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Easy hike with an amazing reward at the end!

Why the app says 7 mil ???????

Shaded trail, nice water views and overlooks. Tons of wildlife, deer, squirrel, snakes (good kind) and fish on the banks. I really enjoyed this hike. There was some recent storm damage with fallen trees on the trail but no show stopping events. New dry bridge being built through the wettest area. Very nice!

AVOID “W ROAD!” There are WARNING signs with length of vehicle limitations, but it’s no joke and there’s stone barriers that you will very easily jack your car up on if it’s too long or doesn’t turn crazy easily.

Perfect short trail. Once you hit the water there are some “sliding rocks” that would be cool for little kids. Definitely wouldn’t let kids on the rocks by the edge though. I got about 2-3ft from the edge and that was good enough for me with the baby carrier. Would love to come back and adventure my way to the bottom without a baby. The parking is 3-4 cars only and in a nice area of homes. NO STREET PARKING. I was the only car at 5:30pm on a Sunday. Would like to come back again.

One of my favorites! Generally flat with some roots/rocks but to where you can actually look up and enjoy the run. Great Lake views, shaded trail along water, lots and lots of deer, birds, squirrels. Few hills to get your heart rate up but still easy.

21 days ago

Easy trail. If you're facing the bathroom, turning left takes you across a bridge, through the woods (creek on your right) on a dirt path and leads you to a grassy hill, Turning right takes you on a shorter walk along the creek on an asphalt path. Either way, you'll have a relaxing stroll. This is also an excellent creek for a smooth paddle for kayak or canoe that will take you to the Tennessee River in about 3 miles.

Great Cumberland escarpment views into the Chattanooga valleys below. Wish there were an easier way to view the bottom of the falls.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice, easy trail with nice views of the lake. Especially fun trail run after a good rain!

1 month ago

Pretty nice trail very busy park but lots n lots of deer...lots of ticks n chiggars too so take some bug spray

Beautiful easy trail to a great creek that has a nice waterfall and great views! You are at the top of the falls so you can’t see them. Cross the creek and go up the hilly trail and to the right there is a rock outcrop that gives you a better view. Be Careful! The trail seems to continue to another trail that can be seen on the All Trails map. Haven’t figured out how to get to the bottom of the falls since we had little kids with us, but that will be my next goal. I will update if I find a way.

Lovely trail past Mushroom Rock and down what I think was the side of Signal Mtn to an awesome swinging bridge .....beautiful! The only problem was that the trail is poorly marked at what looks like the half way point on the loop. We followed what we thought was the trail only the gps tracker said we weren’t on the trail and we promptly were lost looking for a no longer existing or re-routed trail back up Signal. This part of the trail is more hard than moderate at least cardiovascular wise.

Lovely hike.

go to the back entrance the .4 part... if you start by the main entrance it's a long rigorous terrain by the cliff. lots of little nooks to get lost in.

Short trail to the top of falls. The view around falls is beautiful. But unless you cross creek or hang out too close to edge you can NOT see the falls. We did not cross creek because we didn't see anything that look like a trail on the other side. Still pretty, but I like being able to see waterfalls so that is why I only gave 1 star.

it is a nice trail around the lake. part of the trail, must be flooded. it dead ends, in the lake, instead of making a loop. it was a little tough. for a 50 year old man, on a mountain bike. lots of up hill going in.

nice little hike back. fun outing with the kids. parking is tight but i’ll still come back.

scenic driving
3 months ago

Short, easy hike but amazing views ! Looks like there's some other trail options if you wanted to extend the time but we didn't explore.:

Great walk. Very easy everything is marked well. Trees down on a few trails, but besides that great. Our dog loved it

3 months ago

Great hike! Very peaceful. Watch for copperheads during the summer!

Bonito paseo con bistas al río
Fácil para niños

3 months ago

paddle sports
3 months ago

one of the best places in chattanooga to take your dog. also there's a great paddle boarding creek.

on Greenway Farm

3 months ago

Great place for an easy walk if you have a dog.

Great trail for all skill levels- nice and easy going. Easy to moderate elevation changes. Trail is 4.5 miles. Can be a little muddy in some spots. Full trail review with more pics coming to our blog soon! www.Wander-Full-Life.com

mountain biking
4 months ago

Enjoyed some easy biking for first timers.

I really enjoyed this trail. Not only was it beautiful, but if you’re looking for an easier trail then this is for you. There’s a couple of rocks to step onto but other than that it’s a dirt trail that is kept up and extremely nice. I would definitely recommend it.

great spring hike with numerous wild flowers and habits.

The trail was easy to follow and offered get sights along the way. The bridge, creek, the hole in the ground, the camping site and then mushroom rock. It was a great hike with few hikers on the trail. We took our grand-dog and she loved the hike. We will do the trail to the point next time we visit. It was a great work out.

It’s not 7.1 miles as the app says. It is 4.5 miles.

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