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1 hour ago

Beautiful views of the city and surrounding area. Did solo- no issue of losing the trail or not knowing where to go. Did the out and back and would like to do the loop next time around. Started from King Canyon trailhead which states it’s 3.5 from the top. Was a little tired from seven falls a few days prior so it was a slog to the top. Very nice pace on the way down even checked out the picnic area! Trying the loop for sure next time and make sure to bring more snacks as a sandwich and granola for breakfast wasn’t enough. It was a super windy day so was glad to have a long sleeve and a snug hat!

Great scenery and easy walk.

Amazing hike with breathtaking views and incredible drop offs. The arch itself is incredible and captivating. Loved watching people repel down the arch. Hope to do so myself someday

Great hike. Worth doing!

21 days ago

Our favorite hike during our day at Capitol Reef! The trailhead parking lot was full but most people seemed to be on the Grand Wash trail. Definitely take water, it was full sun most of way. Amazing views! We earned our pie from the Gifford House on this one!

I did this trail on Saturday (10/20). The weather was perfect until the final mile to the summit. There was virtually no visibility, the wind was crazy, and it was rather cold. However, the climb was worth the accomplishment! Despite the weather, I stuck around at the top long enough to catch one little break in the clouds. About an hour into my decent, the summit was totally clear, so I was wishing I’d started a bit later. It was lightly trafficked, the leaves were changing, and it was the perfect hike to clear my head. I plan to go back and take another route to capture better views at the summit! It took me just under 5 hours round trip. Would definitely recommend :)

23 days ago

Loved this hike. We went earlier in the morning and there weren’t too many people on the trail. This was one of my favorite hikes at Capitol Reef.

One of my favorite hikes I’ve done so far. It gets a bit confusing (trail marker wise) towards the viewpoint but cairns were helpful. Can be slick in any conditions due to steepness, rocks or moisture so grippy shoes are a good idea. Take water if you decide to the Grand Wash combo trail as we did.

24 days ago

Steep trail at first with loose rocks. Cardio ❤️
I enjoyed this trail, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. I love Arizona

Decently interesting hike and then the arch at the end is incredible.

This really is a great trail but the first mile is stright uphill, and since its out and back, the last mile is straight down, tough on the ankles and the pups.

1 month ago

Awesome hike

wonderful hike

Lots of loose rocks, but the view is breathtaking. I almost turned around before the final mile but so glad I didn’t. Took me 4 hours but I stopped various spots for pics & a break. Best hike I’ve taken in Tucson area. But my feet are killing me now

Took Mt. Lemmon trail down to the Wilderness of Rocks trail. Neat terrain, hiking along a creek w small pools among the rocks. Was very much aware that there weren't a great deal of people, and critters love running water. Ended up being over 11 miles taking the Alpine trail back. Plenty of elevation gain.

1 month ago

When we did this hike we only saw about 10 people on the trail. It was a good, moderate hike and so beautiful!!

1 month ago

Great hike. Wonderful views all around. Lots of people.

Gorgeous hike. The last 0.5 mile is hard to track, trail wise. Keep your eye out for cairns and you should find the way.

1 month ago

One of our favorite hikes during our recent trip to 7 Utah parks. Started from Great Wash at highway 24 so it was a full morning up and back. If starting from parking lot at arch trailhead it might be a 2 hour trip out and back, max. The Cassidy Arch portion is not too difficult, only the first portion is mildly strenuous. Reminder is a winding trail with some slip rock scrambling. Some fantastic canyon views and the arch itself is amazing. Trail had only a few small groups on it at mid morning. Much of trail is full sun exposure. Great trail and suitable for families as well. Lots of space at arch so a great place to hang out and have lunch or a snack.

1 month ago

Beautiful arch and great views. Well worth the hike. Very few people in the full parking lot went up Cassidy, most wandered down the wash. A little strenuous for some during the first mile climb but we had no issue and it was over 90 and sunny so very doable. Take the hike you’ll be happy you did

Loved it and the history! Highly recommend it

awesome hike with fantastic views.

One of my favorite spot in Capitol Reef. Trail is a long staircase up to Cassidy Arch then quickly down. Heavy traffic is avoided early or late. Came down the trail in Moonlight and headlamps, which was epic. Saw kids from 8-yrs and older that still had energy after the hike. The kids were only hungry.

2 months ago

This was a very fun and semi-challenging trail! There are a few steep inclines, but many awesome viewpoints. The arch is huge! Poor marking on the trail towards the end, but you can see top of the arch from this section so we tried to follow a path as best as we could (without disturbing any plants of course). Definitely a fun hike in capitol reef!

Great hike! Recommend going early, I started up at 6:30am and had the trail to myself. It’s definitely “moderate” with a steep incline the first half mile. Not the best marked trail so keep an eye out for markers. The view of the arch at sunrise is amazing.

Great hike in Tucson! It’s fairly sleep and off putting at the beginning but it was definitely worth it. I loved seeing how the flora and fauna and the geology changed as you went up the. Went mid July, started around 8am and caught the start of a monsoon around noon. There isn’t any cover so be prepared during monsoon season!

Hiked July 10th. We went early to get ahead of the heat (lesson learned in Zion). This was our "recovery hike" as it wasn't too strenuous nor too long. We only hiked to the top of the arch and skipped any rappels. Like many reviews, I think the "easy" rating might be a bit misleading. Great views from the top and worth the couple hours invested.

Must do!!

MY GPS TOLD ME THIS HIKE WAS 11.6 MILES NOT 7.5 MILES. The elevation gain was also about 2600 feet.

Hiked down into the gulch and back up. It took a little over 5 hours. When parking at the summit, head north on the road past the gate, and immediately after the first comm tower, turn left onto the service road. When the first split comes, take a left for Lemmon Rock Trail south. Take that for the first 3.5 miles to where it splits and the train begins to go north-east, or south-west. Take the southwest route until it dead ends into Mount Lemmon Trail #5, and continue north.

on Cassidy Arch Trail

4 months ago

If you don't do the rappels this is an easy, well marked trail that is great for all the family. And a view of the arch from above is unique. My nephews did the rappel route and they loved it.

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