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Tucson, AZ - Easy Map

We went on this easy, short hike at 8am on a weekday in August. There was great cloud cover and temperatures were around 80 degrees. We were the only people out, and we saw a lot of birds including a pair of great horned owls and a Harris hawk. We also saw a desert tortoise burrow, many lizards and butterflies, and a beautiful shiny black snake called a coach whip!

There were signs along the way identifying the iconic plants of the desert, and everything was green due to rains the night before.

If you go during monsoon season, bring bug spray as there are many mosquitoes. Even though this is a short hike, water and sun protection is needed.

We took our time, and the whole loop was about a 40 minute walk with a few steps down and up.

Nice hike for the average adult. my little dog did the hike also. Great views!

Beautiful trail. Hiked it this morning and the views were great. Make sure to have water.

Great views and a fun trail run! Great gnats this time of year. 4/5 sour patch kids.

1 month ago

We enjoyed mountain therapy and had a great hike on the Fourth of July! For the trailhead, look for mile marker #4400, which is right off of the paved road a few hundred feet away from the Steward Observatory. On the way back to the trailhead we took Mt. Lemmon Trail #5, which has a moderate designation; there was a bit of an incline with some rocky parts but quite manageable for adults with average health. I recommend Mt. Lemmon Trial #5 for the return hike because of the great scenery. Be sure to take a detour to visit the fire ranger’s lodge. Fire ranger Jeff was very friendly and invited us into his lodge for a chat. He shared with us how he “catches fire” around Mt. Lemmon with a cool giant compass looking instrument. Overall, I recommend this hike for hikers of all levels.


nice quick hike.

I’ve been doing this trail for 10 years never disappoints. Easy and great to take friends on.

Easy, short hike especially during golden hour. Gives you an idea of what the whole NP has to offer. The informational placards were nice.

Loved it here. Even in 95 degree weather

on Phoneline Trail

3 months ago

This is a good hike for newcomers acclimating or visitors not content to stay on the tram, with nice views of lower Sabino Canyon.

Easy hike
Wonderful views

3 months ago

Hike Up from Sabino Visitor Center & tram down. Lovely shade along Phoneline in am.

nice walk, scenic, lots of shade.

This easy hike had some surprising, beautiful rock formations, including some places to scramble around and explore. It pretty easy, too, for our older dog to manage. I would definitely go again.

Nice easy trail. I lay on the stone beside the river for a while. Watching the blue sky, listening to the music, I spent a satisfied morning.

Great spot to get away. Really enjoyed some of the views and being on this simple, yet quiet hike.

Nice hike but trail is not great. I spent most of my time looking down so as not to slip on all the loose rock and dirt so I missed much of the beauty of the area. Did see a small herd of mule deer close to the end of the trail though.

This was an enjoyable 2 hour hike with my tween daughter. This canyon has a tram traveling a ways up on a paved road. There are 2-3 places within the first half of the hike within view of this road/trolley. We enjoyed 2 crossings on rocks over a low stream. The second half is less busy, and most of the time we felt like the only ones in the canyon, with no sight of the city on the other side of the ridge. Beautiful views. A sign warning of recent mountain lion sighting. The only wildlife sled saw were the small lizards though, which was fine by me!

4 months ago

fun little walk to stretch your legs after the 27mi drive up. views are gorgeous. the drive enticed me to do so many more hikes along the way. i will be back.

Great hike and mostly cool and shaded. My dog loved all the stream access along the way! We took the road back so I could grab a snack at the Santa Rita lodge gift shop. Not too crowded on a Friday, will definitely put this on our repeat list!

I hiked both the North and South trails.

South trail is where the stone bridge (seen in the photos) is located. The ramadas and toilets are also located here. The toilets are in piss-poor condition (pun intended), and the actual trail is not clearly marked. These are the reasons for my low rating.

North trail is where the petroglyphs are located. You must hike through the wash and under the overpass. The petroglyphs are on a low rock face, on the left, near the end of the wash.

5 months ago

This was a great experience for someone used to hiking on the east coast! Took the tram to the end and hiked back on the phoneline. Just about 2 hours total and some great sights.

Great small hike in beautiful country!

5 months ago

Great hike with lots of running water!!

5 months ago

My favorite so far in Tucson. There are actually quite a few options of other trails after you get on the trail about 1/8th of a mile, and it’s all clearly marked so no confusion if you are on the trail or not. And the Saguaro cactus are abundant, and beautiful! Lots of mountain bikers come through so just be aware of trail etiquette (step to the side when you hear them coming), and you will be great (and they all appreciate it when you do this). Only downside is no facilities anywhere (no gas station bathrooms nearby either), so be prepared for that...

Great short trail. It may be easy for 20 to 40 year olds , but a little challenging for a 62 year old fart.

Parking nightmare! Great if u stay at the Marriott. Otherwise plan to pay $15
StarrPass Trail is better option.

5 months ago

This trail was great. The views were pretty spectacular going into th canyon. I've only done a few hikes in Tucson so far but this one is my favorite.

I did this yesterday. I would say that it is only rated moderate due to the length of the trail. As for the actually difficulty of the hiking, it is an easy trail. February was the perfect time to go with weather in the 70’s. Beautiful views.

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