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Amazing hike. Switch backed over steams then ponds of water. Rock climbing. Kiddos loved it. I would rate this as a harder hike, more difficult thru some areas. Some slippery rocks. The hike was totally worth it, when you get to the top it is priceless!!

Awesome hike!! Rocks are slippery. Be careful!! Don’t try to do any stunts by seven falls. Take tram if you have less time to hike. Checked my Bucket list

A nice hike with family from Oregon. Way too many people so didn’t hike all the way down. It was a little warm but manageable.

Please be sure to read my
“VERY IMPORTANT NOTE” at the end!!!

The parking lot and trails fill up fast and be sure to bring plenty of water for the trek. There was lots of water at the falls (3/12/18) along with people and even some crazy ones that jumped in above the falls. The incline is moderate and you cross over the creek 5-7 times before making the final ascent up to the falls and was easily done without getting my feet wet. I suggest that you take advantage of any nice shaded spots to stop and rest on the way up. Overall I enjoyed myself immensely and would recommend this trail to anyone. .

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: there are huge flat rocks at the falls that are very slippery. I managed to slip while still wearing my hiking boots, but luckily didn’t fall. So, I cannot stress enough to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL and use great caution at all times. Taking even greater caution if you happen to take off your shoes and get your feet wet.

on Tumamoc Hill

7 days ago

This is one of my favorite favs! It’s definitely challenging and I try to do it at least once each time we’re in Tuscon (2x yr)!

Four stars because of the limited public access (Sunday’s).

8 days ago

Love the view from the top, steep but great way to get your stamina up for hikes

3/10/18 - pools were full and waterfalls were running! Absolutely beautiful!

Great hike Salsa Dave

It's very steep in the second half, but you will be rewarded by a great view at the top. I was hope to see some wild flower in this trail, but there are few in early March.

Great hike! Very easy but worth the falls at the end!

I went a couple months ago and should have picked a different time of year. There was barely any water at the falls and it was hot

10 days ago

Nice little hike. Steep.

I have hiked this trail twice. Both times, I was with others who weren’t ready for the the trek. Consequently, each time, I had turn around at the 3/4 point. It’s frustrating, but I can’t push others beyond their limitations. I hike with others for safety and company, but I may have to return by myself in order to actually make it to the falls. (I’ve read that this time of year is perfect because the falls are beautiful after the mountain snow melts.) I am always concerned about safety when hiking alone, but I wouldn’t be alone on this “touristy” trek. However, once I do it, I probably won’t return. This trail is simply too crowded—hence, my rating. (Who knows, that rating may change after I actually SEE the falls.)
1. Leave early to try to beat the crowds and heat.
2. Take cash for Bear Canyon tram, if you plan to ride it.
3. Start at the Bear Canyon Trailhead to avoid tram fees and long lines.
4. Take your trekking poles!
5. Take plenty of water!
6. Don’t attempt this trek if you are a beginner.
7. Take your patience; some people are rude.
8. Wear old shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.
9. Wear shorts, as you may wade in the creek, depending on water depth.
10. Have dry shoes and socks in your backpack or car.
11. Take snacks for the trail.
12. Be aware that this is a 6-8 mile RT hike, depending on where you start. (The falls are approx 3 mi from the last tram stop.)
13. Be aware that there are no RR facilities past the last tram stop.

Very easy trail and well maintained. It’s long but worth the hike to the falls

We went past the turnoff to seven falls — no people and some nice areas

off road driving
13 days ago

This is my “go to” trail for a good wheeling experience. The three feathers obstacle and big hill just before you get to it are a lot of fun. You can spend a full day out on the trails and checking out the fall. If you have a 4x4 it’s your passport to this diamond in the middle of the desert!

13 days ago

That was a great hike. Found the toughest thing was all the loose stones going up the trail, but otherwise it was a pretty straight forward hike. Great views in so many areas. Took the wash on the way back from the picnic area and got to see some of the Pictograph?? Only saw a couple of Road runners. Not sure where people said they had to pay. Came across W Gates Pass and Kinney road. Trail started across from the museum. Highly recommended hike.

13 days ago

Great hike. Definitely deserving of its “Hard” difficulty rating. Make sure to get an early start it took me about 3 hours round-trip and coming back down the trail in the afternoon sun is a killer. Beware of false summits. Continue along the trail until you reach the final trail sign designating the end of Blackett’s Ridge. Talked to a couple in the parking lot afterward who turned back around after the second false summit. It’s worth the climb!

off road driving
14 days ago

Completed this great trail in a stock 4Runner with AT tires. Needed spotting coming down the 3 Feathers obstacle to avoid dented doors. We came across multiple boulder ranges with rocks 10"-12" in size and quite a few water crossings. When you get to the Chiva waterfall, you can boulder hop to the left or stay to the right for an easier path to walk to the falls. This was a great run.

Great hike, used trail running shoes, had no problems.

Wonderful day for a nice hike to 7 falls. So much water, love it love it love it, and on the way back, we also hiked to the dam, beautiful!

Took about 1 hour and 45 mins to reach the top! Very awesome views! A great challenge, be sure to eat a good meal before this hike for energy! Saw 5 mule deer on the way up

Just completed this hike with my 67 year old husband and it was a great trip up to Wasson Peak. We started this morning from the King Canyon trailhead parking and it climbed up, up, up for 1535 ft until reaching the summit. Great, interesting, challenging, and fun trail to hike. We took 5 hours RT but took our time. It is rocky but the trail is in great condition and wide enough so you don’t feel like you’re on a goat trail. This is a must do if you like elevation. We did not spot any wildlife.

Fun trail with great views and water falls

It took 57 min from Visitor Center to the top with my max speed. Incredible view from the narrpw ridge.

Well developed trial. Easy to follow. Turn left to Esperero trial to see window rock. Took us about 11 hours to Window rock and back. We are a group of hikers without much experience.

Beautiful Tucson day and beautiful hike. A bit rocky but navigable. Little water in the pools. A little past the pools the vegetation change to more green with trees. Prettier. Make sure you watch for the cairns along the way. Would do it again.

Good trail well marked and great views.

Great cardio workout! For people of all ages!

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