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Really fun hike! Probably a new go to for a quick and easy out and back. Engaging and the peak has a way of making time stand still! Love the view, all the water ways making the land look like it’s covered in veins. Mother Nature is amazing!

Underestimated this hike; started at 9am, 6 hours to The Window (totally worth it) and another 3h 45m descent (hiking the last hour by moonlight and iPhone flashlight). Bring sandwiches.

Wear pants as the trail is super narrow and over grown, not to mention rocky and rugged...and know that every plant out there is sort of trying to kill you.

This was an intense hike! Gorgeous views! I’m assuming hiking sticks are suggested to alleviate some of the leg strain. Don’t discount the altitude gain, I was certainly very winded on the way up by mile 2. Keep all trails map handy, met a few others who’d wandered off trail like we had. In total, our out and back was 10.8miles :) very easy to keep walking and miss the actual trail. Took us less than half the time to go back down-which I didn’t find difficult. Trail is rocky and overgrown. I suggest sleeves/gloves, pants or socks. I slid my hand on a few cactus. Bring tweezers!

This is such an amazing trail! Views are panoramic. It is also challenging there are parts where are use my gloves every time - yes gloves, You can go faster and keep your heart rate study or safely slow down with them.

This is an awesome trail with great views. Not a hard trail not easy either.. the low rating is due to the excessive flow of people heading to the falls!! A friend wanted to see the falls so went back with her but started at 6:30am and no one was there when we got there!!!

Great views along the way. I had forgotten how tough it was after the saddle. I just took my time and made it

Finally made it up this peak after passing it so many times on the I-10. Didn't disappoint!

I don't know if I misread the mile marks but for us it was longer than 9 miles and we didn't reach the end. We stopped at 4.5 miles as it was getting darker and turned back. I was expecting the trail end at 3.8 miles based on the total of 7.9 miles. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful hike. It was like walking through a slightly elevated landscape garden. I just love the saguaros!

Did this hike with family while visiting my sister the day before Thanksgiving. There was not as much water flowing at the falls this year compared to last year when we did this hike, but it’s still beautiful. A few water crossings, but we didn’t even get our feet wet this year.

Knocked out the Hunter Trail hike to the summit and back with a 15 minute break for a snack up top in about 2h 39m. The weather was perfect for this late November with the morning temps being in the low 60’s. A long sleeve shirt was plenty to get started out in then I stowed is just before the saddle. Certainly recommend gloves for the cable portions, they saved my hands big time! Great hike with great views all the way up and down.

14 days ago

This trail is amazing I was challenged big time !The views are definitely worth it !

Hiked it before Thanksgiving. Was a great hike and loved the falls. I highly recommend this trail

17 days ago

In Tucson for a week visiting family and was looking for a challenging and beautiful hike. Started this hike at 7:15 am on 11/21/18. Temperatures were perfect, and I was excited to hit the trail. This meanders through some fenced in areas for the first 3/4 mile to keep you off private property. The first 1.5 is relatively easy, but then it begins to climb dramatically. Trail continually crisscrosses the dry river bank. Keep your eyes open for markers so as not to miss the trail on the other side. What a beautiful trail this is. As you climb, you see so many different climate zones- dry desert, lush desert, high desert, and, finally, mountains. The views are breathtaking all the way to the top. It is close to 5 miles to the intersection of the trail that will take you to The Window Rock and about 6 miles to arrive there. I arrived at my destination at 10:35 after climbing a total of 4100 feet. This trail is no joke. It climbs, and climbs, and climbs. Having hiked the Grand Canyon last Spring, this would be a great training hike. Had some snacks, checked my water (2 liters wasn’t enough), signed the summit register, took some pics, and began the descent. It wasn’t until 2.5 miles away from the trailhead that I ran into my first person of the day. The downhill will wreck your knees- hiking poles highly recommend. I left the top at 11:15 and arrived back at my car at 1:45 tired, sore, and thirsty, but grateful for the experience. Some tips: wear pants - the trail is overgrown and in need of maintenance and your legs will get all scratched up in shorts, bring lots of water - I hiked in fall with mild temps and still wanted more than 2 liters, bring a camera, not recommended for trail running as a majority of the trail is rocky or has unstable footing. All in all, a difficult hike that rewards you with non-stop beauty.

best trail run ever!

Really stunning trail that follows the creek up the canyon. Wonderful view points as it curves up the head of the canyon. Great picnic spot on the smooth water washed rocks at the midpoint of the falls at the top. Easy hike. Walking poles nice to have at the top.

Awesome hike. Tough at times but not too bad. Great views.

Picacho Pek, nice hike, should use leather gloves for cables. Non technical but helps to have little upper body strength for the cables. Did 47 minutes truck to top and 33 top to truck, Be sure to bring water. Well worth the effort

Being a novice type of hiker, Picacho Peak on the Hunter Trail was difficult but very satisfying when we completed it in 3.5 hours. Spent about 25 minutes on top taking pics and enjoying the view. The two of us also had around 3 or 4 small breaks while doing this trail to take more photos and catch our breathe. Well worth it and will do it again in the future.


Fantastic! Awesome views south of Tucson and beyond on the way up. If you make the peak, a whole other vista opens up of Mt Lemmon and the Catalinas (as well as the western side of Tucson). While the trail is not that difficult, as others have commented, the ascent can be a butt-kicker (most particularly miles two and three) - have plenty of water if doing this in the heat. Some of the smooth rocky areas get slick in the rain; some degree of washout on trail after heavy rains - use caution. Great, challenging hike though!

Fairly easy trail (if you're good on distance) and enjoyable hike with stunning destination. For those who wish to be more challenged, plenty of opportunities to navigate up the falls (though use caution, particularly when wet), while the rest of your party relaxes down below.

OUR PHYSICAL CONDITION, We have been hiking for about 6 years, both retired. I'm mid-66, husband a bit younger. :) We had not done a hike rated this strenuous in a while as I have a rotator cuff tear that I'm scheduled for surgery on. Right now, using a pole in that hand really bothers me. I used 2 poles this hike(recommended). We decided to give this a go and agreed we would only go as far as I could. We ended up going 3.5 miles (7 RT). Which is a bit past Linda Vista. My GPS to this point said the elevation gain was 2850 feet, with most of that in 2.5 miles. Linda Vista would be a good turn around point if you don't want to do the entire trail. Based on the distance we did, I can tell you this trail is more like 10 miles in/out. It is very doable, but don't get to cocky as those slippery places could make you bust your butt, at the least. There is a lot of rock hopping, which requires big, big steps if you are short like me. Always have 3 points of contact when stepping. The first mile or so of the trail is easy so that means you will do most of your ascent in the last 4 miles. There are a couple places it is easy to get off the trail, but if you do, it's easy enough to get back on with a little bushwacking. Overall, the trail is pretty well defined. Once you start climbing, the trail is fun, but a challenge. After mile 1, you won't get a reprieve until about mile 3 (just before Linda Vista) then it is easier, but only for about .2 miles, before the climb starts again. The descent will put a lot of strain on your joints especially the knees. Things that I feel are important: START EARLY (we started at 6:45 a.m.). WATER - we both used almost 3 liters. BOOTS, lug sole is best as some of the hike is on slick rock. FOOD, plenty of snacks and food. Blocks or some other electrolyte replacement. SUNSCREEN, if you start early, you will be shaded most of the way up, but if you don't, you will be in a lot of sun. MAP/GPS. TWEEZERS/FIRST AID, there are some cactus that crowd the trail and we picked out a few stickers. We took our time, as I could take no chance on falling. We did the 7 miles in 5 hours of actual hiking time, but 7 hours total with many stops for pictures, lunch, snacks and just to enjoy nature. TIME, allow plenty so you can enjoy the scenery. I really liked the hike, but was very grateful to hop in the hot tub after.

10 miles roundtrip if going to Kimball . 4200 elevation gain. Great hike but be prepared for a tougher hike.

Love this trail because it alternates between flat and easy to rocky and difficult. Rather than the same terrain, you get a variety.

1 month ago

Really awesome, hard, rewarding day hike. This trail map doesn't take you all the way to the window... that's a 12.8 mile total hike and 4000 ft elevation gain. Once you get get to the end of Ventana Canyon Trail, turn onto Esperero and keep going until you're past the plateau and you get some really big rocks to your right - the window will be right by the trail but is easy to walk by. We took about 8 hours and probably should have taken more than a couple of bottles of water apiece.

This trail has a variety of interesting vistas and interweaves along the creek bed, which when water levels are on the higher side, creates some fun little creek crossings. The pay off on this hike comes when you reach 7 falls (provided there is water at the falls). The falls are not visually impressive, but make a very chill setting. This is a great hike for hikers of a range of skill levels.

Dogs not allowed on this trail.

This is really difficult. I couldn’t quite finish the last 15 minutes to the peak because of the height. I’m a lil afraid of heights so I turned around. I’ve never seen anything like this hike. Definitely need gloves for all the cables. Beautiful trail. Fairly populated on a Saturday

that was really fun! never a dull moment.


We got our car broken into over this last weekend. I was in town visiting my wife and they stole everything I brought for the trip, as we were staying the night in Tucson. They even stole the bottom halves to my convertible north face pants. If you see someone wearing just the bottom halves, either they miss the 90's leg-warmer look or they may be the guy I'm looking for.... Just keep a watch out for each other when down there. We never would have thought we'd get broken into as the trail parking is in a very nice area. Once again, just raising the trumpet of warning.

The trail itself is real good. Certainly steep but doable, even for my sea-level living lungs. We did go on a good evening, if nothing else.

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