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Easy loop, clearly marked and well traveled

16 days ago

I really liked this trail. The dunes weren't that impressive, especially compared to dunes in other parts of the country. But the early part of the trail was pretty unique. The little trees with brown leaves growing in the sand with the dunes on either side. It made me think of some kind of video game land or something. A bunch of ladies picking cranberries on a north part of the trail. Pretty fun little trail

Simply beautiful. We hiked in from a parking lot north of the railroad tracks. The underpass regularly floods and today it was impassable for short vehicles but the sidewalk was above water.

NOTE!!! The waterfront trail floods severely at high tide cutting you off. The water depth at peak high tide is deep enough to go over boots. Some people in warm weather take their shoes off - but in the cold you have to take the long way around or double back.

The trails are very nicely kept. We hiked into the area and took the left trail split. This trail has some significant elevation changes we decided to tackle it while fresh. We also confirmed that high tide was at our starting point and with the flooding we took the high trail hoping for the water level to drop as we hiked the wooded trails.

The view at the end is worth the walk. We were correct in our planning that hiking the woods took long enough for the high tide to recede. We still walked through flooding but it was barely over our toes on our hiking boots - sneakers would not stay dry even 2.5 hours past high tide.

25 days ago

Did this hike today with my humans. It was a lot of rock scrambling and climbing up and over and around. I only needed assistance in a few spots. We started at the Long Pond Trail head. Some of the trail is moderately wooded and almost seems like you’re walking down a deer Path. Hiking boots are definitely recommended for the rock scrambling!!! If you are used to hiking up North (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) you will find this relatively easy. For Rhode Island, this is a unique trail. This trail presents with the opportunity to do a little rock scrambling that is not common in many of the Rhode Island trails. Views of the Long Pond and El Pond at this time of year are minimal due to all of the heavy foliage. The trail is well-maintained with yellow blazes. There are a few areas where you need to stop and be mindful to find the markers. It took us about 50 minutes (We took a few minutes to view El Pond)to go from our starting point to where the trail ends at the Narragansett Trail North starting point. Our trip back was much quicker at 40 minutes. Although there is supposed to be no hunting in this part of the Rockville management area we still wore our orange vest. Keep in mind this is hunting season! Get out and enjoy!!!

This was my first hike since moving to Connecticut and it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful views, easy hike but long enough to feel like a good work out, and very dog friendly! Bathrooms halfway through the trail were a nice surprise. Also, the GPS directions to the trail head from this app were right on and it was easy to find!

Nice leisurely bike ride. Easy to follow and wide trail. Don't expect any mind-blowing views. Would be a great trail for trail running.

Horrible. Couldn’t start trail- got torn by mosquitoes.

this is such a nice trail. Haven't been hiking enough lately to be a great judge but I think, though short, it's on the higher side of moderate. But really clean and some nice little pockets of vistas. Today had a little more people than I remember in the past and a few had dogs (including off leash) but all the dogs were very calm and friendly and didn't detract from the hike. The trail is also really well marked in the areas we hiked and we saw a few families so don't be afraid to bring the kids if they are ok with some steeper climbs/descents.

Still my favorite in the area,

1 month ago

loved the trail, not long but lots of rocky areas with small elevation climbs. Can get busy in summer which unfortunately meant there were several areas littered with beer bottles and cans.

2 months ago

Fun, moderately difficult hike. Some flat cruising sections around Asheville pond, but mostly rocks and roots. Plenty of short distance rock scrambles that will burn the legs a bit. Trail well maintained and well marked with yellow blazes. Make sure to take the spur trail at the west end of long pond for some great views. Overall a great time!

Great trail for the area. I would rate it above average difficulty. We took the right trail from the parking lot and did the out and back in about 50 minutes. My 40 pound lab mix handled it like a champ. Highly recommended and a must do!

Beautiful views and loved the hike, but BEWARE taking your dog! Despite staying in the middle of the trail, all 3 of ours were literally covered, no joke, in thousands of "seed ticks" (tick larvae) from paw to chest. We had never heard of this before and it's absolutely disgusting. Will go again, but not taking the dogs unless it's the dead of winter.

2 months ago

very nice hiking trail with views of a small pond. saw a few ospreys. many boulders and stepping stones to walk on. a few wooden and stone bridges. a good challenge for keeping the walk fun. awesome landscape a classic new england trail. also some very older oaks estimated around 100+ yrs. and a variety of mushrooms to identify.

This is a meet up spot for men. Not family friendly. Wish it was because it’s a very nice trail. We did it but were very uncomfortable when we returned to the parking lot. I googled around and confirmed what I thought was going on.

3 months ago

This is a deceptively large patch of woods. There are some great trails (on west side) and some rocky ones (south and down the middle). Groton Parks and Rec is looking to decommission some of the poor or unmarked trails to improve the park. Great place for a dog walk or several mile loop hike.

Bugs pretty heavy in swamp and its a swamp but dry right now.Bet its real pretty in the fall. Will come back.

Nice easy trail! perfect for my dog. Even has a water fountain to fill the water bowl

Love this trail. Easy to walk. Has a little of everything. Woods, marsh, rocks, beach, and a bathroom at the end of the trail

Nice and easy. Beautiful views from the bluffs.

Easy trail along the shoreline. Great for dogs.

One of my favorite spots in SECT. Nice easy trail, beautiful views from the bluff.

My wife and I hiked this trail after not hiking in over 20 years. It was nice with a great breeze off the pond. Friendly people enjoying trail with friend both of two leg and four leg types. Lots of roots and rocky areas so if you are new just take your time and look down a lot. Had great time.

Loved this trail. Very well maintained. Used a stroller for the whole loop with only a little difficulty at times but nothing impassible. A lot of points to step off and see a lot of neat areas. Great for kids as well

4 months ago

This trail was a nice quaint walk. I enjoyed this trail with my family and we think it’s a good trail for young families and introducing hiking to young ones. Be sure to pick up the pamphlet at the beginning of the hike and read the information that corresponds to the number on the marker as you make your way through the trail. Walking in the sand was a little challenging but it was only about a mile.

Senic trail and good for hiking. Footing is difficult for running.

Okay hike. Not very exciting, and never found waterfall unless the spillway at the beginning is it. Trail was not always easy to follow. Probably would have been a little better with a state trail map. Overall good day but not as scenic or exciting as we hoped. We started from the spillway on Trail 1 road.

Bluff Point is a wonderful trail that leads you out to views of Fishers Island and Long Island Sound. The beach makes for an adequate swim day, and the second half of the loop is steep enough to burn off lunch.

Nice quiet trail, well marked

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