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A beautiful and easy hike. May come here again and again. It’s such a pleasure to have a walk up the hills and enjoy the views.

6 days ago

Parking is available at Bracket Field (and the cafe serves good food too!)
You have two options to begin the hike. The first is to continue west on McKinley to the trailhead, or the second is to cross McKinley and follow the fence along the golf course (this option drops down into a small valley and reconnects with McKinley before the trailhead). Today I chose the second option.
Once on the main trail there will be some asphalt but as you proceed to Tree Line Trail the dirt dominates... leading you to the south portion which has excellent views of the lake and the San Gabriel Mountains. In the middle of the hike you’ll cross the Puddingstone Dam. I used this stretch of straight asphalt to walk backwards. Why backwards? It strengthens your knees and improves your balance!
As you loop the lake there are restrooms and picnic areas and on the north shore, playgrounds and boat docks. And, you’ll share the trail with cyclists and runners... all the while serenaded by honking geese, Happy hiking!

This year resolution is to walk an hour every day for this calendar year. I downloaded the All Trails App and since I drive for www.cheaperthanadui.net, I end up in different places, I can search for different trail spots. I researched this location and seem perfect for an hour walk. There's lots of trees and different paths to take. It's between a neighborhood and its a great walk. Lots of people doing the trail. I was able to only walk half the road but I think it was a nice walk. I highly recommend it if you want to have a quiet time.

Great trail for the family

I love this trail, biking or walking my dog.

Love it

Easy hike and nice scenery around the lake.

21 days ago

Super easy with a rewarding view at the top. A beautiful little tower and huge cross on top. A nice area for sitting and enjoying the California sunshine.

23 days ago

cool rock formations, but there are always a lot of people there. really cool view of the riverside area. there’s no shade going up.

An easy trail with great photos I have taken. Only problem was geese. Our dog ran off and started chasing them, and we had to yell and slam him down 3 times.

nice views, easy access.

I did it with 7 coworkers and 5 dogs and enjoyed it.

1 month ago

I liked it a lot.

Great go to trail. Nice views of Riverside. Always packed, but a good workout.

Very busy, paved hike. We always take the “off the beaten path” trail back which is down the mountainside rather than using the pavement. Good hike for kids and beginners.

Took our German Shepard on a December Saturday. Perfect for dogs and inexperienced hikers. Saw a few deer and the people we passed saw coyotes. Great views from the top. We parked on the street and started on black walnut trail and looped around to come out on powder canyon. Starts uphill and the rest is easy. Definitely will do again.

Nice little workout. Always busy. Nice views of Riverside on a clear day.

Great views great hike

off road driving
1 month ago

Had a great time exploring here. Especially after some good rainfall.

This is a fun quick paved trail with great views.

easy hike, great difficult jog.great place to jog. took approx 111 minutes avg per mile to get to the top.

all jogs consist going uphill approx 400ft gain. (fitbit)

day 1- 1.1 miles, 12m 4s
day2- 1.2miles, 13min 13s
day 3- 1.5 miles, 15min 42s (right side)

1 month ago

BEAUTIFUL! love the greenery and the ducks! The trees are so pretty and so is the lake! Got some really good pics. Walked around the lake 3 times and it was 3.3 miles

1 month ago

Busy but pretty hike

1 month ago

Not sure where the hike is or why it is rated as moderate with less than 1000 feet of elevation (I didn't see the latter until now). I didn't see any mountains. Just flat dirt trails. Perhaps I didn't go far enough but I got bored. Good for biking, walking, running. Not good if you're looking for a real hike. The trails are wide and there is plenty of people. I didn't get to hike so I ran.

Great trail but closed indefinitely due to the “Holy Fire” in August 2018. USFS said it will be closed for 2-3 years.

Easy flat hike on dirt road surrounded by tall trees and lots of shades at the beginning of the hike.

Nice, easy hike or trail run. Can be crowded on weekends particularly during late morning hours. On Easter Sunday there is a pre-sunrise mass hike with a sunrise non-denominational service offered at the hilltop. Local Boy Scouts light the trail on Easter and help repair the trails that are not paved.

Great for kids.

trail running
1 month ago

Signs were poor, but trail was great.

Love it!

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