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Easy trail with two kids.

Made this hike on a weekday in August 2000 (5 stars) and then again on a weekend in 2016 (4 stars). I would not do it again on a weekend due to the heavy trail use.
The moderate hike is very tolerable due to the shade. My legs grew more tired from the descent than the climb.
If you like wildlife, golden mantled ground squirrels and american pika are around when it's quiet. It was a lot of fun to watch them. The lake is gorgeous with the talus slopes and peaks in the distance.

4 months ago

So much fun!!! The view was well worth it!!

If going in the winter time you will want some sort of micro spikes or yak traks. Very packed trail that can be basically a solid sheet of ice. Beautiful to see in the winter.

Absolutely beautiful hike, giant boulders moss covered trees! Hot during the day, but absolutely freezing at night, especially the camping sites near the water. Great camp spot!

Beautiful hike. Easy pace with a nice mix of flat and climb. Snow on last 20 minutes of climb made it very challenging. Trail was busy when I started at noon so compacted snow was very slippery especially on the decent. Personally witnessed two slips/falls.

5 months ago

Bring bear spray! Had a grizzly bear encounter at 1am on the morning of 10/17 (Bear circled our tent for an hour and a half). Hike up isn't bad, it's steep and the back half was frozen with snow. Once at the top the view of the lake is beautiful. Coming back down the trail the steeper sections of the the trail that are iced were hard to get down. All in all a nice trail but bring bear spray as the grizzly there is massive and isn't afraid to get up close and personal.

5 months ago

Large grizzly entered campsite late at night, bring bear spray. If camping, be careful about where you cook. Last 1/3 of the trail was iced over and very slippery in the morning. Beautiful scenery at the lake, definitely worth the hike.

It’s on private property??? The no trespassing sign kept us out and we didn’t go.

Very rocky approach, great tent spots on the right side of the lake before the peninsula. No campfires allowed within half mile of the lake. No accumulated snow at the lake yet (9/30/17)

The hike was definitely harder than I thought it would be. I consider myself fairly in shape but was dripping sweat most the way up. Was relieved to find some snow toward the top to help cool me off..finally got to the lake and it was absolutely beautiful. Very well worth the hike!!!

Saw a couple moose and deer, nice easy walk, best at dusk to watch gorgeous sunset!

Beautiful day to see a gorgeous fall!

Super easy trail. We went after our first snowfall of the year just yesterday & it was so peaceful and quiet. Went early to avoid traffic. on our way down at noon we passed a lot of people.

The reviews were accurate for this one, "Moderate" and "Worth it." We hiked 8 miles before doing this hike (not recommended before this specific trail) so it was fairly hard but I think we would have been okay otherwise. The stream that runs along near the trail is pretty and the grade gets a little tricky. Most of the incline is near the end though. Then you see this gorgeous lake!

(With the current wildfires, you may want to check air quality depending on how clear of a view you want up there.)

6 months ago

Really nice little walk. You can actually drive the first 5 miles if you have a good car with 4 wheel drive (we did see little cars too though with no 4 wheel drive but I probably wouldn't recommend doing that). The walk around the lake is very nice and easy and the lake is beautiful!

Very rocky path that doesn't clear up until the end. Beautiful lake at the end.

If you drive all the way to the lake/campground, you're only left with the short walk around the lake.

The five mile hike starts at the lower trailhead. This isn't explained well here in the app, unfortunately.

An easy hike close to Big Sky.

Beautiful hike. Loved the reward of a peaceful lake at the end!

Not much to see (views) but the history and knowledge are top notch for the traveler and adventurer!

This is a pretty intense hike with all the rocks but totally worth it at the top. Weekends are busy and crowded.

on M Trail

6 months ago

on Grotto Falls Trail

6 months ago

Shady. Good trail. Lots of dogs off leash. And a whole lotta dog sh*t.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail, incredible views! Only negative are the so called responsible dog owners. Counted at least a half dozen bags of dog squeeze along the trail. One was even tied to a branch. Come on Montana, you're better than that. They even provide bags and a receptacle at the trailhead. Don't ruin it for everyone. Pack it out or leave Fido at home.

This is a 6 mile hike took 2:30 hours up and about 1:45 down. It's a great hike make sure to cool your feet at the top and the bottom

6 months ago

Great for a short, quick hike and dog friendly, would not agree with "moderately" traffic though. Parking lot was full as well as the trail. If you are looking for a loner hike this isn't the one. Great views!

Beautiful trail by running water and then a great payoff at end with a stunning lake

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