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30 days ago

Great autumnal ride from Potter Place to Hoyt Road…hope to ride entire trail in 2019.

Much less crowded but makes for a steep, quick ascent.

The Monte Rosa ascent is less trafficked and wonderfully scenic, featuring a pre-peak before summiting Monadnock. In mid-Oct it was pleasantly cool until I got to the bare rocks, when the wind and cold kicked in. Top was crowded and chilly. I took the White Arrow trail down, which as others have noted is challengingly steep. Go slow, choose your footing, and crab walk as needed. Worth it!

Its a lie.... moderately easy to get up, but this loop comes down white arrow trail. Thats is listed as hard. If you have any doubts at all come back down the way you came.... just sayin. The view from Mote Rosa is almost as good as from the top. Any doubts, turn around there.

Definitely easy

mountain biking
4 months ago

Great trail, we road bikes and would rate it easy as it is virtually flat from Canaan to Lebanon. Have done it multiple times, very scenic with great views along Mascoma Lake. Also have done from Franklin to Danbury, also flat with one hill at a road crossing. Great to see some seniors out on pedal assist bikes!

I loved this trail-it has something for most levels and an endless amount of trails to cover. We are not good at the map reading so we would have liked the markers to be a little bit clearer...other than that - super awesome!

Update-went again today and trails we took were for the most part, clear. Awesome day once again!

Very pleasant hike with a pond, a brook and a little bit of elevation,

Good hike. Use insect repellent, the bugs are bad. Not much to look at scenery wise but it was a good easy hike nonetheless. Trail was well marked.

This was a great hike! Some challenges but nothing extremely difficult. A gorgeous day and no bugs!

The best trail to walk if you’re looking for something flat that provides beautiful views of Mascoma Lake. I typically access it either by parking at the laundromat in Enfield or by parking in the lot on Ice House Road. Well used trail by many but in excellent condition.

Tons of fun for a minimum moderate experience

Halfway House to Mount Rosa was great. Smith Summit trail to top of Monadnock was much more difficult -- unshaded bare rock and not for those who are afraid of heights.

Definitely recommend this route to summit Monadnock. Ran into only 2-3 other hikers until we got to the summit, where it was, of course packed. Had the summit of Rosa to ourselves though.

Nice trail but quite dry during the summer. Lots of bugs - make sure to wear a hat, glasses and like sleeves!

The road is washed away near Jericho/Jenk's Hill Road, so add 3.5 miles to your hike. Also please be advised that the 15 foot bridge over the first creek crossing is washed out. We turned around rather than wade across, so do not know how the rest of the trail looks.

The pond loop was great! Very easy to follow and nice views.

The trails were well maintained but the farther you got away from the 1st couple of trails the poorer the trails and intersections were marked, all kinds of things to take pictures of ie beaver lodges,flowers, and theirs also a decent amount of lady slipper flowers too.

Great trail

We didn't do the whole route. I went with my sister. I parked at the 4H Camp in Spencer. She picked me up and we drove to East Hill Road in Rutland to start the hike on that end. Took us 2-1/2 hours.

It was fun! Nice easy trail. We took our time, took some pictures. I can see it getting pretty wet in a few spots if it had rained recently.

Note: When you come out on Browning Pond Road where you're not near the pond (it comes out on that road twice), the trail marker sends you to the right. You need to go left.

Great place to walk year round

Rock hopping a steam the entire way down. Never again

Great place for light hiking and casual walks
Good views over meadows

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Thursday, December 07, 2017

I’m not sure why it’s reviewed as moderate. It’s a nice walking trail with barely any noticeable incline. Really great for walking dogs, biking, and walking along Mascoma Lake in Enfield. Very easy and simple. I wish people would be more courteous about it being just a trail and not a serious running path. Had one old lady yell at my dog for being on the left side off the trail while she was jogging (even though he was in the grass next to the trail and not even on it).

horseback riding
Monday, November 20, 2017

Our barn recently organized trail ride to Beaver Brook. With the assistance of the Association staff, we planned two 90-minute loops on well-groomed, multi-use trails. We lunched at picnic table at Brown Lane Barn that also has parking and a turn-around for trailers. You can also access water for the horses here and a port-o-potty for humans, however, check ahead of time to make sure the water is turned on OR bring your own for the horses. The Association prefers riders to clean up after their horses, however, we came from a distance and arranged to make a trail maintenance donation instead. There is no entrance fee. The trails are very diverse and our experienced riders and horses were able to walk, trot, canter and gallop during the ride. There are bridges and a few steep areas along the route which should be factored into your horses' preferences;)

Beautiful pond and great hiking! Not a lot of people and plenty of opportunities for photos!

mountain biking
Monday, September 18, 2017

Nice hard packed trail relatively smooth ride. Elevation gain is very gradual and almost unnoticeable on the way out of Lebanon to peak near Canaan. Easy to carry speed in the return trip. Scenery made the ride rewarding.

trail running
Sunday, September 10, 2017

pretty views somehow motivated me to go further and longer distance :)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

friend and I hiked up to a area that was on the east side. The pond crystal clear water and beautiful views last weekend in April.

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