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Great for newbies! it is flat and paved trails. We did the entire loop and it was well shaded in summer. I will not call this hiking, but a nice walk at the park!

Great for a little neighborhood / family friendly nature preserve! Saw deer, frogs, and turtles ! Saw a few people walking and jogging on a Saturday late morning.

Loved it, only a short walk before the rain but I will be back

I go there everyday. I enjoy a few tokes under the sun!!

Trail was beautiful. Early part was more secluded. recommend pants if you don’t like grass brushing you. We wore shorts and were fine though. When we went (summer) some of the old pond trail was not completely cleared.

The lake is beautiful and as a result can get crowded.

1 month ago

It’s been a year since my last trip here. I brought my puppy for a nice hike and wasn’t disappointed. There is plenty of shade and places to sit for water breaks; it is kept almost completely trash free; and it’s secluded enough that, if you don’t want to run into people, you don’t have to. I can see how the parking could run out, but there is another parking area near the pier that has plenty of space.

1 month ago

So many things to see and do. Love the evening concerts

1 month ago

This trail is good for a simple walk through the woods. I had no issues with it!

trail running
1 month ago

The Perimeter trail is a nice, easy 2.4-mile paved path around Kinder Park. You can take side dirt paths (Wildflower, Blackberry and Greenbrier trails) to lengthen your overall walk/jog or to lessen the pounding on pavement. Take the Blackberry trail to see a nice little pond backed by a bamboo forest. Lots of deer in the park to see, as well as birds, plants, trees. Mulberries ripe right now. Well-traveled/used, especially on weekends and holidays, and must share path with bikes and many walkers with dogs (many that lunge out of curiosity and excitement and aren't well-controlled). When the Farm is open, you can stop and see cows, poultry, sheep and goats

Nice paved path

There's a large empty lot with "residents only - tow away zone". Odd because it looks like residents have plenty of other parking much closer to their homes. Decided to go elsewhere rather than risk it. This is a very spread out area of the suburbs, so any street parking you might find is probably a good 15 min walk from the trail itself.

Nice day hike

Great day hike, packing route. Plenty of campsites to stop along the way or call for the night. Great views of the Potomac, some fishing opportunities on both the Canal and the River. Great family hike. No noticeable slope, packed terrain. North of Seneca Landing gets bad after rainy weather. Going to try an overnight bike ride soon

2 months ago

That’s ok. Awesome to see deers! Go at sunset for deer watching
Nice little white flowers

Very easy hike with about a quarter of the loop paved.

3 months ago

My dogs and I wanted to get out and the nice weather today and this park is pretty close to my house. It’s probably really beautiful in the summer time, so I suggest going then. Parking was great, but again, I can see it running out quickly on a really nice day. The only real negative thing I can say about this outing is that there was no where for me to throw away my dogs wastes. The paths are really easy to follow.

Nice paved path for bikes, trail was pretty empty on our early spring ride

nice walking, paved paths so I wouldn't call it hiking but still a good walk with the dog. aviary and gardens are pretty cool as well.

Pretty paved trail with great information on the history ama nature of the area next to the Metro line.

Simple trail around the farm, 2.5mi in total took me an hour. $6 entrance fee, huge playground, farm area, and sports fields. Pretty simple trail, some trash bins scattered throughout. There are a few additional trails that were open but I didnt access. would recommend for an easy walk, walk with kids 5-7 or an older dog.

Loved this hike. Varied terrain and views. Forest, lake, creek, boulders, damn, some paved areas. Views up high of the lake and the trail takes you beside it as well.

we only walked half yesterday, but will go back and finish the rest. I love walking and biking the C&O and plan on doing all of the C&O before the summer is out. Very easy walking, very clean trail, beautiful view of the river and the canal.

5 months ago

Great trails. Nice wild life and paved trails. Two great kids parks off the trails. Safe and quiet.

5 months ago

Very nice trail, lots of wild life. Trails are not clearly marked, map was also confusing.

Great hike especially with dogs! Can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer!

Nicely paved trail. Great for walking, biking and running. Family friendly.

6 months ago

easy mostly flat paths .. well marked. natural center open from 9am-430pm daily.

First time going to this park! Had a great time and nice place to walk the dog. We will be back soon!

Beautiful views of the "frozen" lake. It was very cold, but still a great New Year's Day hike.

8 months ago

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