loved it!!!

7 days ago

One of my all-time favorite hikes!

off road driving
10 days ago

This is my “go to” trail for a good wheeling experience. The three feathers obstacle and big hill just before you get to it are a lot of fun. You can spend a full day out on the trails and checking out the fall. If you have a 4x4 it’s your passport to this diamond in the middle of the desert!

off road driving
11 days ago

Completed this great trail in a stock 4Runner with AT tires. Needed spotting coming down the 3 Feathers obstacle to avoid dented doors. We came across multiple boulder ranges with rocks 10"-12" in size and quite a few water crossings. When you get to the Chiva waterfall, you can boulder hop to the left or stay to the right for an easier path to walk to the falls. This was a great run.

12 days ago

Great hike in perfect weather and when the falls are falling (which they were on 03/04/2018). Also makes for a great trail running loop if you include the Three Tank Trail and Garwood Trail. Note that this area is very exposed for those hot summer days.

A little snow but mostly dry trails. I was hoping for more views but it was a great hike.

My favorite hike of all time! I love bringing people here from in and out of town! You forget you’re even in AZ!!!

beautiful hike, fun trail

Great little loop. Not too long and not too short for a morning hike with the dogs. There was just a little bit of snow, a lot has melted which made the trail pretty muddy and slippery in some areas but overall the trail was great and easy to follow.

The weather is perfect right now and there is water at the water fall

Well developed trial. Easy to follow. Turn left to Esperero trial to see window rock. Took us about 11 hours to Window rock and back. We are a group of hikers without much experience.

Beautiful Tucson day and beautiful hike. A bit rocky but navigable. Little water in the pools. A little past the pools the vegetation change to more green with trees. Prettier. Make sure you watch for the cairns along the way. Would do it again.

Beautiful hike!

This is the second time I’ve hiked this trail, both times in February. Plenty of water at the falls!

Hiked up Old Baldy came back on the Super Trail. Lot of ice on the North side, snow 2 feet deep toward the summit. Very soft snow on the South side. Have been up there several times before but this was the best. A real adventure. January 2017

Great hike with lots of water at the bottom. Not as easy as some have said. Steep slopes with rocky footing at times. Still it was very doable. We could see the falls in the distance as we went down into the canyon. Water was running heavy and fast in the creek creating lots of rapids. Couldn’t get back to the falls. Too much water to go up the creek. Some of the more agile young people worked their way around and went up about a quarter of a mile but they too turned back. We also walked down the upper trail and got some outstanding views of upper part of the creek and canyon.

Great trail, use the tram to get to the trail head not gps- gps drops you a mile from the actual trail head. Very heavily trafficked.

Amazing hike w/the beautiful waterfall.

26 days ago

This hike was the one that got me started hiking & backpacking back in 1988. I was a soldier stationed at Fort Huachuca. Some of my buddies & I hiked to the summit. Back then, there was a USFS lookout tower on the peak, so we hiked up ther & spent the night. It was in fall, and the wind howled all night! One of the guys brought a bottle of blackberry brandy, and to this day 30 years later, I always take a little blackberry brandy with me when I'm solo or with adults on a non-Scout backpacking/camping trip.
Good memories!

28 days ago

Fun hike! Bring lots of water!! The water was running at the falls and it was beautiful!

1 month ago

Breathtaking views but kind of a drag that to get to the trail you have to walk a mile through an easement with barbed wire fence on either side. Large rocks/boulders cover a large part of the trail and the trail is not well marked. It’s a great workout because of elevation gain. I experienced a spiritual tranquility being surrounded by
what really can only be described as the majesty of nature.

Nice hike. Just a drip at the falls during this dry season. Took Carrillo trail coming back making it 7.25.

1 month ago

Today we tried to get to the window but after 3.93 miles up we decided it was time to turn around. Boy, we were all too tired and the heat certainly didn't help either.

Really nice to get out of the desert and into the forest. The hike is definitely moderate and not difficult. I took my dog and she loved running in the spring. She was a little freaked out walking on ice in parts where the stream froze over. Amazing views over the city in a couple of different places. The trail was well marked and easy to navigate. The smell of the forest was refreshing.

1 month ago

excellent trail, even without water flowing

Hot and very exposed. Only went 3 miles because dogs started to over heat. Will definitely come back early a.m. and complete the entire trail.

1 month ago

Great trail and fun hike! I have completed portions of the trail previously when hiking the Agua Caliente Loop. Today, my dog and I hiked the Arizona Trail from Molino Basin and connected to the end of the Milagrosa Trail. Fantastic views of the canyons. We went off the trail a few times to sit on the boulders along the canyon walls. Didn't see any other hikers but did get startled by a Mountain Biker. Well definitely do this trail again!

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