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14 hours ago

Great adventure, I did not expect the cave to be so large.

harder than it looks.

3 days ago

This is a fun hike for the entire family.

6 days ago

Loved this hike!!! The lake was so much fun!

Short, beautiful, and just challenging enough to leave you feeling like you worked for your view. My dog also loved it and we didn’t run into any other people along the trail. There is even a nice creek at the base to clean muddy paws.

Really neat, guide was very good he had a great sense of humor. $8/adult 800 people a day, then ask for tips. Not a fan of that! Worth seeing once.

The lake is 5 star pretty! The trail is hammered out, wide enough to drive a bus down. Don't hike here if you want a quiet place, more of a high school swimming hole. Probably would not go back.

Super easy hike and the lake is refreshing to swim in. My kids enjoyed seeing the fish and my daughter loved all of the flowers along the trail.

I loved this hike! We started at 4am on 7/6 to catch the sunrise, didn't quite make it to the top on time but were pretty high up. It took the young adults who have done this hike a few times about 2 1/2 hrs (we sent them ahead about halfway up). It took us old adults about 3 hrs, maybe a little more to get to the top. It is very overgrown, so wear pants, and there's stinging nettle. We went early enough we didn't have too many bugs or snakes and it wasn't too hot, but if we would have gone later I could see that being a problem. The trail is NOT marked super great, but is always there. There was one spot near the beginning we had to figure out which way to go. We were a bit sore for a couple of days after, it's fairly steep, but the views up top are spectacular and the wildflowers and scenery along the way are amazing!

21 days ago

Well...it was interesting

Boyfriend and I got lost half way through and had to bushwhack our way to a road which eventually led to the grave. We were kindly 4 wheeled out as the sunset beamed. Was a good hike.

Really fun trail, enjoyed the drive up to the trailhead

mountain biking
28 days ago

I decided to ride this trail and I was not disappointed. Here is what you need to know if you are going to bike this trail:
- Get ready for a climb. The first two miles are killer. But it's a good trail with the exception of the last quarter mile or so. The trail turns into loose gravel and cobbles so it's really hard to keep your momentum.
- After the climb, take the trail to the right and get ready for a great downhill and some great views of the valley you just climbed. Narrow single track. Mostly hard pack but it gets Rocky here and there.
- Now for why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. During the downhill, the trail gets very overgrown and super narrow. It is still way fun, but I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner.
- There are a few places where the trail splits. The one I ended up taking ended with a steep downhill through a wash. Kinda sketch. It spit me out on the road just down from where I started. I plan on exploring that area more in the future.

So yeah, great ride! Super pretty too. Enjoy!

Short and beautiful trail with lots of shade and a fun waterfall! The trail as a whole isn't steep however there are a few very steep spots. My 5 year old did great and our 2 year old was in a hiking backpack with no problems. The only downfall was the waterfall area is pretty small so it can get crowded and some people there had big dogs not on a leash (like they were supposed to) so that was annoying having muddy wet dogs jumping up on you.

1 month ago

Hiked this with my 12 year old daughter today. The beginning and end were quite steep but the middle was flat with great views. There was lots of shade along the way, which was nice. It was SUPER dry which I didn’t love, and you never really get away from the traffic noise in the canyon which I also didn’t love. We got surprised by a moose as we were making our way down, but he didn’t bother us. Overall, good hike but probably not one we will do again any time soon.

Fun hike, took me about two hours. No peak or vista if you stay on the loop. Saw a huge bull moose at the pond, he stayed put fortunately because the trail runs near the pond. The loop was about 4.85 mi round trip.

Chilly but neat. Took our month and a half old twins in wraps. Did great.

Absolutely beautiful! It's an easy hike but if it's hot it can be a little difficult going back. It was worth it though. so beautiful! would definitely go back!

This is so cool to see! There is a lot of steps but most people should be able to complete this. Totally worth the long wait.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Completed this trail on 04 July 18. The current map shows a start point from the main town of Mantua - but there is a parking area near the stream running south from the reservoir with a paved parking lot and restrooms that is a better spot. Just follow the dike road and you will run right into it.

The ride is fun. Pretty steady climb to the spot where the loop begins to descend (about 2/3 of the total). The decent is the most technical portion of the ride - described as a "roller coaster" by my riding companion. There are three additional spur loops that tie into the main trail. No shade to speak of, can be dusty. There are some benches and tables around mile 1.5 and 2 of the main loop.

1 month ago

The Jardine Juniper is impressive. The hike... not as impressive. I am not putting this hike down, I did enjoy it. I just think the actual hike is very average. No amazing waterfall to see. No pointy peaks in the background. Yet, it does have an amazing tree that is 1500 - 3000 years old depending on who you listen to. That is pretty amazing and really makes you think. I am not totally sure if it is even alive anymore as I only saw maybe one small green leaf.

A trail maintained mainly by peoples feet, gets pretty overgrown after the first bridge and you have to take a left off the main trail before the second bridge. Also may want to wear jeans or long sleeve for the hike.

Such a beautiful place! There are two ponds you pass on the way which are gorgeous as well! We went paddle boarding, cliff jumping, and they even have a rope swing! If you don’t want to get in the water that’s ok because the view is worth it! Great for all ages! The trail was easy to get to and the gate is now opened! So it is a pretty short hike!

mountain biking
1 month ago

The trail weaves back and forth across a rough rocky "road". At the end of the road the trail continues, which I rode another couple of miles on. Turns out that goes into a wilderness area, but it is not marked. I rode it on a weekday very little vehicle traffic or bicycle traffic.

The trail head was not well marked, but after locating a large gate I climbed through and headed out. I started out going left completed it going clockwise. It has a gradual incline in the beginning up to a small meadow abiut 2 miles up. In this meadow I was thrown off by the fork in the road. But only hiked a short time on the wrong trail before it narrowed and was very grown over. At this point I checked my map and made a course adjustment. Back on the trail, (following the fork to the right) it continues to climb through beautiful green forest. I crossed the creek 3 times overall and even found a small spring on the trail. While hiking through scrub oak, tall pines and really large Aspen trees, I enjoyed every minute. Continuing to gain altitude I found some amazing views of the high mountain ridges around even passed a small pond, and finished this hike on the west ridges or the mountainside crossing natural shale rock and gravel beds. It desends very significantly in the last 1.5 miles. I am excited to do this again.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Like Providence Canyon, I call this a Blue because of the climb. There really isn't anything technical about this trail. While it may not be a big test of your riding skills, it is a test of your aerobic fitness. There are really no breaks on the climb other than the stops you make yourself. The constant five mile climb is rewarded with a very fun and fast downhill. Be cautious in getting too rowdy as there are hikers, equestrians, and other bikers coming uphill sometimes. While I wouldn't take a total noob on this trail, a beginner with several rides behind them and a reasonable level of fitness will be fine. There are some small rock gardens on the trail, but minimal line choice skills are fine. When you get to the loop where you have the choice to ride the "Scenic Route" or the Shady Route", I recommend finishing the uphill on the "Scenic Route" and starting your descent on the "Shady Route." It is smooth and fast.

1 month ago

Horrible and overgrown trail. Lots of stinging nettle. Confusing in 3-4 parts and no signs. Saw 5 rattlesnakes on the trail.
pros: only saw two people, quiet, not too hard. Shaded for most of it.
Took 2.5 hours up and 2 hours down.

1 month ago

I always seemed to hike crimson on hot days in the heat of the day, but I went at sunrise today and loved it. The switch backs will get ya, but after it's smooth sailing and some of the best views of the canyon. Truly beautiful trail.
Be careful with dogs on leashes - I've seen multiple rattlesnakes and elk here in the last couple years and they have bear signs up at the trailhead.

Did this over the weekend, took my 2 year old daughter. She hiked most of the way, there was some steep parts I had to carry her at. Trail is overgrown but ok. Waterfall was pretty. Only saw 1 person the whole trail.

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