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Beautiful. I personally think it’s tougher getting from mushroom rock down to the river than coming back up. It’s physically tough coming back up, but you need to watch your feet going down. Well worth it if your looking at this hike.

22 days ago

Added this trail on to a hike, and it was well worth the extra time& effort!

Great little trail for a quick hike. Beautiful view of the Tennessee River! We love that we can access it by kayak.

2 months ago

Nice leisurely hike. Great trail to run on. Fall foliage was beautiful. Trail was less traveled but well marked.

This was a wonderful fall trail with interesting changes in topography. The trail could be marked a little better, but if you use the trail map from this app on your phone to double check your location you’ll be fine. I started on the opposite side of the parking lot and didn’t have a problem. The forest was very quiet, somewhat eerily so, and hardly anyone was there in the middle of the week.

trail running
2 months ago

I had a great time hiking and running on this trail with my daughter. The trail head was just off the exit from the highway and very easy to access, it was mid afternoon and there was no one else there. For a trail so close to a highway it felt very peaceful. I highly recommend this trail. Single track,rocky,nice hills, very beautiful.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice and easy

This a great 3.3 miler just outside of Chattanooga...easy to get to and a great easy to moderate hike with woods, interesting rock formations and a rewarding view of Nickajack Lake at the farthest out point. If you take the right turn on the loop you will have an easier go of it. The left way will create a rocky ascent at one point in the trail where it is moderate. The trail is well blazed if you go left but some of the blazes have disappeared if you tackle it from the right so you may want to look over your shoulder if you get off the path. This is a great trail for Fall through Spring but can get overgrown in the summer.

Great!! We love it ❤️

Enjoyable hike through the woods. Rocky terrain with some nice scenery of the Tennessee river. Marked really well.

Seemed a lot shorter then .4 miles. Beautiful area. Love that there isn't any fences keeping you from the edge of the cliff. Waterfall is difficult to see without leaning over the edge.
Drive getting to it was very typical mountainous driving. Lots of hairpin curves!

This entire trail is absolutely gorgeous! Since it has reopened, I've hiked it twice. The ranger's office told me this trail is 9.1 miles beginning at the Backcountry parking lot. Also was told no camping is allowed (yet) at the two primitive campsites. I first hiked the loop beginning from behind the playground parking lot. My GPS tracked it at 8.0 miles. The next time I began from Backcountry. My GPS lost connection down by the creek, so cannot give an accurate mileage report. It is a somewhat steep descent to the creek. If water isn't too high, it's easy to rock hop across. The trail is well marked and maintained. My Fitbit tracker logged 155 flights of stairs overall. Climbing back up from the creek accounts for 37 flights alone. Other than deer and squirrels, didn't see any wildlife. But heard a black bear moaning loudly yesterday! This is my new favorite trail.

3 months ago

Just got back from this trip yesterday. The views are nice and trail is well maintained. HOWEVER, I made a reservation to get one of the primitive campsites...well, I get there (FROM FLORIDA) and they nonchalantly tell me that the Bear Creek Trail is closed to camping “but don’t worry we have a 2 mile trail too”.

I didn’t drive from FL, arrive at pm to hike a trail that’s going to take me 40minutes. No lookouts, no water; infact, most of the 11 sites on a 2 mile trail were families who brought WAGONS FULL of stuff with them (that should tell you how easy it was). We camped the 2 mile trail and then did most of the Bear Creek but had to turn around so that we could head home in time.

We plan on going back doing the actual Bear Creek.

Great hike in the woods! We went on a Sunday morning and didn’t see one other person. It has minimal views of the water, and lots of mosquitoes- so we definitely recommend cooler weather hiking for this trail to avoid the mosquitoes as much as possible! We saw a huge buck and some birds. Pretty quiet once you get about halfway out- otherwise you hear the highway most of the time. Overall a good trail with well marked trees and pretty decent trail maintenance considering the lack of hikers. Happy Wandering!

Fantastic hike. The kids loved every minute of this one.

Beautiful hike. Saw squirrels and deer. Nice views.

Very good and enjoyable hike. Not very difficult at all, though it does get very muddy in some places. Beautiful views of the Bay.

Just hiked this one today. The path was overgrown in some areas, and as autumn comes, I imagine it might actually get difficult to identify the trail. That being said, the trees have white paint here and there to let you know you're still doing just fine.

Pretty hike. Saw multiple deer, and found some wild plums that we're going to be delicious in a few weeks. The path has one or two good overlooks of the river. The path also dips down to the river a time or two.

Lots of spiderwebs. Lots of geographic diversity. Interesting plants along the way, and plenty of American Beautyberry

Walk through the woods - well defined trail.

Well maintained and enjoyable trail for an easy 4+ mile walk.

Not very used and a bit hard to stay on trail. Has not been cleared or maintained in a few months.

Trail is a bit overgrown and you really have to pay attention to trail markers. We went at about 8:30 -10:30am and didn’t see anyone else in the trail at all. Basically a walk in the woods with some nice rock formations but you can really only get some limited views of the lake. Take a stick with you to knock down all the spider webs :-).

Trail is open! Great rough trail. Rough enough that you won't see others, but will see great views and enjoy a true back woods experience. Trail was recently reopened after state purchased needed property.

4 months ago

Park has purchased the section that was on private property and as of Aug 2018 trail is now back open!!

Easy hike with an amazing reward at the end!

Why the app says 7 mil ???????

Shaded trail, nice water views and overlooks. Tons of wildlife, deer, squirrel, snakes (good kind) and fish on the banks. I really enjoyed this hike. There was some recent storm damage with fallen trees on the trail but no show stopping events. New dry bridge being built through the wettest area. Very nice!

AVOID “W ROAD!” There are WARNING signs with length of vehicle limitations, but it’s no joke and there’s stone barriers that you will very easily jack your car up on if it’s too long or doesn’t turn crazy easily.

Perfect short trail. Once you hit the water there are some “sliding rocks” that would be cool for little kids. Definitely wouldn’t let kids on the rocks by the edge though. I got about 2-3ft from the edge and that was good enough for me with the baby carrier. Would love to come back and adventure my way to the bottom without a baby. The parking is 3-4 cars only and in a nice area of homes. NO STREET PARKING. I was the only car at 5:30pm on a Sunday. Would like to come back again.

5 months ago

One of my favorites! Generally flat with some roots/rocks but to where you can actually look up and enjoy the run. Great Lake views, shaded trail along water, lots and lots of deer, birds, squirrels. Few hills to get your heart rate up but still easy.

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