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Did this hike in mid December and it was great- some icy patches along the way at the time but navigable in hiking shoes alone. Beautiful view from the top of the falls!

simple loop that takes you to an arch. lovely scenery but wouldn't recommend due to the large crowds.

6 days ago

A totally undiscovered trail

Definitely top 5 backpacking trips. We did it in two full days and are in relatively decent shape. You can drive the 8 miles in with 2wd high clearance. We made it in our CX5 no problem to the beginning of the loop. Springs were flowing in cottonwood canyon and a small spring in marble canyon. We camped below the saddle on cottonwood side and yes, there were wild horses that visited our packs in the night. It was magical. Definitely needed gps or a very detailed topo map. Even with gps we got off trail. If you are heading clockwise it is the lowest saddle to get over to dead horse canyon. If you are going counter clockwise, it is a hard left up the canyon at the first big tree. After the first big climb follow the main drainage up over the saddle. Its tricky and not intuitive. Have fun. Highly recommend this as an avid backpacker!

This is a good hike,but be prepared. we hiked yesterday (8/1/18). We started at 1am and I would recommend starting between 12-1am (especially if you are planning on hiking at a 10 hour or slower pace!). The views are amazing and hiking with the moon is really cool. The way the weather is I would recommend leaving the top by 10. The 3.5 miles on the crest take a while and is dangerous when the storm starts. The last water is on switch back 23ish. It's good clean water right from a spring. If it rains the trail rivals any major water park. The trail will become a river. It rained while we were on the switch backs and you will get wet. The puddles are unavoidable. I had fun hiking and splashing on the way down in the rain. I loved this hike and would do it again.
This mountain is not a joke, if you are hiking do research, train before you go, and bring all the proper gear (a good rain coat) Be Safe and have fun.

We went up to Nevada falls via the Mist Trail and then looped back down the John Muir switchbacks. If you like to hike you must do this - it’s beautiful and rewarding. I love this hike. We went when the falls were just thundering and we were soaked so be prepared for that possibility depending on how Vernal falls is running. If you’re in Yosemite and have not done this hike just do it you will not regret it! Spectacular views.

Hiked mid October 2018 - Beautiful hike with stunning views from the top. Moderate elevation gain till the last mile where the trail switchbacks to the top. Worth every step! Group of 6 of us went up. Didn’t see another person during the whole 6 hour hike. The road was really rough getting to the trail head. Would recommend a high clearance vehicle.

An easy hike, good for just about anyone with moderate abilities. This is a must do if you are in the area.

Fairly easy hiking. Amazing views. Otherworldly looking into the volcano.

Easy hike. Great views inside Canyon. Went off on a couple different branches of the canyon as the trail wasn’t clearly marked as you got deeper in. Recommend using the map in the app to help.

JM trail was closed so we couldn't do the loop in mid october. Ended up doing out and back on the mist, still a great hike. Definitely one of the more popular trails in the valley, so be prepared for lots of traffic on trail.

We did this hike in mid-December. While cold on the valley floor, we quickly warmed up with both the elevation gain and increased exposure to the sun. Really busy at the base of the hike but thins out as different path options are made available. Beautiful views of the valley and two legendary waterfalls. Great places to stop for lunch or enjoy a beer. Easy to follow, although we weren't able to do the full loop due to trail closures from rockfall risk.

This trail kicked my butt, because I packed too much gear. Did it in a clockwise direction in 3 days an 2 nights in March 2018. If I had less gear and knew where I was going, I maybe could have done the hike in 2 days and 1 night. The springs supplied good water at this time of year. Temperatures were in the 70’s during the day and probably 40’s at night. Walking the road the first day was boring, but the trail got much better after the road ended. Lots of horse manure on the trail. Make sure you have a GPS or topi map because we took a wrong turn and got lost for a little while. We didn’t see any snakes or wild horses, but we did see lots of jack rabbits on day 2. Overall, I think it is a challenging hike and I would highly recommend it!!!

Challenging hike but the views are worth it. I'd definitely like to check it out in the Spring. Trail got pretty busy on the way down so start early.

El viaje fue muy increíble y este lugar es encantador, el blanco de la sal es tan bonito, es un buen lugar para fotos, lo recomiendo mucho.

20 days ago

I hiked telescope peak on 12/28 and as the previous reviewer stated, trail was quite icy (not enough snow to kick steps). I managed to bare boot the hike almost to the top with careful footwork but wore crampons for like 2 miles on the descent. Microspikes would be a better option than crampons - if you want your crampons to stay in good shape - because you go through sections of ice mixed with rock. Ice axe was a little useless due to the lack of snow to self-belay with, but trekking poles were helpful for extra balance.
I bagged Bennett and Roger on the way back, which is fun - you get cool vistas of the mountain you just climbed!

So, I attempted this on Dec 26th 2018 without snow gear. It was a dumb idea! Trail was iced completely over in places and, being on a bluff, it became treacherous very quickly. Bring the right gear!

Awesome trail that is almost completely uphill out and downhill back. This is a do not miss hike when in Yosemite. The views get better and better as you go. Completed it over New Years so it was a little icy on the stairs by the top of the falls but there is a little side route to avoid the ice if you need.

Did this on 12/31/18. I was the only person on the trail all day. It was definitely an adventure. I highly suggest that only very experienced adventurers take this on during this time of year, as it was very sketchy in some spots.

This hike will have ya sayin ooohbabybaaaby even tho it’s pronounced yuubeebee and little heebee just a tip. It’s dope, honestly the highlight is little hebe once you get up on the ridge a bit away from it. You can see the full crater shape and it’s just gorgeous. The larger crater is a giant hole in the ground. Hike down and back up if you hate yourself. Scotty’s Castle is closed atm so I’d only do this one if you’ve already seen all the big hits in the park since it’ll take you 2 hours round trip of driving to get to it. If you have a serious 4x4 there’s the racetrack up there, but I wasn’t even tryna see if my crappy Outback could make it over those crazy Death Valley roads.

You cannot legally do this loop in a off road vehicle, you can get pretty far into one canyon or the other but you run into a wilderness restoration area where vehicles are not allowed.

23 days ago

This is a must-stop if you're in the area, or em route to Death Valley. the trail is very short, and often becomes a choose your own adventure due to the sparce & oft deteriorated markings. However, every deviant bend in your path is rewarded with a private slice of the best views of Mt. Whitney & some of the most unique & enchanting rock formations.

I loved this hike because it was not crowded! We saw maybe 2 people during the very busy week after Christmas. The colors of the rocks change with the sunlight and shadows and I realized that the multi colored rocks are not isolated to the artist palette area! It was very windy at the top which made it challenging, yet all the more surreal. Definitely a hike that can make you feel small in the world!!

24 days ago

Mobius Arch is a popular but short loop. The arch gives the trail its name, but as you hike, enjoy the otherworldly rock formations. Also, make sure to pause and enjoy the snow-capped Eastern Sierras including the majestic Mt. Whitney.

25 days ago

As of 12/27/2018 the seasonal springs were up and running. This hike was everything you'd expect, beautiful views, great air, amazing weather, and loads of fun. My buddys and I set out and did it in three days, if I had the time to stay longer I would've! The trail is rated moderate to strenuous based on your expirence and this is like one of my first four hikes and it was more moderate than strenuous.

Great trail for an intermediate hiker, day hike trail for sure with plenty of awe inspiring stops. Large stone staircases near the end climbing up to Nevada Falls. Land up by Nevada Falls is also icy and very slippery in late December. Portions of the JMT become closed and impassible during the winter, listen to the signs and don't risk it.

Great feeling

Hiked in April 2018. If you are in DVNP then you have to visit Badwater Basin - the lowest point in the US. The walk is easy and flat - the adventure for us were the winds - winds that held us up as we leaned in and made visiting the pit toilets an adventure.

25 days ago

Hiked in April 2018. Short, easy hike into a canyon that was true to its name.

Great loop hike in DVNP! We hiked up Cottonwood and down Deadhorse and Marble canyons in 2 days. Certainly strenuous and some route finding which made us happy to have the GPS and map. There was water flowing at the three marked springs although you have to look for it (except cottonwood spring which was flowing well downstream of the campsites).

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