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1 day ago

Great trail in great shape. One of my favorite hikes. I will say this it is straight up. 46 degrees at the parking lot and ice and snow in spots near the end of the trail. If you aren’t in at least average shape you should avoid this hike.

2/3 of the way is pretty basic. The last 1/3 was more fun. Stepping through and over more creeks, trees, rocks. The terrain became more intense. Once I reached the waterfall, the temperature had dropped and the rocks were iced over. It was beautiful, very private and reclusive.

This was a trail that was totally worth the view at the top. All paved trail that has a steady and tough incline the whole way. The view from the observatory at the top is great. 360° view of the mountains that is very photo worthy. The most challenging part of this trail is parking. It is an absolute nightmare. Narrow two-lane road with cars inventively parked on both sides and a line of cars that goes halfway to Gatlinburg.

Really not terribly difficult, the stair portions are the hardest since they are quite the incline (calves and quads will feel it). The rest of the trail is moderate incline the whole way. The view at the top is pretty good but as of recently the last part of the trail has been closed, which is where the good view is.

14 days ago

One of my first hikes!

Beautiful flaming azaleas on the bald!

16 days ago

nice hike! definitely was a work out! I would start your day with this hike then maybe head to another trail after. beautiful views!

17 days ago

Did this hike on the way to Mt LeConte. Falls were gorgeous and you're able to walk behind them. Went on a Monday in December so there were no worries of crowds whatsoever.

on Tweetsie Trail

18 days ago

Nice trail for bike ride. Would describe as a walking path, but not a hiking trail. Very nice

18 days ago

Great Hike. Went with about 10 people aging from 6 to 50’s. There is a creek crossing that will wet your feet if it has rained the night before. Some dogs were off leash but very friendly. I would recommend.

Great hike for the whole family! Worth it to make it to the falls. Some slight difficulties as you get to higher elevations.

Very challenging but rewarding as well. We do it almost Everytime we come to Gatlinburg.

It was pretty nice trip.Little tricky find a trail when service road ends but we cross that stream and find it.really worth it.Total distance what we walk was little over six miles cause you can continue from that waterfalls up.Our dogs love it. just meet one couple on the way so perfect and quiet.

Several beautiful falls along the way! Very rocky and steep throughout but definitely worth it! There are four places you have to cross the river. The water was very high when I went and the water was up to my knees at some points.

This trail was absolutely beautiful!!! It’s really easy until you get to the stone steps to go down to the falls. It is totally worth it to see this gorgeous waterfall. The trek back up the stone steps is even more challenging! We were lucky and someone had left a walking stick so we grabbed it. Definitely came in handy for the stairs. The entire hike you can see water and it never stopped being gorgeous.

It is a pretty scary drive up the mountain to get there, but I promise it’s all worth it to see the beautiful falls!

Wait for a clear day and go early to make sure you get a parking spot.

26 days ago

Beautiful and challenging trail. Worth the effort once you get to the top.

27 days ago

loved this trail! was a cold morning following some heavy rains so the water was at it's pea and beautiful. Definitely glad I wore high top waterproof snow boots, lots of water on the ground. also I chose to take off my boots and Ford the river that crossed the trail about a quarter mile from the falls, it's usually pretty dry from what I understand. the trail guess along the river most of the hike, many beautiful mini waterfalls and Cascades to enjoy. There are short areas of incline, stone steps, and very Rocky areas but not too bad on inexperienced or those with physical limitations if taken slowly. one of the best short hikes I've done. loved it.

We went to this place in hot August, but it felt like an autumn day even in the parking lot on the mountain. There were birds, bumblebees, and beautiful flowers all along the trail. At first, we could see the valleys below. When we got to the highest point it was all clouds. It was peaceful, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

It was absolutely breathtaking. We went as a cloud moved in but getting drenched while in a cloud was incredible.

Great trail!! The steps at the end are tough but well worth it.

1 month ago

The road to the trailhead was closed when we attempted on 12/15/18.
I believe you can get to this trail by starting on the Rainbow Falls trailhead and branching off to the left for the Grotto Falls trail, but it’ll tack on another couple miles to your hike.
We ended up taking the Rainbow Falls trail instead since it was the same distance.

1 month ago

Great hike. Very difficult at sections (it was snow capped and iced over) in sections near the waterways, from the recent snow melt. Some challenges upward but worth the efforts when you reach the observation platform.

Love this hike loved it more when I could climb to the top, I personally think this is harder than hiking to Mount Le Conte. I recommend doing some hills and longer hikes prior to this one. The view is still stunning from the overlook. This is a must do hike in the park

1 month ago

Road was washed out today when we drove all the way from athens. bummer.

Beautiful hike!

1 month ago

We first hiked up to Clingmans Dome and from there to Andrews Bald. About 5 miles round trip. We were already tired by the time we got to the Andrews Bald trailhead from coming down all the rocks along the trail then going up up up then down then up. Lol Next time I would just start at the Andrews bald trail head from the parking lot. The scenery at the top of Andrews bald was just as beautiful as the one from the parking lot or from Clingmans Dome. But it was a beautiful hike.

nice walk in December fall running good small parking lot very challenging steps but worth it

Very pretty trail. Beautiful views of the water. stairs leading to fall are very steep and slippery when covered in leaves. Definitely a return hike

1 month ago

Everything you’ve read about how relentlessly steep this trail is? It’s all true. Had we not been training for several months for this hike, wife & I probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed the next morning. Trekking poles are A MUST for this steep hike; your thighs and calves will thank you.
Even in the segments that don’t contain long flights of stairs, it’s still nearly always an uphill climb. All that said, the views from the overlook are pretty amazing. The bare “chimney tops” themselves are clearly visible from the overlook, so there’s really no need to follow the trail beyond the overlook (where it dead-ends at a gate).
After lots of rain a few days earlier, the trail was extremely muddy on the day we hiked it.
This trail is definitely showing signs of being “loved to death” by scores of hikers. (Wonder if some sort of daily lottery to manage the number of hikers might be the answer?)
Encountered a young couple on the trail with their dog, and had to politely let them know that dogs aren’t allowed on most hiking trails within the park.
Be sure to start this hike early enough in the day that you’ll arrive back at the parking lot before it starts to get dark. On our mid-afternoon trip back down, we encountered a number of folks just getting started who almost certainly would be coming down all those steep stairs in twilight.
As always, carry – and drink – plenty of water, and take some energy snacks (or lunch) to enjoy at the overlook before heading back to the trailhead and the pain reliever of your choice. Sunscreen and bug spray are wise precautions.
Although parking area is fairly large, it appears to fill up quickly, so plan to get there early to avoid having to park along the busy roadside and walk to the trailhead.
After completing this challenging but rewarding hike, treat yourself to a burger in Gatlinburg – you’ve earned it!

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