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on Heart of Rocks Loop

3 days ago

This is a beautiful easy to moderate trail depending on your activity level. The chiricahuas are a special place and the loop is like nothing I’ve seen in Arizona. The rock formations are amazing. Take your time and enjoy this one.

4 days ago

What Angie (+Samara) said. Do the whole thing if you can, but plan accordingly. I also finished the last few miles in the dark after hiking 10 miles in seven hours including stops. Caught it all though, including sunset followed by stars.

Heart of Rocks specifically is the furthest point in. The loop is amazing! Chiricahua is an incredible place.

Good trail to the waterfall. Considering that this is Arizona, it was nice to see water although it wasn’t anything to write home about. Overall, I had a fantastic hike!

11 days ago

Ridiculously amazing and beautiful... We were pretty whooped by the time we got here bc we started by parking at the Echo Canyon Parking lot and worked our way here but stopped by Inspiration Point... New to this trail stuff and time management is a must... The hearts of rocks loop is 1.1 miles and scenic and amazing to look at every angle but I highly recommend mapping out your trip and making sure you have enough snacks and water for the trek and a fully charged high lumens flashlight or headlamp in case the sun goes down before you get back to the parking lot if you parked at Echo Canyon Parking lot bc it is going to be a doozy trying to get back in the dark. Very scenic and you'll want to explore and climb and take pictures but take that into account of the time management and sun... We didn't... And the moon didn't show up til the end... Smh. We were whooped but safe... But it could have been bad. Thankful for the snow we utilized to stay hydrated and the north face trail shoes I purchased the day before and the retractable trekking poles for the assistance they gave us towards the end... I definitely need to go back to do the Echo Canyon trail in daylight bc it was pitch black but eerily beautiful to see how the stars were. Don't underestimate your time management to get to the hearts of rock loop... It's so pretty there... But it was deep into the hike for us parking at the Echo Canyon parking lot and going the scenic route through Ed Riggs trail to Mushroom Rock trail to Inspiration Point and back...to the big loop to continue onto Sarah Deming trail then to Echo Canyon Trail passed the grottos to the parking lot... 9.5 hours... Last ones out and happy as a cam be to say we completed it safe with the resources we had. :) plan plan and plan. It's so worth it.

Beautiful trail and easy to follow.

15 days ago

Great hike in perfect weather and when the falls are falling (which they were on 03/04/2018). Also makes for a great trail running loop if you include the Three Tank Trail and Garwood Trail. Note that this area is very exposed for those hot summer days.

Beautiful scenery, tall rock cliffs. Loved the in and out of the rock spires.

Kicked my butt. Rocky, great elevation, but not the most scenic trail. No shade, best to do in cooler months.

The weather is perfect right now and there is water at the water fall

Well developed trial. Easy to follow. Turn left to Esperero trial to see window rock. Took us about 11 hours to Window rock and back. We are a group of hikers without much experience.

Beautiful Tucson day and beautiful hike. A bit rocky but navigable. Little water in the pools. A little past the pools the vegetation change to more green with trees. Prettier. Make sure you watch for the cairns along the way. Would do it again.

Beautiful hike!

26 days ago

Worth the short hike out to see this area. Well maintained trail to get here. Breathtaking views in all directions. Well marked formations.

Went on February 19th 2018 on a windy and cloudy day and it was just perfect! Wonderful views both ways. Glad I had this app so that I could find the trail again on certain rocky spots. Great gradual incline. When you get to the end of the trail it kind of leaves you with a feeling of “Is this it?” I kind of expected a higher point with a better view but instead the trail got into an abrupt end. From there you can see a small cave that looks very inviting but to get there you have to scramble on some slippery rocks and gravel and very little room of survival if you loose your footing. Beautiful and heart pumping hike for a day with little time and cooler weather ❤️

This is the second time I’ve hiked this trail, both times in February. Plenty of water at the falls!

Amazing hike w/the beautiful waterfall.

1 month ago

Fun hike! Bring lots of water!! The water was running at the falls and it was beautiful!

Great dog friendly trails with beautiful views.

1 month ago

Breathtaking views but kind of a drag that to get to the trail you have to walk a mile through an easement with barbed wire fence on either side. Large rocks/boulders cover a large part of the trail and the trail is not well marked. It’s a great workout because of elevation gain. I experienced a spiritual tranquility being surrounded by
what really can only be described as the majesty of nature.

Nice hike. Just a drip at the falls during this dry season. Took Carrillo trail coming back making it 7.25.

totally awesome

1 month ago

Today we tried to get to the window but after 3.93 miles up we decided it was time to turn around. Boy, we were all too tired and the heat certainly didn't help either.

1 month ago

Very beautiful place. We went all the way up to the mountain and were so amazed by the fabulous scene and spectacular rocks. Really worth the trip, will sure go there again .

This is a really beautiful trail! Though I would not consider it a moderate level at all. It's very easy. The hike also is in scenic view of multiple houses so if you are looking for a hike that feels like you are deep in nature and very secluded this is not that hike. But I can say it still has very open and amazing views, so many beautiful saguaros and views of mountains!! If you are look for a hike that is actually moderate ( like I said this hike is NOT moderate it is easy ) I would suggest the lost arrow trail. Though it's very short but I did go down that path and it was a bit more difficult.

1 month ago

Great hike. Views the whole way up and down. Pretty straight forward path. Small parking lot.

Loved this whole trail system.

1 month ago

I thought long and hard about how to rate this trail- 7.5 hours to be exact. That's how long the whole thing took me.
I'm not in the best shape of my life, but I do hike 6-8 mile "intermediate" trails several times a week. This "hill" kicked my ass! Going up was slow, going down was slower (sometimes literally scooting down on my butt). The terrain is frequently steep, loose rocks. The views however are great! An 8 mile intermediate hike will typically take me 2.5 hours, to put into perspective how challenging this trail is!
If you decide to summit this"hill" (and seriously don't let the name fool you) make sure to bring food, more water than you think you'll need and sunscreen. Start early and if possible go on a cool day- definitely not in the summer! There is almost no cover.
4 stars because it's not the hill's fault that I bit off more than I could chew, but definitely be aware that this hill deserves some respect!

1 month ago

Beautiful view, dry, make sure you have enough water.

very small parking lot. no facilities. nice trail. lots of stairs and trail signs. cannot get lost! no water at the falls this time but nice weather great hike.

Window Rock is about a mile from the summit. I’ll try and GPS it this week if I get time.

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