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Went here for a hike with my boyfriend and he proposed to me at the end of the hike at glacier lake! Couldn’t have been better! Trail itself was maintained good, mostly dirt, sand, some granite but not as much as we expected. Passed a lot of beautiful lakes along the way. Saw zero people on way up and only a few at the end. We went on a Friday morning though so likely more populated summer / weekends. Brought our dog. Off leash no problem ! Lots of squirrels and chipmunks. Beautiful lakes, good tree coverage, fall colors, scenic overlook. Was not a difficult hike at all. Very gradual inclines. Hadn’t been hiking once this year but have done multiple backpacking trips in our past. This was a perfect gradual reintroduction to getting back in nature. Lots of camping spots.

We took a 2001 Camry down the road, made it the whole way. Definitely would have been easier in a 4 wheel drive car or a car with higher clearance. Wouldn’t recommend taking a little car. The road was ok but the very end had a huge drop off ditch that was tricky to navigate. But we managed ! If it was rainy or had been a wet season the road would have been a lot worse.

Took the trail to the falls then detoured up a lot of rocks to the top of the falls back down and to the lake. Simply beautiful.

Great trail! Yes, it goes through a neighborhood in spots but the houses and yards are gorgeous so no complaints. Made for some nice sight-seeing. There were definitely some challenging hills and technical parts of the trail. Great for Spartan/OCR or trail racing training. The weather was perfect and only saw one person the whole time. Trail is well maintained and well marked.

Great easy trail! Was shaded most of the way, and very flat. It was cool to walk along the canal the whole time. My dog loved jumping in and out of the water. Not too much foot traffic for a weekend, but ran into a few people. Parked at what I think is the middle of the trail, on the shoulder of Red Dog Rd. Was told you could also park at the other end of the trail, may have to check that out next time. Would definitely go to this trail again.

12 days ago

Amazing trail!

Um, this is Winchester Trail.

on Stevens Trail East

21 days ago

Great trail, and enjoyable river. The trail is very easy to follow not too steep and the bugs were not as bad

24 days ago

Perfect amount of hiking and scenery. Loved this hike!

Trail head is almost impossible to find. I had to ask several locals along the way exactly how to find it. The trail isn't marked very well at the forks so it's easy to take the wrong path. I wouldn't really call this a trail since it forces you to go through downtown Nevada City, then walk on a paved residential street for about a mile, then along a crushed rock road for another mile just to get to a path running along an NID ditch. At the last 2 miles there weren't many trees so I would never do this one again in hot weather. If you just want a walk down to the creek(which is nice) then this might be an option. If you want an 8 mile hike this isn't a very good trail for that.

Hiked the trail in May. All five of us and two dogs were covered in tics. I recommend just enjoying the river and forgo the hike. We hiked to the end and never could find the waterfall. It was a disappointment.

amazing trail to run

Nice wooded hike, along the water for a lot of it. It was more of an easy hike for us but we didn’t hike up the hill after the bridge. Instead we went straight along the water to the lower part of the lake. The end was pretty but disappointing because the water is low and we couldn’t hike to it unless we wanted to climb over rocks and drift wood. We should have conquered the hill, it probably had lake access but it was getting late. We took our Boston’s and they had lots of streams to drink from.

Epic short hike. Best part is the swimming hole at the bottom. Just remember it can be very hot here in the summer. We filmed the swimming hole and you can find it on my Youtube channel Chris and Bobs adventure channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udowQ5aASpQ&t=14s

1 month ago

We just walked 2 1/2 miles out and back - to the top of the Meiss Valley - but the views are spectacular!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Lovely trail along the canal with shade almost the entire way. Easy ride, limited to no hills. dog friendly trail. Beautiful ride with moderate foot and bike traffic. Trail goes from Red Dog Rd to Gracie Rd. You can park at either end and hike from point to point (4.5 miles one way).

Did the out and back from Mumford Campground to Mumford Cabin and back with wife and daughter . Trail is in great shape, really enjoyed it! Some beautiful views of the canyon along the way. This hike is basically an easy 4.75 miles down and a solid effort back up. We recommend it!

1 month ago

Just finished this hike over Labor Day. Started at the Carr Lake TH. The road really wasn't that bad up to the TH. Just take it slow and go around the big rocks. Not much parking up there at the TH. Creative parking for sure. The trail starts on a dirt road, travels past Carr Lake and Freely Lake. Lots of families and kids swimming here. For the most part this 6 mile hike to Glacier Lake is pretty easy if you're in good shape. Last two miles is uphill, but really not bad. I did it in less than 3 hours with a full pack and several stops. Lots of campsites at Glacier, but this busy weekend made it pretty crowded with some loud campers late at night and early am. Hiked the Sandy Ridge trail back west the next day. The ridge affords some fabulous views, but the 1000 foot drop is on a rocky, steep trail, typical of older trails without switchbacks. We took the north trail up towards Sawmill Lake finally camping at Rock Lake almost 8 miles later. You pass Shotgun lake on the way to Sawmill. No camping there. This section of trail is through forest and really no place to camp. The climb to Rock Lake was long. Rock lake is nothing spectacular but had a few nice sites. Day 3 we hike from Rock Lake south past Penner Lake and back to Carr Lake. This section is really beautiful with lakes that have some private sites near rocky cliffs. Much prettier than Rock or the Shotgun lake side of this loop. Lots of people out here on day hikes which is what I expected for Labor Day. I would do this hike early season when there might be more water and when there's snow in the higher country. I gave this 4 stars only because there were so many people out there!

this was a easy hike,the last two miles was uphill,it was crowded this pass weekend,we camp near the lake,few hikers show up late with head lights on,and since it was dark they saw my camp first and decided to came feet away,had no respect for other campers

1 month ago

my girlfriend, dog and myself decided to attack the hike and being only 3ish miles one way, didn't seem too bad. FYI....hella poison oak! like everywhere! highly reccomend pants and long sleeves for the hike and bring a set of swimming clothes. trail was narrow and not too bad going down. some spots were a little eroded but I'd assess it at a moderate trail. the river is more than worth the hike down and back. swimming holes and spots to jump off the rocks. beautiful weather, we went September 2nd 2018. the hike up was a little longer of coarse, at that point the poison oak was irrelevant but the nats and skeeters were intense. all in all it was a good hike and the hike was worth it besides the poison oak.

The trail is pretty hard to find if you don't know what your looking for. After you cross the creek its up the side of the hill. It is kind hard to see because the trail is pretty overgrown. However, once you find it it's a great hike. Its very pretty and some awesome swimming spots along the way. The trail is very narrow and over grown so keep this in mind and because of the tick warring I would not bring dogs. We didn't see any but they are easier to find on humans than on dogs.

Beautiful spot to camp and hike around for a few days :)
No fish to catch in Lindsey in our opinion but lovely spot to float around.
Midweek very chill but weekends surprisingly busy for such a rough unmarked road. My Honda Element made it.

Meh. Not sure why this is rated moderate. Pretty good trail if you’re a first timer and want something more secluded I guess. Jumped in the water and was a little chilly. Finished this within 3 hours.

Fun hike! Kind of exposed in some parts but overall very enjoyable.

The lake is beautiful... the hike is not. The last half mile and the walk around the lake is pretty. Hiking on a gravel road is not nice. The bikes have made the trail a mess in places. Lots of road noise

Great trail for training for Spartan Races

on Purdon Crossing

2 months ago

Very pretty trail along the river. Feels incredibly remote, not much traffic. Great picnic spot at the end of the trail at the river.

2 months ago

Wow. A great hike.

couple days ago parked off castle valley road and the 80.and hikes in on dirt road to trailhead.tuff start uphill early am start..fantastic views once at and and andesite peak..mix of occasional runners and bikers..continued to sand ridge lake...nice sandstone adjacent to lake for exploring.then ended up doing whole loop after missed turn..so continued to soda springs..last couple miles adjoins private property by lake ..then down dirt road..to reconnect with trail steps..look for wood block as trail signage..then along a private dirt road with a couple cabins..not the best marked trail..but great day hike..

Echoing other reviews, the road in is a bit rough but the trail is great and moderately challenging in difficulty. We had great views that were hindered by the smoke from all the fires. I definitely concur with the earlier reviewer’s recommendation to return via the windswept Sand Ridge trail. It gives you great views all around.

3 months ago

Beautiful and clear views! The lake was perfect for swimming. Not too many mosquitoes and only one other overnight group.

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