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Great hike

1 month ago

Not bad for snow but a bit tricky now. cold af today.

Awesome views! Trail was nicely packed down. We had spikes on, but could have easily done it just in hiking boots. We hiked up Prairie View Trail, then once at the top we took the Barrier Lookout Trail to the summit of Yates Mountain to the fire lookout station & heli pad. Well worth it!! Came back down and descended on Jewell Pass.

Love this hike. Stunning views from the top with a picnic table to have your lunch. You can also sign a visitors book. Has some steep parts but overall a great hike.

Windy around the lake and at summit, but warm in the trees. Brought snowshoes in case but didn’t end up needing them, the trail was pretty packed down. Amazing hike, will definitely do again!!

Great for snowshoeing, beautiful

Alrighty then....went up a roughly compacted prairie view trail. We were on snowshoes but others had beaten up the trail with just walking on it. Great hiking through the trees. Was super windy so it was nice to be protected in the trees. Had to kick off the old snowshoes to climb up the trail as it went up behind some steep rock. Came out on top and needed snowshoes as it got deep. There were some signs with arrows at that point, that helped showed us the way as the winds had blown the snow over the trail. Once we went passed the amazing 360 view, there were two arrow signs and that was it. Unfortunately it took us off the trail and was very confusing as to where to go. There needs to be better marking at the top and on the whole prairie view trail until it meets Jewell Pass trail. Thankfully we had AllTrails app that helped us find the loop out. There were no other tracks or markings to find the trail. Another gal was lost and found our tracks in the snow. Was so beautiful coming down through the trees on Jewell Pass trail as the trees were still covered with snow. Definitely needed snowshoes to do this Loop as it got really deep after the top. You should be able to find the trail from our tracks, as long as it doesn’t get blown over again. Awesome hike. Harder to snowshoe in all the foot holes from boots. Was like walking on a fluffy cloud after the top.

Not much for signage but decent for an afternoon hike. Won’t take much in summer but a bit more difficult in winter.

3 months ago

Hiked North Mountain, from trail head. Great hike for a quick morning in the mountains, it was December but felt like September the day we hiked.
Just a little technical and scramble. Too icy to get to South Mountain from North the day we were there (no Gear). Enjoyed the day. About 3.25 hours at a good pace.

Great winter trail! - if you don't mind walking through lots of trees: only a few areas open up for a view but it is definitely worth the wait!
Completed December 8 in 3 hours, definitely doable with ice cleats - pretty much solid ice up the switchbacks on the east edge!
Excited to come back in the summer!

A great winter hike. The trail up Prairie View was icy and would’ve been virtually impossible to navigate without ice cleats. The views were stunning and well worth the effort up. The trail down Jewell Pass was more sheltered and covered with packed snow. All said and done we we finished the loop in 4 hours.

Nice trail, there was a few people doing the trail on a Monday. Snowshoers, cross country skiers, mountain biking and hikers.
There's snow but the trail it's easy to follow. We didn't use snowshoes or cleats, our hiking boots where enough for the this snowy trail.

4 months ago

One of my favorite trails near Calgary. Beautiful views, nice stops to have breaks. I would rate it as a moderate. Almost all trail it's easy, once you past the forest and enter to the praire, the uphill starts. After that gets kind of steep, but nothing crazy. It gets really windy on top.

Well groomed trail most of the way up. Pretty easy to get up to the first lookout. Gets pretty steep to get up to the cabin at the top of Yates. A lot of snow up there two. Totally worth the grind to get the full panoramic view. One of the best views in the area for sure. Tried to loop around to Razors Edge for a larger loop, but there was too much snow on Razors Edge to get it done in time.

There was no TP in the outhouse at the cabin up top. If anyone is going up there in the near future, please bring a couple rolls. I'm sure everyone would be quite appreciative.

Beautiful place to Snowshoe!

Nov. 2nd hike 10 cm of snow... beautiful.

If you go early there is sometimes ice on the ground making the trail slippery. Depending on the day there is snow but it usually is on the side of the trail

4 months ago

decent hike. from the highway it's around a 7km drive to the trailhead up a gravel road. Go all the way up until you hit the end where the gate is. the trailhead is on the right side right before the parking lot. looks like a gravel service road. starts off easy with a 1km downhill walk which will destroy you on the way back. Rocky trail to mud to everything in between. at 3.3km you'll hit a big valley clearing where you can look to the right and see the peak. Roughly another 3km and you're at the top of the first summit. The base of that starts off decently steep and has around 6 switchbacks. Or you can go straight up and save time but make things harder. If feeling up for it you can go to the main/second peak where the fire/weather station is. Roughly about an hour extra. really windy and no shelter anywhere when you're up there. overall I'd say it's a moderate hike and could be done with dogs or even kids. 13km to the first peak from the parking lot.

mountain biking
4 months ago

One of my favorite trails. Various different sceneries. Then you reach the helipad and you have an amazing place to sit and relax as you have some snacks and rejuvenate before your descent.

I started from high way 1... you hike in the woods all the time until you reach the top of the view site and its amazing... not a really hard hike... not really easy ether.!

I did this hike the weekend after I did pocaterra ridge. They are in perfect view of each other. We did Elbow lake, Elbow pass, Tombstone pass then both the lower and upper Tombstone lakes. It was a long hike but the scenery was phenomenal.

No snow on the ground yet. Really windy at times. Lots of down trees.

great hike, good variety of terrain (trail, gravel, stone). starts with a decline then a gradual increase til moose mountain. once your at moose mountain the steep incline and snow starts til the top. it has a false peak then you go up another peak. it's cold and windy but great views.

I think waling along the lake to Jewel Pass and then to Prairie View trail is a much easier route. While you re up there, it is only about another 3km round trip to get to the summit of Yates mountains, to the fire lookout station. I also only recorded about 600m of elevation gain, not the 900+ reported here. Bring micro-spikes in hiking in the winter or shoulder seasons just in case. Most of this recording was snow covered.

4 stars because you are walking in the woods basically the whole time with not much for views during that time. The Prairie view trail on the front side gets fairly busy. The views at the top are night though.

5 months ago

A great trail close to the city that is easy to access. You have to drive up a gravel road to to get to the trailhead. There is also a false summit that you will be fooled by. Makes sure to go all the way to the fire lookout station.

cool place! great easy hike!

We hiked this trail on October 1st. As it started snowing on our way out we did not make it past the falls - it would've been too dangerous to pass the cliff hazard and two ladies coming down had already told us that the trail to the lake was barely visible.
Although it's a fairly long hike (16 km out and back if you only go to the falls) it's not a very challenging one - I am new to hiking and managed easily. It took us about 4.5 hours with breaks for snacks/drinks and photos. There is very little elevation gain and it rises very gradually. Only when it started snowing it got a bit more difficult because it got a little slippery. The trail mostly follows the creek which provided nice views of the water. The falls are beautiful. There is also a washroom at the campground by the falls (as well as at the trailhead). Because the weather wasn't great we only saw 5 or 6 other pairs of hikers on the trail.

lots of snow on the trail , lots was melting and made for some muddy sections. The views were unbelievable! We will return in the spring or summer to further explore!
PS... trail head isn't clearly marked lol

5 months ago

Gradual incline but generally a pretty tough hike, especially near the summit. Some snow prevented us from going to the top as we were toting some infants on our back. Gorgeous views.

nice trail beautiful

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