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so amazing

13 creek crossings and very rocky and so difficult to run second portion. The water is low and someone can stay dry despite all the crossings. The trails becomes more of a power hike after leaving the canyon floor. The maiden pools are worth the stop.

no shade
1 day ago

This trail is great for a cardio workout! I recommend shoes with good grip as coming down the trail can be a little steep. The trail can be a little crowded with groups but I don’t mind. I do this trail at least once a month as a conditioning hike because it offers so much in the way of physical training. And the view from the top can’t be beat!

What started out as a thought for a nice 2-4 mile hike on a beautiful January day turned into a determination to reach “The Window”, but I was not prepared for the length and physical endurance it requires. First, I did not pack near enough water and I made the mistake of not having breakfast or taking any fuel to keep my body going. While I barely made it to the top due to this and the fact that the Ventana trail splits and you need to take Esperero up and then follow the ridge to the “Window”, which was not clear to me, but out of sheer determination I made it! The descent was formidable and as I reached the last hours my body was exhausted! Luckily for me some other hikers shared water and cliff bars with me allowing me to make it back. Beautiful views of the valley on both sides of the mountain once you summit.

We got off Phoneline accidentally and ended up picking up the Phoneline Link trail which was beautiful with many different types of cacti and leafy trees providing shade. Nice climb up switchbacks with views. We had to travel down Phoneline about 1/2 mile to reach Blackett’s TH, but it makes a nice loop. Steady climb, avoid in high heat. Summit is marked by a sign but views at the top do not really surpass what you see on the way. Still a great workout and fun to summit. Loop added an additional 1.5 miles for a total of 7.5 miles and 1800 feet of climbing.

2 days ago

Well maintained trail, steady climb and views make this a great trail when exploring the west side of the park. Be sure to do the loop to see all parts of this beautiful hike. Close to 8 miles if you loop vs 6 for out and back on King Canyon Trail.

One of my favorite hike in Tucson. My one year old son and I hike on 12/31 and it was beautiful, lots of flowing water and the falls was beautiful. If you are planning on hiking with a Baby make sure to bring hiking sticks they are very handy when you are coming down hill.

4 days ago

“As good as it gets” for a short, in-city hike. Although it’s short, it’s pretty steep. It provides a good workout in very little time. The road is paved, so no need for hiking shoes. There is no shade or water on the road.

LOVE this hike all year round. I start bringing my children at age 4. Child back carrier possible but not alone, I'd bring someone to help with the steep areas and climbing down areas for child safety. Not stopping with a decent pace is 1hr 45min from bear canyon trail. Road dead ends - turn left- parking around to the right. HOWEVER this map is showing from sabino canyon. Be smart and bring extra water. July monsoons watch for thunder head clouds and hike back immediately once you see them forming. 7 crossovers. Last 2 are about 15-20 min long each. Possible chance of shoes getting wet when water is high. Bathroom and water fountain are on the road before the main trailhead.

One great hike. Elevation is doable. Scenery is beautiful. About six creek crossings and we did get wet up to our ankles, but it didn’t bother us cause it was a gorgeous day. Would definitely recommend this hike.

5 days ago

We usually hike on the E/NE side of Tucson. If this is the case for you, too....don't do that. Please include this trail in your do list. We took the King Canyon Trail out then returned via Hugh Norris Trail, Sendero Esperanza Trail, and Gould Mine Trail. I would recommend doing it in this order if you do the loop. The views of Tucson and the Sonora Desert museum area are amazing and you don't want to be looking down at your feet finding the next step and miss it.

The return trails are mostly a very gradually descending, sandy pathway. Very easy to see and navigate. I believe that the signs on these contrast what is marked on maps. I THOUGHT that the first part of the trail up top was Sendero Esperanza on the signs but it says Hugh Norris on the map. Maybe? I dunno.

Regardless, after about 2 miles on the return hike, you come to a sign that gives you 3 or 4 options to continue. We took what indicated we were hiking to a picnic area. We never saw that picnic area but shortly later on the at trail we took a turn back toward the parking lot on the "King Canyon Trailhead" (vs King Canyon TRAIL)

I found this to be one of the most rewarding hikes in the Tucson area I have ever done.

Badass anytime of year !!! Best put on your big boy pants for this one !!!

It is not moderate hike. Starts out moderate but as get down to river it is dangerous and can see where people have been airlifted out as one slip can be life threatening. Made it down almost to end by river was high and too dangerous to cross last part and decided not to jump over 5 foot crossed where a shoot was below as if slipped would have been one of the airlifted ones out. Not worth risk to get killed, wouldn't recommend for children. The look point trail doesn't have trail, tried to follow in alltrails app and was though cactus field and turned back and was sick of getting cuts from the cactus's.

360 views. Great hike.

It is an amazing hike. Summer can get HOT, so be sure to bring lots of water. During the winter/spring the water can be a little high at times BUT if the water at the crossings is up, then the views of the waterfalls become even better.

excellent hike for a challenging day out!

9 days ago

Challenging hike with steep grades and deep steps. The footing is rocky but not the worst. There’s no shade on this trail and it can get windy up there. Great views of Sabino Canyon and Tucson.

Super fun! However - it is important to note that from the parking lot, round trip, the hike is 10 miles to the falls, not 7.8 as the AllTrails info indicates. Being plenty of water, wear shoes you’re OK with getting wet, and a hat.

Great hike. Constant elevation gain with minimal leveling points. Very rocky with loose gravel. Take your time. Beautiful views of cacti and surrounding mountains. Completed 1/12/19 4hrs 7.2 miles.

Gorgeous views, great challenge. the scenery would be nicer with less invasive grass (mostly buffelgrass and fountain grass) though!

I recommend hiking the loop instead of out and back. The scenery and trail are nicer to the northwest. Five deer were on the shady side of the mountain.

13 days ago

Great half day hike. Amazing 360 views of the city of Tuscon and the canyon and valley. Out and back took approximately 2.5-3hours carrying a 6month old on our back. The trail is very well maintained and is a gradual climb. Very straight forward hike, not challenging just a steady climb. Good for all ages and hiking ability. I would not say this is a hard climb just a steady one. Views are worth it.

Great way to get a workout in! My first time was rough but I did it. My boyfriend made me push it!

Great hike! Did it later in the day which gave us great sunset views on the way back. Love that there is a waterfall at the end.

This trail is difficult and is worth the view at the end of the trail.

off road driving
17 days ago

Did this a couple years ago in a stock land cruiser with No Lockers and was pretty tough. Did it again after upgrading to 35's and lockers and towing a small trailer, and was pretty easy. the best part is the falls, which you have to go at the right time of year for (I think around february? or after it rains?)

We did the Douglas Spring Trail to Bridal Wreath Falls, about 6.3 miles out and back. It so happened to snow the morning of our hike, and it was so-o-o beautiful. Views of the Tucson and Rincon mountains were scenic.

Nice loop - great views at the top and worth it if you haven’t seen this side of Saguro!

The address that the app brings you too in the directions is a private property. When you get to the intersection that is at the end of the directions just make a left and the parking lot and trail head is right there.

Definitely try getting there as early as possible. We got to the trail head around 8:20am and the parking lot was relatively empty. By the time we were in our way back there was way more foot traffic and the parking lot was pretty much full around 12:30

It was a great hike - 9 miles round trip from trailhead to the falls. It took us 3hr50min and that includes relaxing at the falls for a little bit. Views and terrain were great. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because at times the trail is pretty poorly marked. But glad we did it and would recommend checking it out.

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