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14 days ago

Not a hard hike at all !

The water fall has dried out , but it was nice and easy hike . I enjoyed it itself

Beautiful hike! Lots of scrambling up the rocks

25 days ago

I love this hike. FYI, Winter gate is already up for the season (they closed it prior to Nov. 1 this year). If you want to do this one from the starting point shown here, you'll need to road walk 4.5 miles to get to the trailhead after parking at the picnic area in front of the Winter gate, yikes. Or you could get to it from Big Cottonwood instead, but no dogs allowed on that side.

Rocky and not a pretty trail, old atv trail.

Great trail for the dog. Family (including 6 year old) enjoyed it too, but it was slightly difficult to navigate all the rocks while carrying my 8 month old in the baby carrier. Also, as others have mentioned, the trail down is very poorly marked so we got lost for a few minutes. Overall we enjoyed it and felt like it was good exercise for a family outing.

Beautiful scenery, but a rocky and wash-y trail.

Nice trail. Very muddy right now with melted snow. A lot of downed branches across the path at the moment.

We hiked in the afternoon. There was quite a bit of the trail in the sun; not as shaded as I would have preferred.

1 month ago

Dry and hot, Stop at Ghost falls was pleasant

1 month ago

Great hike! Just hard enough so my dog could get a good workout along with me! The views are amazing :) beautiful with the fall leaves and not incredibly busy.

Not a kid friendly trail! this was tough, took me a second to find it and then it was exactly a nice hiking trail. got to the top and wasnt that impressed. nice to waste time but the trip down was rough. the rocks were loose and even my dog had issues.

1 month ago

The trails are well marked and the new footpaths take you off the bike path. Thank you Draper for improving the trails. We followed the new marker

A beautiful, short hike. Lots of flowers, bees, and birds in the late spring and a few small meadows and lookouts. The main overlook is stunning and there is a flat space at the top perfect for a picnic. There is also a meadow half way up where we relaxed and had some snacks. If you turn off the trail occasionally there are some little overlooks along the way.

A great hike for beginners, kids, and those looking to take a short trip into nature.

Very well maintained trail. Lots of beautiful colors going into the fall. Plenty of water for dogs. I didn’t really notice any poop along the trail except people would leave it on the ground in a baggy to pick up on the way back. Nice gradual incline. Overall my dog loved it so that’s all that matters

simply awe inspiring!

This was an awesome little hike! Kid and dog friendly! Super easy! Great views! 1 hour up 1 hour down! Super shady and very easy!

1 month ago

Beautiful late afternoon hike with fall colors and great views of mountains and valley. Relatively easy and quick hike to summit. Heavily used trail.

This is a nice hike. However, I just went in September of 2018. Unfortunately, due to the weather there were no "falls". In fact I ended up passing it and hiking over 4 miles. I finally realized I had passed it when I got to the top and was heading down the other side! I went back and found what I could only think it was... a pretty a stream. I assume in the spring it would be better. I wouldn't recommend it though.

trail running
2 months ago

As billed, busy and lots of cute puppies along the way, but beautiful Fall colors and the weather was perfect. Pretty easy hike/run all in all.

Easy hike and so beautiful!

Fairly easy hike, first part is a steady slight incline, eventually it levels out and then its just cake walk. Trail gets busy with runners and bikers but views are beautiful.

This wasn’t a bad hike. It’s definitely not kid friendly so I wouldn’t take your little ones. If you don’t read the description make sure to follow your map. It is easy to get confused. I enjoyed it but won’t do it again..

The trail is 5 stars for biking. I wouldn’t do anything else on it because the trail for hikers gets confusing and bikers go in between the hiking trails and the biking only trails. Anyways, if you bike yes to this trail—hikers it’s best find another trail

2 months ago

I thought this trail(s) was beautiful, however, coming down the large road at the end, is very dangerous. There are loose pebbles the entire way and of course-I found the wrong one and fell and I sustained a pretty painful injury to my knee cap and side butt. You just have to pay attention and be careful coming down.

Great views with a relatively easy and short ascent. Some very steep sections toward the end but all in all it is a pretty doable hike. A little hazy still from the fires but the views were still comparable to those you would get on Squaw.

2 months ago

Nice easy stroll, not so much a hike.

2 months ago

We did not pay attention to where the trail head really was and we took the trail straight from the bathrooms. The actual red lake trail starts down by the lake. If you take the trail by the bathrooms, it is a very steep climb up the mountain in loose dirt. I had to literally crawl up/down sections that are above a 45° slope and still fell and slid a lot. If you try the one we did, you'll end up in the mountain saddle at a small livestock pond in a large beautiful meadow. Take the actual trail along the lake!

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