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This is a meet up spot for men. Not family friendly. Wish it was because it’s a very nice trail. We did it but were very uncomfortable when we returned to the parking lot. I googled around and confirmed what I thought was going on.

7 days ago

This is a deceptively large patch of woods. There are some great trails (on west side) and some rocky ones (south and down the middle). Groton Parks and Rec is looking to decommission some of the poor or unmarked trails to improve the park. Great place for a dog walk or several mile loop hike.

Bugs pretty heavy in swamp and its a swamp but dry right now.Bet its real pretty in the fall. Will come back.

Nice easy trail! perfect for my dog. Even has a water fountain to fill the water bowl

Love this trail. Easy to walk. Has a little of everything. Woods, marsh, rocks, beach, and a bathroom at the end of the trail

Nice and easy. Beautiful views from the bluffs.

Easy trail along the shoreline. Great for dogs.

One of my favorite spots in SECT. Nice easy trail, beautiful views from the bluff.

Blue/Yellow trail- Steep climb, worth every second for the view.

My wife and I hiked this trail after not hiking in over 20 years. It was nice with a great breeze off the pond. Friendly people enjoying trail with friend both of two leg and four leg types. Lots of roots and rocky areas so if you are new just take your time and look down a lot. Had great time.

Loved this trail. Very well maintained. Used a stroller for the whole loop with only a little difficulty at times but nothing impassible. A lot of points to step off and see a lot of neat areas. Great for kids as well

1 month ago

This trail was a nice quaint walk. I enjoyed this trail with my family and we think it’s a good trail for young families and introducing hiking to young ones. Be sure to pick up the pamphlet at the beginning of the hike and read the information that corresponds to the number on the marker as you make your way through the trail. Walking in the sand was a little challenging but it was only about a mile.

Senic trail and good for hiking. Footing is difficult for running.

Okay hike. Not very exciting, and never found waterfall unless the spillway at the beginning is it. Trail was not always easy to follow. Probably would have been a little better with a state trail map. Overall good day but not as scenic or exciting as we hoped. We started from the spillway on Trail 1 road.

Bluff Point is a wonderful trail that leads you out to views of Fishers Island and Long Island Sound. The beach makes for an adequate swim day, and the second half of the loop is steep enough to burn off lunch.

Nice quiet trail, well marked

Great, challenging hike with very steep climbs - about 5 ups and downs before the view. Avoid when rainy as the rocks can be slick. Worth the view though!

easily accessible heavily trafficked trail. If you go right at the fork in the beginning along the water, theres many places to grab a quiet spot of beach to your self :)

2 months ago

2 months ago

Super challenging hike with nearly vertical climbs. A good workout. Like another reviewer I saw two large black snakes. This hike will be really nice in the fall!

2 months ago

Definitely challenging. You have to pay attention to the markers but they’re all blue. Muddy and sometimes you have to go through little streams and the rocks are wet. We had dogs and they had a tough time on the rocks. Might do it again now that we know what to expect. Wouldn’t recommend for someone who doesn’t want to spend a significant amount of time out. We had a member of our party who wanted to get back because it was challenging so we used the app to guide us back. I’d recommend pants due to some paths being overgrown and definitely a tick check at the end and some really good bug spray.

Really nice view!

It’s easy and slowly get to be med-hard

wildlife, water, easy trail

I would have given in 5 stars,but I found that the trail markers while on the beach were nonexistent,and so I ended up on a private road leading to someone's home,and had to backtrack. Walking the beach was strenuous,and so a 5.3 mile hike turned into more of a 6.5 mile hike. Don't get me wrong,all in all it was a decent hike and the views of the LI Sound were beautiful. It was very peaceful being I was the only one on the trail. Definitely would like to come back in the summer so I can take a swim when I get hot.

Easy walking around the main loop. A ton of trails to explore in and around the main loop. Great views.

3 months ago

This was a pretty sweet hike for RI. There’s a couple cool spots to chill for a bit. Saw a few turkey vultures and two large black snakes up in a tree, that was surprising haha.

Easy hike with some beautiful views! Lots of little trails you can take to extend the hike some.

This is one my favorite

amazing, challenging, and beautiful views of the pond

Trail is nice and wide. There are nice views of the bay from the bluffs. The beach walk feels long as there’s not much to see. The lighthouse is interesting but there is no info about it there. Then you have to walk through the park on a road until you reach your car. Meh. It’s good to get your steps in if you have time to kill.

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